New York Is Now The Ground Zero For The Awakening of George Soro’s Martial Law Agenda


Protest done abated in the “ground zero” epicenter Minneapolis where poor mk ultra VICTIM, Derek Chauvin, was ORDERED under mk ultra programming to kill George Floyd:

– Looka the subliminals…..

The occult #6 in numerology which resonates with the material realm and in this case is being used to induce chaos as the old illuminati saying goes: “Ordo Ab Chao” = Out of Order comes Chaos

Then you got this demonic symbol here (I am very faniliar with sigils being a former satanist and all)….

That being said, look at this mugshot of Derek Chauvin (look at the eyes ?)…..

And look at the pictures of mass shooters who were also on psychotropic drugs and were mk ultra sleeper cell patsies….

Derek Chauvin was an mk ultra sleeper agent used to ignite all this shit, lead America into chaos and kick start the New World Order.

You can read more about mk ultra here:

Here is another story involving Canadian governmental intelligence where kids were tortured, killed, experimented on using test weapons while some were kept alive for the sake of creating mk ultra sleeper agents much like Derek Chauvin:

Derek Chauvin was under mind control. That is why he didn’t say shit for 10 straight minutes here:

Chester Bennington, the frontman for Linkin Park which was cryptically named for this Canadian military base here where the cruel experiments were done on kids and the son of pizzagate molestor John Podesta who can be heard here torturing a child:

Here is more on pizzagate and the so called elite’s raping and murdering of kids in occult rituals:

….Was trying to reveal what was happening at that military base until he was “suicided” aka murdered.

That being said, I’m sickened by this:

– This is all just so fucking wrong, so terribly wrong!

NY has become the ground zero for carrying out the extremist New World Order agenda:

I saw this the other night!

– Before I show ya’ll that, looka this shit from Bellevue, Washington here LOL ?☠????‍♀️??‍♂️




This is terrifying. They also talking about his mk ultra mind controlled daughter (she wasn’t even allowed to have social media accounts for a while and had a bad heroin addiction) walked with protestors…..

I talk in that article up above how ha dyke ass ma who looks like the tar man from “Night of the Living Dead” was raping her, hence why she couldn’t have social media accounts to tell that shit.

That being said, this shit is getting out of hand.


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These antifa agents who instigate the anarchy (honest you got the others who are just ignorant fucks who are part of usually WELL ORGANISED loot crews)….

….Represent the attempt to destroy America for the New World Order. They themselves use sigils:

That said, this breakdown of law and order…. lack of respect for the law I saw coming first with those 1st amendment frauditors who get in cop’s faces and holler at them, ultimately causing there to be a law where folks in California can no longer film accident scenes:


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– I can’t seem to find it but it was posted on Tom Zebra’s arrest by Deputy Ortiz video which I can’t find but here this is:

– I understand cause it ain’t right cause why be in something you ain’t getting paid for while the 1st amendment frauditors are making money, shit sometimes millions, hand over fist just like no sleep auditors had their stories stolen by youtube readers using that fucking British robot voiced guy (no work in whatsoever) to make money hand over fist!

1st amendment frauditor San Joaquin Valley Transparency ADMITS it’s all about mon-ay ? for them:

They were the catalyst for what you see taking place around the country, many of whom themselves are ex or current military = shadow government psyop programs like Furry Potato who is a former army ranger:

– El Segundo wrong for that lol!

They all did this shit.

Carrying on, all that getting into cop’s faces on this 1st amendment frauditor tapes are designed to break down and groom the public into not respecting law enforcement and ultimately lead to what you see taking place in NYC.

Shit is horrible and worse than any scene out of, “Escape From New York” cause this is real life:

Some George Soros paid for mofos did that shit there!

The thought just came to me: Just as the first amendment frauditors were designed to corrode and groom the public into disrespecting law enforcement and seeing them as “the enemy” – divide and conquer is a well known tactic by the illuminati – law enforcement will begin to see US as the enemy (grooming) so when it comes time they will have no issues killing folks, like these thuggish ass national guard did to these people here who were merely standing in the doorway of their own home:

I screenshot the original just in case:


This is fucking scary and to think they started that curfew shit with the fake ass corona virus plandemic:

This is a mess. This a whole fucking mess. A whole fucking mess we ain’t gonna be able to get out of. After the corona virus ravaged it and now the fucking riots – the economy IS. FUCKED! This means more people with no jobs, more people on unemployment, more people needed to rebuild the economy. This the fucking Purge:

I am now convinced that shit was, like many psyop films, presenting the objective of the New World Order!

– Think about it, Election Year, Purge = riots!

What does this remind you of?

I know who I’m voting for!

Trump 2020: Get dem wetbacks out!

That said, the ultimate grand plan is to have us like they did in the fucking Hunger Games via slamming the economy and putting everybody else into a state of pure survival where we get little in exchange for pretty much being their backbone, much like the modern day NFL is where they pick one of us for entertainment and shower us with cash:

Think about it: many of these nfl players come from poor backgrounds. Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games was poor:

– She went from poor and participating in those games to winning and becoming wealthy.

Now do you see a correlation?

We are gonna end up just like that, exactly:

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