This shit has been CRAZY and I’ve been coming across hurdles ALLL day looong to achieving my objectives!

Look at this here:


As a matter of fact, when I just tried to ppst that screenshot just now, “something” was not letting me!

Well, basically – a couple of hours before – I came under spiritual attack – severe – after trying to devise what numerological numbers will work best to help me achieve wealth and spiritual accomplishments with regards to accessing my spirirual gifts, etc. There was a time where I could astral project with consummate ease. Now, it seems – after walking away from one of the bad reptilian’s form of programming – satanism (christianity is another one, too; NOTE how you are taught not to open your chakras which is a form of empowering yourself – something Jesus Christ herself was taught and subsequently killed for) which I resorted to as a result of reptilian induced depletion of my checking account and fucking with my money and how I try to make it (I feel they are doing this NOW cause any project I try to start FAILS as if they are fucking with my energy and causing anything I touch to FUCKING FAIL!!!) – my consciousness has expanded, my elocution is great BUT there is something hindering me from opening up MORE of my TRUE spiritual gifts more! It seems unhealthy SHIT like alcohol (designed to lower your vibratory rate) helps me to open them more (as if something is holding my gifts “hostage”). However, it brings negative energy attachments along with inducing self destructive behavior that fucks with my money amongst other things (back when I was on the satanism shyte I had a veritable COMPULSION – just as what would arise in the past – to drink every three days and money would “magically” increase in my checking account I feel which was caused by evil, shadow like entities that enjoyed drinking it via me and thus reward me somehow!). I have been told that this happens with many on the spiritual path (in my case, I think the reptilian induced satanism is causing these urges) in that, as you move up spiritually, you WILL get evil shit attacking you the more powerful you become and in this case its demons trying to tear me down which can be manifested in NONE OF ANY NEW PROJECTS I HAVE FOR BUSINESSES BEING ABLE TO TAKE FLIGHT,  which is why I have been fighting those urges (and being successful at it!) and I even had to banish a top demon, I believe it was Beelzebub, who was inducing it (I’m quite certain cause when he was no longer around I no longer had the urges nor did I hear his rickety voice) and another is Baron Samedi I contacted my reptilian ancestors to remove on my behalf. He is a voodoo Lwa (Loa) well known for DRINKING and womanizing amongst other things… I recalled once, when I called myself “reaching out to him to work UNDER him (NEVER do that – come into your own power)”, he sexually assaulted me by feeling me up and also – since I still feel he is around – even now like when I would in the past heavily drink, when I would come into (And this is with NO ONE ELSE AROUND), I felt as if I had been violated, sexually, raped cause my vagina would feel sore as if I had just had sex and I figure that spirit had something to do with it. I recall once speaking to a young lady who calls herself “working under him”: She is homeless and totally destitute with a scattered sense of self (borderline personality disorder which she says was caused from ritual abuse as a child – poor thang) and a fragmented, helpless, severly wounded sense of self. To make this a long story short and to put into perspective why it is important to work under YOURSELF – when I spoke with her, she in her own way encouraged me to keep that destructive spirit that induces alcoholic urges (she has the same similar issue) and once told me that that demonic spirit – Baron Saturday – told her that I “have good pussy” (I looong sensed I was being sexually taken advantage of for my energy while in an alcohol induced coma) and at one point even tacitly tried to sway me towards drinking again by saying, “Your shit is being fucked up cause you ain’t feeding your demons (who will fuck shit up anyways)” and then I believe the next morning – while I was puking, said, “Let those demons out!” basically in essence contradicting herself, something demons do! She also while this was happening, from what I can recall, INSISTED on staying on the phone to I now realize “feed off my energy”, a key trait of borderlines and at one point got an attitude with me WHILE I WAS SICK CAUSE I COULD NOT STAY ON THE PHONE, SAYING THIS:

She also mentioned – ANOTHER TRAIT OF BORDERLIES (Instead of “Line”) that when I couldn’t stay on the phone, while I was PUKING MY GUTS OUT, says to me that even when SHE IS SICK, SHE STAYS ON THE PHONE WITH “FRIENDS” as if I’m obligated to talk to her, another trait of borderlines which she denied had anything to do with her illness!

This is a trait of borderlines!

She also mentioned doing a RITUAL while on the phone with me (I feel STRONGLY that girl is demonically possessed and I feel the ritual was probably to dilute my strenght out of jealousy, etc.).

I also recall her saying that I had a red aura (When everyone – including my enemies – say it is somewhere between white and/ or gold and sometimes red (I EVEEN SEE white and/ or gold now that I am becoming more advanced in my abilities.

This person also double talked behind my back before which you can see down below:

She even claimed Quiet Queen was trying to kill her (I SERIOUSLY doubt that!)!

