More Proof That I Am The Antichrist

More Proof That I Am The Antichrist

I notice it’s dead as a mofo around me…..

That’s that Abaddon energy.

Again, Abaddon is said to be an angel of destruction and it is believed that SHE is in some way the Antichrist which, when you put it all together, it all makes sense…..

Alright, I notice that dinosaurs have been protecting me in the spirit realm….

Now, in the past I would see them via my third eye trying to eat my baby brother who transitioned to the other side….

Now with that said, last night I was in the aastral and I was in a sorta jurassic park setting where a forest ranger attempted to lure me to a pond so that I will swim in it so that crocodiles and dinosaurs will eat me. Instead, a pretty and colorful velociraptor came by where I was at and pulled my hand to instead usher me back to safety.

I then saw droves of dinosaurs, t-rexs, rushing at people. At one point I got attacked by this Ifa priest dude – one of many who been trying to recruit me – who was trying to stab me for not giving my energy to the motherfucker they under (bitch I AM GOD – an aspect of the true God – fuck you) who tried to smuggle his way onto my instagram here just this week:

Here are the other times they came at me with that bull (like Eye couldn’t see what they are doing, what they up to ?):

Afrikan Ifa Priest Tries To Get Me To Sell My Soul To Oshun

I Knew That There Was Something Keeping Me Bound And Miserable And Astral Traveling

It was very fucking vivid. It seemed like something – the demiurge maybe perhaps – was trying to keep ALL US tourists in!

I sense that it symbolizes the demiurge kingdom given that the archons – who are under his direct command – are reptilians – and the dinosaurs acted as the scary gatekeepers to keeping us in line!

With that being said, let me show you shit that is basically confirming what I am saying is real…..

I mean, the minute this epiphany came to me I just felt in – fucking alignment! It made sense! It struck me like a lightening bolt. This is who I am, what I am meant to be, what I am destined to become…..

Peep that 55 up there meaning movement in numerology….

Don’t that look like an eye, an eye in the sky like I been seeing before as mentioned here:

Breaking Free of The Contract To Be The Antichrist

Shit all makes sense…. That’s the all seeing eye! It was also once called the All Seeing Eye of Destiny, of Divine Providence which Adolf Hitler spoke of all that time:


I can’t WAIT to rise someday so I can do to the wetbacks what Hitler did to the poor Jews. I got plans for their asses…. Imma wipe their asses off the Earth and in the astral if I get this power….

ONLY thing making me consider this shit is the power to wipe the wetback off the face of the Earth.

They gonna beg for those supposed ICE ICE BABY concentration camps when I come to power and get they asses…..

Just wait till I get ahold of dat power and get ahold of they asses…. they ain’t seen shit yet. I got big plans for em, very fucked up plans….

That being said, going back to the instagram post, note the moon in the middle of the rock. Moon reps, of course, spiritual shit: mysticism, occult knowledge etc. The rock means, in addition to meaning firm as a rock = staying firm to my life path, it represents the Earth. The moon = As above and the Earth = as below!

Here another motherfucking thing I saw:
It’s hard to see cause it’s so fucking dark but the skies were blood fucking red RIGHT AFTER I wrote that fucking article. Right after. You can’t tell me that’s not a fucking sign which reminds me….

Back in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina first hit, right when I was about to leave Louisiana – I saw a blood red moon. Not harvest moon red; blood red! The next day I called up my brother and a coupla other folks to ask if they had seen it and nobody else did.

That was a sign for me.

See, in the Book of Revelations – a blood red moon is supposed to appear before the end of the world (or, really, civilization as we know it) to let us know it is near:

Damn look at the two 100s in the upper corner. That’s weird!

Anyways, since no one else saw it – I believe that was a sign to let me know who I am and why I am in the world.

As a matter of fact 2 or 3 years later, while I was in New York City, when I was gonna visit the United Nations, I heard a female spirit’s voice say: “We been waiting for you.”

That said, here is another kicker…. something told me to read this story here on reddit:

….and ReadIt I did ??

That said, this shit startled me:

That last one right there seals the deal…..

That said, to break it down, that lil boy in it is the Antichrist. They make him into a Persian ruler because it was believed, based on what Nostradamus predicted, he saw someone of middle eastern descent (it was interpreted) rising to power and causing all sorts of chaos all throughout the world.

This the documentary, narrated by Orson Welles, that had people thinking that but, even as a lil kid, I knew better…..

That being said – it’s funny – that Mandela effect shit started taking place RIGHT during my deal in 1999 with the devil cause, right after, I noticed first that my BerenstEin books started saying BerenstAin with an A. I think my deal threw did something to throw off the timeline….

That said, the last line where she says “they don’t know who I am” was a dead giveaway – subliminal that this shit was meant for my eyes to see:

The lady in it was the prostitute, the mother of the Antichrist. That line, “They don’t know who I am” – tho. I understand that it is meant to fit the storyline of him being the Antichrist’s mother – I sense on a more subliminal was to deliver to me that I am the motherfucker that’s supposed to kick off this shit, armageddon – the devil herself.

It just makes so much sense…..

I myself, like her, was a prostitute. That line, and how she said, speaks to more than just being a mother and a mother to the Antichrist. She was low key, on a subliminal level saying that she IS the beast, the beast from the Book of Revelations (and lets not forget the “Whore of Babylon” being written all over her, being forced into prostitution due to forces outside your control like I was).

Oh yes, the shit happened in 1992. I was 9 in 1992. 9 is a number of completion in numerology:

That said, also peep the upper corner numbers: 93, 39. According to Aleister Crowley those are the satanic “Do what thou wilt…” numbers, numbers meant to rep chaos and confusion.

