Offered A Seal of Solomon Like Symbol To Have Demons Under My Control

This was offered to me awhile back:


I have a policy where I am afraid to work with entities outside of what I create ie egregores.

That being said, listening to this video on Hecate last night:

WHO IS SOOOO LIKE ME (someone said Lilith but I don’t believe in going around killing other folks’ kids like she supposedly does even though I had two abortions which don’t count) – the trajectory she took in life while physically alive, vowing to be alone, never having kids, misunderstood….

THAT IS ME in so many ways…. damn!

That being said, I won’t say much but some entities offered me an amulet, a seal of Solomon that would give me control over some hawt azz demons who look like this:

I had such a BIG CRUSH on this depiction of Lucifer from Paradise Lost when I was young.

I didn’t know whether to take it or not, but I know Hecate had a platoon of demons under her as well.

Now I KNOW I ain’t no regular mofo!

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