It’s funny cause now she’s HOMELESS (No car, nothing), what people would deem as “crazy” (she has borderline) AND addicted to alcohol.

I also wanna mention that when I had a “consciousness drift” with her ie meaning being able to see psychically what she could see – I saw DEMONS more whereas with other people – one named “Tina by Tarot” I saw ghosts, Earth bound based beings, another one I saw straight up ANGELS with ie more into the angelic realms! All this SHOWED how spiritually dirty this person is! Also, like alot of borderlines very manipulative!

Needless to say, something WARNED me about talking to this individual (I feel it was a test and YES, I FLUNKED WITH FLYING COLOURS) but I have since cut that TOXIC person (prob. lying about EVERYTHING) off as my intuition was telling me to do in the first place!

Anyways, to help with my finances since I SINCERELY AND FRUSTRATINGLY FEEL something is holding me back in those areas since no projects take even root – nothing, I decided to go along with adding an extra “8” to the “888” on my money jar so that I can increase my financial vibratory level  and increase abundance (and remove this roadblock) from my life! When I did this, I felt an OVERWHELMING explosive increase in energy, INSTANTLY! For some reason, “something” wants me to stick to “888” (even my old debit security code was – interestingly – “888). I recall doing this with “9999”, my expression/ destiny number in numerology. Make a long story short, when I attempted to change the numbers on my “money jar”, my cellphone started to act wiley: it wasn’t working and this is more than likely due to a djinn/spiritual attack since they are known for causing such things! Whereas my cellphone had bars (and amazing reception) before, now they had NONE! EVEN WHEN THEY HAD BARS – THEY WERE NOT WORKING! I couldn’t access the internet, make phone calls (save for emergency ones) the numbers that “something” is trying to get me to cling me to 888. This happened even when I used my expression, destiny number – 9 in the form of 9999 – and still, nothing. Hell, if anything, MY LUCK GOT WORSE as if OTHER obstacles will be thrown in my path if I tried to achieve abetment in this area. As a result, I was FORCED to change it back to 888. Everything worked normal again! When I thought about exposing this (what these spirits were doing) on my blog, next thing I know, my cellphone started “inexplicably” fucking up again and here is the message I got WHILE WORKING ON MY OWN PERSONAL SITE:


That’s something fucking with me and the other psychic (more like, psychotic – poor thang) I was referencing above said they were fucking with her phone – causing it to not charge, then charge, and showing a charge of “0” after having spent the WHOLE DAY WITH IT IN THE CHARGER THEN – INEXPLICABLY, AS IT DID WITH MY PHONE A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO – show “0”. This is something fucking. with. me. It had been fucking with me ROYALLY for quite some time. I have my theories as to what it could be!

It could be the “Hat Man”, a notoriously malignant entity which MANY people have seen which you can read up on here:


I also believe that I may have captured an image of him, here, on tape (tho. you may think it is a light pole I learned from a shaman that entities will manipullate light and shadows to make themselves known, giving rise to the false notion – imo – of “paredolia”):

Buy vid here [purchase_link id=”29864″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]

– Now, while trying to post the vid, IT KEEPS ON NOT ALLOWING ME TO POST IT!

Here a screenshot:

I will be honest: I got an eerie feeling seeing that shadow, as if something “directed” my attention towards it! I don’t believe I have seen that shadow before and I have visited – and stayed the night in my car – and never have I seen this.

I bring up the “Hat Man” because I have seen him in my old apartment: he manifests in the form of a “white man”, with long flowing silvery hair who wears what i can only describe to be a pilgrim’s hat (WHY this evil entity choose those type of hats is beyond me – must be some correlation between them and the so called “puritans” who were known for hypocrisy just as I have noticed a link between burqa wearing magician entities and the custom of wearing burqas in the middle east.). He – this malevolent being – would cause me to see malevolent images which I have noted on many occasions (As a matter of fact, I feel he may be around because as I write this article I was having issues uploading this, writing things pertaining to it).

Reptilians are another one. I recall back in my old apartment, on my old block, in my old neighborhood seeing a gathering of “entities”: some of whom were shadow people with red or “white” glowing eyes (they are associated with ufos), reptilians who looked like dragons (turns out they are positive) and ones that look like crocodilians wearing robes of various colors. I bring that up because there was a time – going back to 2014 – in which I talked about and railed against reptilians on Youtube. I CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW QUICK MY MONEY PLUMMETED AS A RESULT OF TALKING SHIT ABOUT THEM; I could not make money as a prostitute and it got to the point where I was getting 0 clients no matter what I did (which lead me – rather, forced – me into satanism), my electronics would fuck up (just as they do, now) and other odd incidents that reminded me of the shit I endured. I SAW THE ACTUAL BLACK HELICOPTER many ufo researchers and experiencers speak about. I have seen the men in black (IT IS true that they are etheric beings) who are very pale, NON HUMAN and faceless and I have seen these – literally – little green aliens with robust red eyes that kinda reminded me of what you see on flies from what I can recall, sleek “skin” which looked like a robotoid’s skin and these weird “paws” that seemed “smashed” but thick which looked like lego blocks (I recall seeing a very similar hand appear when I lived in Massachusetts which showed up on my cellphone. Later in the night, one of those “things” possessed me and made me move it off my phone). I have see an entity that looked like this going back to the summers of either 2014 or 2015 in which looked like the being below:

