Wetbacks Are Some Entitled Demons As Shown By Their Demands To Invade This Country

How do you like my border patrol t-shirt?

Here is what happened when I wore it along with more pics – and my day – spent wearing my border patrol tee ?????


It’a funny. My spirit animal is an eagle ??? Maybe I was born for greater things….

– PS the guy at the end was an ITALIAN! Italians have always been nice. The men were always nice to me and would defend me from sexual harassment, would never put hands on me as men shouldn’t do, something that WETBACKS have a foul demonic cult-ure of doing…. I saw you demon seeds circling me thinking that I am cool with you creatures cause I was chilling with him. Know you’re not. I know you all’s nature. I am healed so there will be no back and forth shit like as was done in the past. My Soul is red pilled on you demons. There ain’t no going back.

My life mission is to expose you mofos to real humans and how your existence is designed to keep us humans at a low vibratory state due to you all acting as organic portals for the demonic reptilians due to your Quetzalcoatl, demonic snake eating bloodline…..

I am here to expose you fuckers and EVERY TIME YOU DO SHIT TO ME it will get exposed which will prove to folks what I say is true…..

That being said, Imma get into the spiritual aspects of these mofos cause dealing with these demons IS spiritual warfare and I know this all too well due to my spiritual abilities which allows me to see into other planes and so, thus, see how these creatures collectively operate via their astral soul collective hivemind. Read this as a primer:

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

Wetbacks are the children of demonic reptilians. The proof lies in, in part (cause there are so many) this propensity to demand that they enter our country, illegally…..

People been warning about hiring wetbacks to patrol that wall as border guards….. This shit backfired cause, like the sneaky demon seeds they are they allowed their demon kin to come over here illegally. They also compromise this country’s safety for cartel money ????

– Lordt ??‍♀️


They lucky they dealing with civil white folks…..

Let me talk about Argentina’s desaparacidos….. ie the missing…..

Back in the 60s, and 70s Argentina was under a military “junta” regime backed by Jorge Rafael Videla in which they made 1000s of Argentinian students go “missing” via typing they hands behind their backs and dropping them into the ocean, alive!

If I was dictator, not a president, this is the path that I would go to detour the brown invasion and save America ✊???

That being said, HOW DARE THESE MOFOS – every other group comes over here, has to come here, LEGALLY! Why the fuck are they a fucking exception? How the fuck are they special!?

Letting those creatures in is what destroyed Watts, South Central, Compton – formerly all black communities that became victims of the Brown Invasion, the first casualties of it…..

– This is what we have to deal with after the Brown Turd Invasion ?

Now, they are running us out of our own communities, just as they are pricing now ALL AMERICANS out of our communities by at first cutting down labour cost and thus shortchanging many REAL AMERICANS out of jobs and then, 2nd, pricing ALL OF US out of the housing market, thus contributing to the current housing crisis we are now suffering from…..

Even Chicano labor rights organizer Cesar Chavez was against illegal immigrants:


Lol @ “wet lines” lol!

Lemme explain what is going on….

The wetbawks are pushing something called reconquista in which is the alleged “reclamation” of “stolen” land – as if tribal wars don’t exist – that was under INDIVIDUAL TRIBAL CONTROL…..

Nevermind that the original native tribes of both North and South America were black who later got displaced by the mongolian asian so called natives (but real invaders)…..

– She look like my aunt Henrietta on my dad’s side, JUST LIKE HER!

Note the dark pigmentation: she wasn’t mixed. That is how the TRUE indians looked ✊???

As an aside, looka these pics of a Tibetan man:

One guy is of Drokpa origin and it is believed they intermated with aliens who had “dropped on by” back in the day. You can read more here:


Black folks are everywhere…..

That said, the earliest skull found in South America was named Luzia, an African woman:


Here a wetback trying to deny that blacks were the originators of South America…..

Okay boo but please don’t claim us as you are a demon seed straight with origins from hell!

That being said, these conniving fake wannabe indigenious creature’s intentions is to turn America into the same bedlam that their hellhole country is…..

How dare these demon seeds come to my home state with this…..

Their deviance, depravity knows no bounds…. Lordt!