Aleister Crowley was a satanist who also summoned Lam, a grey alien:

I would be on board 100% with this shit for the only reason that I’ll get a chance to wipe wetbacks off the face of this fucking planet. I hate wetbacks with a fucking passion and me and other folk’s hatred of em is completely justified!

They are fucking vermin, rodents. I take that back cause rodents are cute like my lil precious Rat Fink!

Wetbacks are dirty deceiving nasty evil RACIST (given how they fucking hate blacks and have terrorised us):


They are demonic, evil, narcissistic, entitled (as seen by how they DEMAND to come into the U.S. illegally yet complain – out of jealousy – when black folks RIGHTFULLY want our JUSTIFIED DUE for slavery, in light we built this country while Japanese were in internment camps which was a cake walk compared to slavery yet they got compensation):

– Looka that wetback in a crowd of whites getting ready to lynch black kids going to school…

There has never been any black and brown unity.

Wetbacks are fucking nasty ugly degenerates who are completely fucking stupid and are obsessed with sex, all of em are fucking rapists (I know from experience) who fit the fucking psychopathy checklist to a T! A motherfucking T! I’d be doing humanity a fucking SERVICE wiping them out, which is what I will do when I become the Antichrist, if I were to accept (I think it’s fucking inevitable).

Here some examples:

Imma put some ‘woke so this wetback REALLY kills herself and give me one less wetback to worry about when I come to power:

They pull that shit as a trick to smooth out relations with us (cause those cowards and sneaky wetback basturds FEAR when shit about the hit the fan like they did in Chicago) but then continue on with their evil ways, fucking with us when they think they got us fooled!

I ain’t fooled!

Here more….

Nah, motherfucker. You all met your match. I know how you fucking think, how you ALL ARE:

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

This wetback spic and cspan bitch trying to be like a white person and tell me how to use my spiritual powers….

That’s your problem and that’s why I wanna humble you all….

– PS to the wetback in the (stolen) white cadillac, let me catch you passing again with that u turn slow drive by shit ??

While seeing the bitch who married to the nigga who punched me awhile back….

I Got Into A Fight With A White Dude Who Is In The Entertainment Industry

I noticed a wetback in an RV come out and wanted to boot up to me like I am a man in defence of a white bitch.

I hate you mofos. I hate all of you. No exceptions. I’ve been ran over by you all, stabbed by you all, raped, the whole nine yards….

I have every right to hate wetbacks and to use my possible destiny of wiping ALL YOU MOFOS off the planet, no exceptions!

Imma make ALOT of fucking enemies pay when I come to power…..

I plan on snatching up ALLL the mofos who have wronged me – going back to kindergarten (even earlier) to that time – and holding them in a cell wherever I’ll be at and raping them with a dildo with spiked attachments, both male and female. But do so in a way that they live for 7 days and then, on the 7th day, I kill em and do a ritual to ensure they go to the hellish underworld…..

I used to dream, as a small child, of having a room like this, taken from Double Dragon, which I called the “Ice Palace” with mirrors all about (to trap their souls when they die) and killing them there:

Imma take the bodies and, as per ancient rites, eat them but cooked) but exsanguinate (drain) them of blood before eating them. I love drinking my own period blood already so it won’t be a stretch…..

I also ate my own aborted fetus so this ain’t a stretch….

THE ONLY FUCKING THING that is making me reconsider it is how those evil fucking spirits, in an attempt to keep me innured to the deal, have treated my baby brother on the other side…..


I would be down for all the other shit if it wasn’t for that…..

No way could I “work” for mofos who are twisting my arm into doing this shit by torturing my baby brother in hell and causing synchronicities – like what happened today – to artificially get me to hate people. Spiritual folks have even noticed entities attached to folks who fuck with me.

Look, I ain’t on the peace and love and everybody love everybody bull. I know what the fuck I am. But I DO NOT LIKE the notion of being manipulated into something and not having the free will to just do what I want.

I was supposed to have good luck. My original trajectory before the deal was GREAT luck but an unremarkable life with no fame, period. I don’t want that. I guess I was meant to go thru this so I can make my own luck and have the power to do whatever and make whatever timeline I want by ascending to God status!

I also don’t wanna be stuck in “hell” when I die either…..

The same spiritualist who told me my baby brother was in a bad place was the same one who told me I would be the one to do something about the illuminati (and wetbacks)!

WHAT IF I was meant to take this on so I can foil their plot cause, if the antichrist don’t wanna do shit, what you gonna do?

Billionaires are already selling their shit:

I mean, think about it: folks are gonna get punished for accepting a “mark” just so you can EAT and take care of your physical body. I think it is just the fucking demiurge fucking with folks’ heads, playing with folks minds like we are chess pieces…..

We already are moving towards a cashless society…..

THREE TIMES I done seen this message about the fed reserve being out of money due to money shortages…..

With the fake covid shit, a fake bullshit election (where they are telling you to YOUR FACE that your votes don’t count) – they setting in motion. It won’t be too long till a natural disaster on a world wide scale happens to set the stage for me…..

The Antichrist…Have You Seen This Man?

Boy, I remember reading this website back in the day! The words from here always stood out of how “the antichrist could be pumping gas in a gas station somewhere”:

– Peep that equation to Hitler again…..

Nah, beau, it’s a SHE and she chilling in a Ford Mustang, waiting for her time to come…..

Say, you know what trip me out…. got triple 6’s in my license plate number.

***BIG ONE*** I was once offered a hoard of demons to work under me:

Offered A Seal of Solomon Like Symbol To Have Demons Under My Control

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