I Gotta Keep Myself From Falling Into Old Toxic Patterns

I Gotta Keep Myself From Falling Into Old Toxic Patterns

There is a spirit around me that looks like Emperor Palpatine that, I think, maybe holding may be holding my baby brother hostage in it cause every time I try to see via my third eye to see it an image of my brother instead pops up!

Also, when I tell my third eye to show me the “Emperor Palpatine entity”, this mofo – who I can hear primarily via white noise – suddenly shuts up!

It likes to keep me from coming into my spiritual powers and astral projecting, etc. It seems to try to frazzle my mind and influence me to wanna seek more toxic diversions like drinking as opposed to meditation which, before I was forcefully reintroduced into satanism (by an invisible hand by a reptilian that fucked with my ability to earn money), I enjoyed and did all the time….

– Say, after writing that, tho. the sun out it is cold as a mug in here…..

That said, things are getting better…..

I have gotten rid of Baron Samedi, who was causing really bad alcohol urges as a form of a psychic attack to oppressively keep me in a very bad state (and have me looking crazy due to the amount of alcohol I would drink). I also peep that tho I am broke as fuck (with an overdrawn checking account) I haven’t been getting calls from clients which means that the ‘woke I did to remove that as a “blessing” worked. I say “blessing” because it was shown to me via an astral vision that when money runs low these guys would be influenced to see me which would set up an insidious cycle of having to drink – just to see them – and reacquiring sexual etheric parasites after having worked hard to remove em. I did spiritual work on those guys and removed their etheric parasites in addition to mines….. The next thing I gotta do is remove this invisible strong force that is keeping me from manifesting money on my own terms cause there is something evil that likes having an oppressive stronghold over my money and I can feel it…..

That said, ever since I launched my spiritual healing the attacks, of course, became more blatant:

Malibu Asshole Resident In Luxury Car Attempts To Run Me Over

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

Wetback Ass Drunk Driver Headed Down Topanga Admits To Coming Around To Harass Me

How The Archons Sicc’d Baron Samedi and Their Demon Seeds To Keep Me In A Low Vibratory State

This definitely here was a Baron Samedi attack:

Rum is his fav drink plus another young lady I know who like me is a very talented spiritualist also suffered very terrible thirstings for Jack Daniels, just like me and Baron Samedi was around her, just like with me….

That being said, when I am doing great spiritual work on myself – I peep how certain folks just get “randomly sent” into my life whose job low key is to throw me off of shit, esp. when I make massive spiritual strides on myself. This dude here is one such agent!

It started with a ‘wokeing so that the area could stay clean:

Them folks were leaving garbage all around, which shows a dismal lack of respect for the Earth and where they are spiritually at (how you treat your environment, your car etc is a reflection of your mindstate and what is going on within you). I knew that the main dude was gonna be a problem. What kicked it all off was that I saw the white lady staring dead at me and then, knowing I clean up that area (it’s about respect) flings garbage on the ground.

I had to do a ‘wokeing….

I could hear a demon that imitated the way one of talks, laughing like a goat in the middle of the night right after I ‘woked em! I then noticed they left in the middle of the night…..

This is in turn caused the dude to pay libations (really an entity was manipulating him) via proffering alkie-hole, which seemed to come in periods of when my frequency was rising and I had done great spiritual work on myself.

I saw a black lady with a wetbuck and a half wetbuck kid ??

It all led to my doing all this stupid shit here ?

I have a saying – and I am pretty good at living up to it but, cause I am human I can fall short just like I spoke to an organic portal kneegrow early this morning going against what I normally do – only open yourself to those who are on your level of consciousness as a way of acquiring inner peace AND spiritual protection cause, organic portals can EASILY become possessed (think of the Matrix films where Agent Smith takes over random people to try to get to Neo) and forced to do tricky spirits’ bidding!

With that being said, akin to giving a demon or vampire permission to enter your world, you can give evil entities looking to fuck you up permission to do so by cavorting with the Soulless organic portals.

I am a snob for a reason.

As I make the progress with regards to healing I do know that I am better than most “people” aka organic portals cause I have a Soul and that makes me a God! These organic portals are not on my level of consciousness to understand where I am coming from or even to speak (you LITERALLY exchange energy by talking to em which they suck up into their sacral chakra). Not knowing who I was and my power in the past caused me to be intimidated by my own power and to lower myself for these organic portal idiots by kinda dumming myself down, acting for their amusement in some cases cause I sensed that they were intimidated by me. Mugs thought me a snob who felt she was better than them!

Now I own it!