You know, what trips me out is…. years ago I heard from some actor-vists of how lil girls as young as 6 were being trafficked over duh borrrr-durrrr from Messy-co to, in her words, service American servicepeople!


It was to sate the pedophiliac rapist desires of her own kind…..


– As always thinking I am not a red pilled “kneegrow” who is not attuned to they fuckery, she tried to put the blame on whites – the same folks who they envy yet wanna be as explained in many of my articles…..


This is the cult-ure of death, rape and violence that they wanna import, just like from their home country…..

They war-ship demons….. These are their spiritual idols ??

First, as we have seen with border patrol, allowing their illegal kin to assume paths of leadership in this country…..


Has lead to a rise in illegals being used to push their agendas by assuming high leadership roles…..

This will in turn allow for their cult-ure to cover the American landscape in it’s demonic energy….

This is a spiritual battle that we are fighting with them. You have to learn this so you can truly be armed ✊? ‘woke

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

Their bloodline is of the demonic reptilian race hence why I call em demon seeds. Look up Quetzalcoatl, their creator….

Just like their human hating reptilian creator, their agenda is to spread bedlam, disease…. I mean, look at the filth they leave on the side of the roads…..


You have to understand that every race were created by different alien groups and that each race has a sizable number of organic portals who do not have an individual Soul consciousnes but share a soul hivemind consciousness….

Due to their bloodline – because they were created by malevolent reptilian E.T.’s, this is why their organic portals display such human hating, devilish traits…..

This is psychopathy! This wetbuck says “don’t be racist” while homophobically using the word “gay” as a slur!

This is an example of deliberate cognitive dissonance, the glibness I talk about tyat wetbawks are known for, which is a sociopathic trait and in turn a reptilian trait.

It is the same way that got them pissed off at us for fucking up ILLEGAL street vendors……

Wetbacks Attack Black Bus Driver As She Is Working

Yet they say NOTHING about the mass genocide they been doing to us…..

Here is their response when called out:

Glib, superificial, no empathy and putting the onus of blame on the victim….. traits is psychopathy:

Those are the traits of the reptilian derived wetback, right before your eyes…. ?

That’s why Imma keep calling em out as a black womban and for America #AmericaForAmericans ???

Like their reptilian foreparents they live to bully and conquer while showing no remorse for the people they fucked over while feeling entitled to not wanting those people to fight back in the smallest and wanting empathy for their shit while not showing empathy for others….

Sounds familiar? The entitlement…..

Like the cowards they are, only when you show muscle like them cowards did after we struck back after they were will killing black babies, black women and our elderly in Chicago:

And only after President Trump threatened tariffs on they asses so the messycanT government can backtrack on illegal immigration…..

I am always right. You know it ?

That’s why I say all the shit I say about these creatures is true hence why I present them hear ?? for you all to see ?

That’s why I am gonna keep exposing these cretins!

That said, I sense that it is part of my destiny to convey this as someone with spiritual eyes cause I see how much the reptilian aka archon matrix has deccimated our world and how much they try to keep us in lock from ascending and how much they use their organic portals to do this such as the numerous disturbances that happened to me noncoincidentally at the hands of wetbawks as I ascend, trying to pull me down to a low vibratory state as their natural born agenda is to do:

Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

Wetback Ass Drunk Driver Headed Down Topanga Admits To Coming Around To Harass Me

– ALL drunk – twice in a row – ALL WETBAWKS = no coincidence.

This was by design as they are the organic portals for the reptilians, archons direct!

That means that I am spiritually powerfull and that I am a threat to the archon matrix system esp. given that many of their attacks are coming from the organic portals who are direct seeds of them ???

That said, you don’t see Arabs, Somalis, others barging here like they are entitled. Only the wetbawk. There is something wrong with their collective (organic portal) consciousness and that is why I am putting all this here for you all to see and make sense of since, I have figured it out, hence why I am writing what I am writing….

PS Biden and Kamala stole the election…. trust ??

– What a nasty mofo! That’s why they want illegals over here so in part they can sacrifice they asses and have em go missing with no one to search for em….

Witch ??‍♀️ is fine by me….

It’s all in the eyes…. those dark, reptilian demonic eyes…..

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