I See My Thoughts On The Quetzalcoatl Demon Seeds Is Catching On

I See My Thoughts On The Quetzalcoatl Demon Seeds Is Catching On

I’m happy!

This a Thanks-giving and Christmas present ? rolled into juan – lol – pun intended ??

That said, Eye sea my thoughts on the demon seeds are catching on.

With permission from others I’ll do a blog someday showing all the folks – san names – who support what I say on the wetback!

They need to be wiped out!

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

If what this says is true…. if the visions are true, which I sense they are:

Breaking Free of The Contract To Be The Antichrist

More Proof That I Am The Antichrist

I look forward to wiping their nasty, deer in the headlights (based on how they stare/leer at you), pedophile, rapist, 15,000k border hoping baby having asses off the planet!

Can’t wait!

– BTW listen to this doc (I think this it):

Guess what his wetback uncle did in good ole ‘nam: He would tie Vietnamese women to a tree and, of course, cause he a wetback and they are obsessed with and excel at raping cause they are all moralless filthy degenerate rapist pedophile scum, RAPED THE WOMAN HAS SHE HAD WOUNDS, GANGRENE WOUNDS THAT WERE OOZING PUS ALL OVER HER BODY UNTIL SHE DIED!

Proof rite there the wetback needs to be eliminated and I am happy that I just might be that final solution!

Looka this wetback here saying that the antichrist will be beautiful and associating beauty with whiteness (still believe the black and brown unity myth):

– While looking like the druggie (he, it, ashim is)! That’s why, if that prophecy turns to be true, I am hell-bent to wipe their asses off the face of the planet!

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