How The Archons Sicc’d Baron Samedi and Their Demon Seeds To Keep Me In A Low Vibratory State

Let me start off by saying that I don’t write my shit to be understood by anybody, have anyone make sense of me or visa versa…..

Wetback Ass Drunk Driver Headed Down Topanga Admits To Coming Around To Harass Me

Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

I am in the world to tell truths and I don’t give a fuck about feelings cause the truth is the truth!

I am not being shown the shit by the demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl for nothing. It is my job to expose this shit so that other humans who are on a healing path, other Soulled beings who are trying to break free of the matrix can know what we are up against and what you will be going up against when you walk the path of ascension…..

Looka how old this is. The early church knew “Jesus” aka Yashuah Ben Pendira was black!

That said, ascension is an ugly process:

It ain’t the “kumbaya” shit organic portal ass new (c)agers teach but a dirty ugly process that will awaken many truths IN you and force you to confront them.

I started my spiritual awakening – which is different but a precursor to ascension – in 2014, maybe even, actually it was – 2012 given that this appeared:

It was also the same year that my baby brother died, I say transitioned to be more accurate, and when the world or, really, civilization as we knew it to be physically was supposed to die out:

– They telling you right there…. we actually went thru a shit. That was the “destruction” or the initial wave against the old ways…..

That being said – I’m never wrong – as I heal, these wetbacks were being sent to throw me off, just as the Pharisees and other evil agents of the demiurge were sent to throw Yashuah off his mission…..

Yashuah Ben Pendira basically talked about the same shit I talk about which is the opening of your chakras, spiritual enlightenment and freeing yourself from the demiurge matrix archon trap:

Like with Yashuah and the Romans, these wetbawk abominations have thrown stones at me like they did the other night…..

Wetback Ass Drunk Driver Headed Down Topanga Admits To Coming Around To Harass Me

That guy there…. I SWEAR I helped him one time with a jump when no one else would stop to help him.


That shit – if this was him – is designed to cause you to close your heart chakra (Eye ? ??? Sea what is going on….) and lose your humanity – which them wetbuck mofos never had – and an open heart chakra can be greatly used to help folks, heal folks which is why the reptilians want you to close it while using their organic portal wetbawks to do it….

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

I noticed that when I FINALLY removed the right eyed black snake entity attachment – which was putting me under some type of contractual program in which I was stuck to a timeline the archons wanted for me which was disasterous, in addition to causing self destructive impulses and urges which they affixed to that timeline and were nearly impossible to break free from (it would “brick up” the right side of my brain = creative side if I didn’t do what it wanted ??) in addition to creating these etheric bonds to the wetbucks that made it extremely difficult for me break off and caused me to have artificial feelings of kinship with them (I believe the reptilians did this so they can feed off of me and manipulate me) – the wetbawks went all out with the attacks and, in each one, they were all drunk….

Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

Wetback Ass Drunk Driver Headed Down Topanga Admits To Coming Around To Harass Me

Here is a sign of what was going on…..



– Lol at that brother dancing lol…..

– The Italian gentleman gave me rum…..

The Voodoo Loa Baron Samedi drinks rum:

He, by “coincidence”, brought rum…..

Think of the odds…..

I knew of another young lady who had odd cravings for Jack Daniels as well, just like me, who was haunted by Baron Samedi who she claimed protected her, just like with me…..

As I explain here, Baron Samedi is a mere archon archetype designed to keep us Soulled individuals in check and under Demiurge archon control.

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

When I broke free of that right eyed entity attachment, which was some type of control device, the TERRIBLE drinking urges commenced again and here came the drunk wetbawks….

All of the shit would happen right as I was healing after a drunk psychic attack, right when I healed. I peeped that TWICE as can be seen here:


And here:


– Starts at the end at nighttime….

NO ONE would appear while I’m drunk. Yet, when I got better after 3 days, the drunk wetbawks come around to attack…..

– During that other night, the 2nd attack, my third eye opened WIDE!

Also that night, I was visited by a Mexican dude who looked like Carlos Santana who was dressed in white with a purple sash on his hat. That was the same way Baron appeared right before the 1st wetback fight – but as a black man with afro hair. The Mexican dude was with a gang of cholos who were fucking with blacks in Chicago coming into “their” neighborhood and the Baron Samedi- Carlos Santana Mexican man said to me that “I was white and protected from the attacks” but nevertheless I fight….

Wow, the fucking correlation!

WHY!? It is to keep me from ascending. Between the vicious alcohol urges – which are the worst – and the wetbawks (I know what I am dealing with in them so they don’t phase me…. but I hope them two mofos enjoy that Raven ‘woke from last night tee hee ??‍♀️?) – it is designed I mean obviously to throw me off my path to ascension and I see no point in losing track…..

Lemme tell you how to fight it since that is what I was born to do….. ????✊?

When you use your third eye, fight the demiurge direct!

We all have internal demiurges that, like in video games with mini fights with enemies, become unlocked as we fight to succeed on the path to ascension and escape the demiurge archon matrix. As you progress in one direction you come across another enemy.

Here is what I did: I defeated Baron Samedi thru my mind’s eye (I sense he is dying in the astral cause of how often I have fought him). The urges were still there. I then used my third eye to fight the demiurge direct. It abated somewhat but not really. I then used my third eye to guide me to distance me from my lower vibratory self, which my third eye visualized as a spinal chord linking me to a demonic river of raw sewage and fire.

This is the type of internal hell that will manifest physically in the astral if you die and let it fester…..

I then proceeded to tell my third eye to severe my connection to my lower self (before – feeling my way thru my energy body I had to remove some remnants of a psychic attack left from my last drinking binge spirit attack).

