I Think I Saw Lil Wayne Today

Anyways, it seems like him:

He refused to make eye contact with me, looked down like he didn’t wanna be bothered which I understand! I was gonna say I never understood why people feel ENTITLED to be in a SELL-ebs space, like they are objects, like they are not human… and then I realized that the vast majority of people are dumbass ROW-bots themselves who are programmed to see these people (who are equally as hallowed out and thus “soulless” on a larger scale then most NORPs who, due to the constant exposure to trauma in our society due to exposure via the evening news, being distanced from yourselves via humiliation rituals known as “jobs” that are designed to force you to wear “masks” so as to keep you from knowing your inner selves and thus from empowering yourselves, are “hallow” like the SELL-ebs on a smaller scale), these mostly MK ultra victims (which is how they make it!) as no more than lifeless products – practically what MK Ultra monarch programming is designed to make them to be (one dimensional to carry out the illuminati agenda) and thus dehumanize em!

Anyways, I talk about it here:

Buy vid here [purchase_link id=”29860″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]

…As my encounter made me realize just how best it is to stay independent and retain your state of mind rather than lose yourself for earthly shallow, hallow trinkets that you can’t take with you unlike your consciousness ie your soul!

Anyways, also of note, MALIBU WAS EXCEEDINGLY GORGEOUS YESTERDAY! Unusually gorgeous! Here is a pic gallery for you all to enjoy!

Here are some of my fairy friends, here:

– Note they different colours and it’s always the same ones: the yellow “orb” and blue one!

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