Beware of people who you feel you gotta drink around to tolerate their presence. This guy is clingy, needy. Organic portals need society, other people to feel whole. I don’t! Because I have a Soul I am my own best company. I even talk to myself and answer myself cause I feel comfortable with and enjoy my own company. With organic portals they will insist on being in your world, your space.

When those people left him due to the ‘woke he gravitated to me. When I would speak on deep subjects he gave me a “deer in the headlights” look! If I spoke on subjects I felt awkward and “stupid” due to registering his energy cause, going back to the idiom above, smart motherfuckers sound crazy  to those who lack the expanded consciousness us Soulled humans have. We normally get seen as “snobs” cause they sense our Souls and our consciousness being different from theirs.

We need to own it and let them know our superior status to them!

Without going into details, ole boy got addiction issues. That is not good for someone like myself who is fighting that shit – esp. since it has spiritual overtones – to be around!

Ever since kicking off my spiritual journey and “putting myself back together” certain things, realisations, ephiphanies are hitting me!

The alcohol addiction is to escape from a fucked up world! I don’t wanna fuck with hard drugs – esp. cocaine cause it makes you shit – so alkie-hole as I call it is the next best (really terrible) thing cause it is easily accessible. I am a very deep thinker and it allows me to be able to “be someone else” and to sorta live another life where I don’t have the hurdles of dealing with folks due to having a Soul which many of these mugs don’t have (I peep organic portals flock to me, even take advantage when I am in that state).

It takes your mind off of things. I know for awhile there was something inducing those urges that were attached to the right side cause every time I would try to tell myself that I don’t want alcohol – which I didn’t – it was like something, like it felt like a strong energy, would block out all my rational reasons for why I didn’t want to drink and block out the whole right side, the creative side, till I gave in. When I lived in the heart of the city fighting those urges were next to impossible. One time I did and I felt starved. I know many other folks, including folks with no addictive personalities, deal with overwhelming urges for alcohol!

I Think That I Am Under Vril Attack

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

I believe that it is a demonic archon attack designed to keep Soulled folks stuck in a low vibratory state by pushing a desire that they know folks who are already suffering in the 3D realm will have a hard time fighting cause it takes our minds off of things….

It’s like something overstimulates my desire to live a more Earthly 3D existence and makes me crave 3D shit – wait, I think this some shit from my second bout with satanism. Males sense now…. – just removed it ??

As I solidify my Soul it is getting MUCH EASIER to fight these urges cause these things attach to areas of our Soul bodies that has alot of trauma. There was some issue with connecting to the front part of my forehead in my Soul energy body and I am noticing that after removing an entity attachment that severed the right part of my Soul body and solidifying it it is much easier to amalgamate that side and, due to having control over the right side that causes urges, I can fight this easier!

Now, there is that ugly Palpatine creature. I feel like it is some sort of matrix overseer demon not unlike these here:

I Figured Out What The Burqa and KKK Hat All Black Wearing Entities Are

That keeps people in a severe state of demonic oppression and I believe cause those urges….

I also believe it has my baby brother living within it the same way the demon Bruce Lee encountered had all those souls trapped in it:

I do wanna say – shit started making sense when I realised what I just might be and why I am in the world:

Breaking Free of The Contract To Be The Antichrist

More Proof That I Am The Antichrist

It’s like shit just fell in place and made sense and has enabled me to be able to fight ALLL this spiritual shit attacking me!

That said, if you dealing with similar shiy, esp. addictions best way to combat it is to UNDER NO UNCERTAIN TERMS KEEP YOURSELF FROM CONNECTING WITH ORGANIC PORTALS AND THOSE WITH ADDICTION ISSUES!

Folks like us are sensitive to folks energies and if we create etheric chords via friendship ties with organic portals, by us energetically letting them into our world does something to lower our energetic guard and cause us to connect to them and give them power over us. Drop em! I don’t care how ruthless that sounds. Unless you are in a store and you have to absolutely cavort with em DROP EM! Same with folks with addiction issues cause you run the risk of creating a deep connection which will allow their addictive energy signature to transfer to you and further fuck you up!

I am a loner – not lonely – for a reason.

That said, as I have said, go within your energy body, study it so you can learn what parts are yours and what are entity attachments.

I need to do work on my throat chakra (shit been blocked since I was a kid) which I sense is causing my crown chakra to be blocked.

I’ve come along way with the inner healing (that antichrist realisation sure hastened it). I still have same ways to go but the shit that was around me before, oppressing me is starting to go the way of the do do and it’s cause of all the work or shall I say ‘woke I did on myself!

That said, don’t be afraid to be a snob and put your foot down to keep those who don’t serve your path away from you….

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