I Believe I Found My Rapist Named Fyetice On Instagram

I Believe I Found My Rapist Named Fyetice aka Eric Tice On Instagram

This looks JUST like him face and all…..


That caption says it all…. ⛓??‍♂️?

That said, based on the looks, contour of the face – complete degradation, denial of a person’s humanity based on their station in life along with the sociopathic glib remark of stating he “prays for me” while degrading me for how I choose to live – that’s him! I believe it’s him! Sociopaths talk that way and tho. drunk he struck me as a sociopath that night.

I don’t want to go into details but read this to understand what is going on….

Chasing My Rapist

His name is Eric Tice but as you can see up above he goes by “fyetice” on instagram…..

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