I have seen that same entity again a couple of months back!
It had “cable wires” protruding from the top of it’s head – made a “rattlesnake” sound and it seemed like it was cloaking itself! When I turned to satanism, THAT is what I heard when doing rituals to satan by giving away my energy (it was during this time – non coincidentally – that I lost interest in developing my chakras).

The illuminati, another one to look at! This is why I look at them so much:

They have what they call “Seers” who can “see” the next Messiah seed, someone who will be important who can either expose and/or destroy their agenda. You can read more about it, here (It’s public info): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargate_Project

Here is another article, talking about it in detail:


The 2002 film, “Minority Report,” revealed this:

– What they WON’T tell ya is they have seers working for them 24/7 who they keep there for their entire lifetimes!

They use this form of technology to see who the Messiah seed will be so they can try to pressure them into being recruited by them or… destroy them!

They like to pervert good into bad as the illuminati does with everything else which I will explain in the following…

That said, check out Adolf Hitler’s numerological chart (His adds up to perfect 6’s):

Look at what he was meant to do IN THE WORLD:

Now, look at mine (NOTE IT SAYS, “HUMANITARIAN”):

That said, Adolf Hitler was meant to in his early years break down the illuminati and start by going after the pedophilia in the catholic church. They saw he would do good! THEN, using their seers, they put “hurdles” on him to keep him from fulfilling his true life purpose, what he was meant to do – which is go against them! Look at his artwork:

This one was good – not HIS best!


– Bottom line is, man had talent (P.S. I was informed by the psychic woman I referenced early that Adolf Hitler was a BLACK MAN IN HIS FORMER LIFE, hence why – if without illuminati SUBVERSION – he woulda fought injustice as his numerological chart shows).

BTW… he is as good of an artist as me:

Yes, I make jewelry… too!

Not to divert…

You can’t tell me this MAN could not of made it to the Art School in Vienna. No way in HELL!

That said, they spiritually put hurdles before him to keep him from coming into contact with his true potential, what he was originally meant to do and instead changed the timeline to orient him towards their evil plans, their agenda: He originally wanted to be a priest when he was a child (from there he woulda exposed the occult pedophile rings), instead, he of course went on to start WWII, leading to the creation of Israel (as intended) so the jews can get persecuted so it can lead to the apocalypse/ second coming, which I revealed here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/05/18/the-illuminati-are-pushing-anti-semitism-to-bring-about-the-apocalypse/

The illuminati likes to pervert everything good into bad and as you see there… Adolf Hitler was originally meant to serve a GOOD purpose but the Illuminati perverted him towards a BAD, EVIL agenda using occult rituals which Adolf Hitler was known for following:

That is why Adolf Hitler perverted the swastika, a Hindu sign which originally meant “good” into something bad which you can read about here: http://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/symbol-swastika-and-its-12000-year-old-history-001312

…Cause the illuminati perverts everything good into bad…

BTW “Holocaust” means “burnt OFFERING” = RITUAL SACRIFICE JUST SO YOU KNOW (Meaning, like 9-11, it was staged but people REALLY GOT KILLED PER RITUAL JUST SO YOU HOLOCAUST DENIERS – an attempt of whites to take guilt off themselves just as they do by blaming slavery on us – KNOW!).

That said, that’s what they are trying to do to me: put me through IMMENSE and unusual (unbearable) hardship, esp. financial hardship, sending guys which I call “honey traps” to romantically get involved with me so as to throw me off course (I was not meant for that since, once you have kids, you are fucked and that ends the possibility of you fulfilling your life mission and many of these guys were not even in alignment with my fulfilling my true soul purpose), put me through ALOT of adversities (such as at the artist loft, which you can read here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/06/12/lapd-are-really-out-to-get-me/ and with the cops, which you can read about here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/06/27/lapd-now-covers-their-crooked-tracks-by-removing-illegitimate-case-against-copwatcher-from-the-system/ and here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/10/25/los-angeles-sheriffs-straight-harassing-me-for-searching-for-incriminating-documents-regarding-deputy-konrad-thieme/  ) so it will jade me towards humans and get me to start WWIII as the Antichrist. I sense based on the series of “dreanms”, visions I have had which you can read (I STAY exposing them) here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/06/22/the-illuminati-trying-to-recruit-me-to-be-the-antichrist/ here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/07/01/satan-trying-to-recruit-me-to-be-the-antichrist-you-all/
and here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/10/23/another-dream-to-become-the-antichrist/

They are even sending agents in the form of demon possessed, mk ultra (?) persons to come for me so as to throw me off course (or pressure me to choose up) such as this person here:

– Trolling or not, YOU CAN TELL THIS MOFO’S POSSESSED AND THOSE WORDS ARE NOT HIS!! Also, the individual’s name – who I believe to be a veritable government agent – is 60MV TV with “60MV” stands for voltage on a stun gun = this person’s a BLACK COP!

