To The Black Bugatti Aka Black Bigot Stay True To Yourself

You are a funny guy. Stay how you are.


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You don’t fit in with those people. You’re real.

All those “youtube” sellebrities are mm ultra mind controlled puppets meant to push agendas and tptb at youtube KNOW you can’t be manipulated into that.

They found your one youtube video about being 40 quitting at Popeyes funny and that was it!

Those people are mind controlled slaves anyways.

Take for instance, Trisha Paytas who has dissasociative personality disorder:

That’s a hallmark of MK Ultra, which you can read more on here:

Those people go thru HELL to become that way, which you can read about the “process” here:

THIS what they go thru “for the fame”:

– Want that? Want your mind to be shattered where you have no real legit identity?

– With that big ass nose, she look part black. Bet her parents ain’t hers – which is usually the case in mk ultra cases (one homeless guy I know kinda hinted he was adopted and his “parents” – who are military – ain’t his). She looks like the singer Etta James who of all people was portrayed by Beyonce in that film, Cadillac Records:

Etta James rehearses a song before recording at Fame Studios circa 1967 in Muscle Shoals, Ala.

That is why Trisha Paytas act like a child still in high school, as you noted in some of your vlogs:

– LOL he went from talking shit on Billy Eilish to wanting to be with her, oops I mean, accepted by her = clout chasing!

You know she gets her fame from war-shipping Lucifer right?

Being a past occultist you ALWAYS gotta pay homage to the entity giving you gifts just like as in this Gorillaz video here:

– Then in the next scene they say: “Rescue us from him.”

LOL! Guess that deal turned sour REAL QUICK!

When I fucked around with satanism, EVERY DUDE SHOWING UP TO MY DOOR (I was a prostitute) had some type of connection to a red dragon, which Satan in the bible is said to be.

That said, do you want a fucked up afterlife like from what my brother was rescued from:

Do you really want that? I can’t tell you what to do but I will say it best: it’s best you stay in your own lane. You are in a good place cause you are free and take the tips I said in my video to heart. You don’t need youtube necessarily to make money and become big. You got the traits;) become your own entrepreneur ?? Become big off of being You.

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