Though the urges are still there, they are no longer as bad.

I sensed that the demiurge used it as a way to attack and to keep me from reaching my Higher Self.

It was doing shit to block me from emotionally recalling memories of the bad times and the shittiness you feel after partaking in this toxic poison.

When you are on the verge of ascending you get attacked via your desires by having urges for those desires increased 100x fold!

Not just I but many folks with even NO desire for alkie-hole endure these attacks when they first become spiritual…..

Maybe not here but he talks of how VICIOUSLY the reps been attacking him since he astral projected to Lemuria which demonstrates the strenght they wield when putting those urges on you.

Most important thing is to see shit for what it is.

Also, clean your higher chakras and do not let disruptions throw you off.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I am on the verge of a spiritual break through as I describe here:

The Reptilians Are REALLY SENDING Their Organic Portal Wetbacks As A Form Of A Psychic Attack

Wetbacks attack!

When they come on my social media I am quick to block them!

That being said…. they are, like their reptilian parents, innate inherent energy vampires. It is like a beacon gets sent out by them alerting the others via their organic portal hivemind that you are about to make a spiritual breakthrough and they come in to try to fuck it up!

They, like the reptilians, feed off of energies of carnage, mayhem, hate, malevolence – demonic shit! They love to provoke people cause, like their reptilian creators, they feed off that energy.

When dealing with those abominations, don’t react like how they expect you. Those demons that night were waiting for me to throw something back so they can justify murdering me in their fucked up reptilian mind’s eye.

During my healing I inner-learned on my own that one of the things that destroyed me from being truly me is worrying over how others would react in my situation and how they would perceive me for acting “lessor” in their mind’s eye than them. Fuck that. The bravest thing is to stand in what YOU KNOW intuitively to do and not to react the way they want you to.

I had no fear that night. I knew what I was doing and they got ‘woked in the end.

I protect my energy from those leeches. I don’t let them get close to me – I keep em at arm’s lenght. It is cause I know what they are all about and what their hivemind consciousness intends for the human species.

Even as a sex worker I wouldn’t let those things get close when I used to do it. I’d run em up the street when I’d find out what they are over the phone.

They enjoy esp. attacking black womben at the sacral chakra via sex hence why they come at us the most pervertedly and that is cause they feed off that sexual energy which derives from it.

As Spiritree once noted and I am even finding out – I don’t look em in the eye. It is a way for them to take your energy. When you see them staring with the two eyes of dumb that many often give off, don’t look at em! Control and protect your energy so they can’t take it as that is what they are looking to do…..

Most importantly, don’t let em get under your skin. They wanna destroy and jade you and take your humanity. I have pissed my enemies off THE MOST when I walk away unscathed – when those mofos tried to run over me that night, I felt a jolt of power-full energy which caused my third eye to open WIDE to where I saw images as real as me looking at this screen with my eyes closed!

That is the prize I want! Fuck the other shit! ??

The wetbawks, as explained here, like to steal other folks energies cause they have no identity of their own and they get close to us blacks cause we have the strongest…..

Wetbacks Are Like John Carpenter’s The Thing

This is their intention behind “uniting with us” ie steal our identity as black people:

That’s why I don’t argue with em (I block em cause it is an energy grab for em), don’t try to be “understood” by em…. No negotiations – I know what they are and that is what matters.

So I keep that arms lenght with em.

Do I hate them. No. You can’t hate what you never loved. Plus they will get THAT energy to feast off of from me. Love implies a natural connection that was there to begin with. That is why I can say what I say with analytical thinking and no sentimentality, no emotion cause it’s true – via research, empirical evidence from myself, others…. it’s true.

They can’t stand when a black womban steps in their power!

I cut their feeding tube to them off of me:

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

Now, I have had entities try to artificially reinsert that plus other negative things, attachments in me but I am fighting it and am getting close to freeing myself of that bull. Last night for instance I heard something “cutting” with what sounded like a saw tho. no one was there. I used my third eye to see what and it was a reptilian and I inexplicably woke up feeling tied to them wetbawks again! A white dude who has a STRONG reptilian energy signature (just now when I wrote that I heard banging on my car coming from nowhere….) was trying to say it was “protection.” Bullshit!

It is a constant struggle but it will be done. I’ve accomplished much more shit than folks equally in my position which brings me to the next thing….

Gotta kinda separate yourself from the ego. The ego is a way in which the demiurge and it’s archons try to attack you as you are breaking free. They attack the ego by trying to “attract” you with desires and increasing your “desire” for them falsely x 1000.

Do not kill the ego. It is your identity as an individualized splinter of The Source! Even in Buddhism they teach that when you see the Buddha = ego death, you run ??‍♀️

That being said I am still working on that part.

I have freed myself of ALOT of internal programming and I hope more Soulled individuals can learn more from what I teach.

It is not easy. You won’t be materially wealthy, until you break into your powers but when you break into the crown chakra energy and control the lower vibratory root chakra, neck chakra, pineal gland lower energy = as above so below – it is how you become the True God by conquering your material self:

As an aside…. a male Cuban shaman (I ALWAYS make friends with Cuban shamans) told me of how these sun headed entities would try to control him to do what is right all the time….. You can’t be a slave to shit – not good or bad.

Shit something hit me ? the key to balance is to find it within you and what is balance for you.

If you feeling miserable about doing shit like drugs, alkie-hole etc that makes you feel “good” – you a slave to it and you gotta break free from both those inner and outer demons…..

This includes feeling like you constantly gotta be “good” and high vibratory, too. Control is the key ?

And…. worship yourself (Soul = Sol = Sun ?)

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