Here another one who fucked with me a while back for rejecting him:

– I CAN TELL THAT WASN’T HIM!!! That was “Satan”, an evil spirit trying to tear me down!

After I sent him this email here:

– the harassment STOPPED: heavy breathing phone calls (reminds me of the #pizzagate “band” and all…).

This also happened with a lil black lady named Mary Simms who I also recognized was demonically possessed!

I feel they are grooming me to become the Antichrist, something I feel they have been spiritually doing for much of my life, even as a small child. I won’t let it happen and that’s why I’m exposing their plans here!

Here is another recent vision in which I expose THOROUGHLY positing this:


Another one they came for was Bruce Lee. They KNEW he would become a “Living God”, a true living legend in his lifetime. To stifle his growth, or perhaps get him to join, the Chinese branch of the illuminati – the Li family – sicked a demon to curse him with until he joined:

He went on to defeat the demon and went on to become a guardian on the other side for those practicing tai chi, which is why the Chinese government VICIOUSLY persecuted those people to this day:


I see things for EXACTLY what is going on and what they have planned for me: they are gonna push me in a direction in which I will feel I have no choice but to join. Based on the visions I have seen (one came to me while I was outside the 99 cents store after I obtained my receipt which had the numbers $5.55 for the total rung up in which a vision flashed before me of my being in politics – really, politricks – helping the underdog, underclass out), I see what they are gonna do to me (they are already doing it now): push me off the internet (something that is happening now: https://toplessinla.org/2017/10/17/google-is-so-intimidated-by-me-they-are-now-sending-fake-pro-black-government-shills-to-shut-down-my-site/ and Here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/11/15/google-is-putting-maleware-on-to-my-personal-site-so-people-wont-read-it/ ) to the point where my sincere, authentic voice won’t be heard which are in part the exposing their lies. 2) Make me ineffective to where people can’t hear me at all (they have already defamed me, saying I’m crazy, etc. – something that’s been going on for much of my life, I have had waves where they make embarassing vids of me go viral so as to run me off social media, shut down my accounts – including on Facebook, instagram, not to discount numerous youtube channels which have come and gone!) 3) Put me thru alot of undue financial hardship in which projects I start that goes against their agenda and/ or not in tandem with it don’t take root 4) Get me to a point where I will give up and conform to society (Really, conform to what they want me to be which is a safe talking Manchurian Candidate rather than the raw AND real personality I am now – making me more dilutiable for the dumbed down (sheeple) masses to dilute for POLITRICKS 5) Have a HANDLER come in (the white boy with the sandy blonde hair I was talking about who many seers saw and I saw and even a DEMON revealed to me would be coming for me) who will take me in when they have reduced me to my “worst” who will “take care of me” and groom me for POLITRICKS!

But they didn’t count on me seeing it coming… they didn’t count on ME being the very essential thing WHO WILL STOP IT! Maybe “888” ARE my numbers after all [888 in Christian numerology means = Christ the Redeemer:  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/888_(number)]

They didn’t count on me seeing the bigger picture, seeing how things will come together via visions, etc. and having a spiritual overstanding that allows me to understand the psychic attacks taking place against me! They didn’t count on the spiritual protection I have: something my lil baby brother Bryan who was destined to make changes that woulda gone all the way up to congress to stop the illuminati’s plans did not have (that is why they destroyed him very early and from what I understand they got him trapped in the astral on the other side by some dark, “executioner hat wearing” magician dark robed entities who have his “baby form” held hostage so he can NEVER BE EFFECTIVE):

I’ll see to it that he finally, “Rests In Peace”, Sweet Baby Brother!!!

The same thing happened to Mitrice Richardson: she was meant to be a great WRENCH AGAINST THEIR PLANS and they ritualistically killed her, tortured her and now she is trapped on the other side…

How “they” (spiritual forces) CHOOSE who will have protection and who will not is beyond me…

One thing I will say is they didn’t count on me being the wrench in their plans. That’s why they WON’T cover the “topless” thing I do – AT ALL – because they want me to be known for something MUCH WORSE – something that’s detrimental to humanity and I REFUSE to hurt people the way they have hurt me!

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