LAPD Demon Seed of Quetzalcoatl Arrested For Stealing Truck From Car Dealership Lot

LAPD Demon Seed of Quetzalcoatl Arrested For Stealing Truck From Car Dealership Lot

….Annnnddd (in an attempt to be whyte) this creature demon seeds straight from the abyss of hell got nerve to talk about blacks….

Bunch of (rapist) race of degenerates, pedophiles – again, peep these things EXCEL at raping ayeeeee – thieves… their degeneracy knows no bounds….

– Just one look at that face PROVES he did it for me loool……

– Lol even the police union didn’t wanna represent him looool!

This nigga here look like he should be in Danny Trejo pictures. If that ain’t a hardened face I dunno what is….

He brought the Quetzalcoatl out on his ass…..

I know I ain’t supposed to cape for the wetbacks but this ain’t right…..

The wetback suspect, who look off but sound like your typical wetback spick and cspan cholo, rearing to hit somebody cause it’s just their nature…. was threatening them, refusing to stand down. He had a smaller female partner with him…. what he supposed to do?

S(ch)itty shouldn’t of fired him and placed him on charges. Instead they shoulda gave him keys to the s(ch)itty and a lifetime supply of corona (virus) beer for beating a fellow wetback ?? good job ??

This what happens when you let wetbacks run things…..

That said, let me bring you all to the main point of my blog post here…..

They just HAD to post that pro wetback DACA shit there, huh!?

LOL! When I searched more on this topic IT IS CRAZY how often this shit happens like – never leave shit running like that! Wonder if it is something deliberate done by the car dealership employee so their “boi” or “goirl” can get away with shit…..

Here more on dude’s personal life:

LOL! Mofo was smiling….

This was too crazy. Fucking insane. And it’s what happens when demon seeds run the place ja ja ja!

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