Someone Installed An Electronic Tracking Device In My Car

Someone Installed An Electronic Tracking Device In My Car

Either that or else it is some type of etheric implant of some kind placed in my car…..


I say etheric cause I would hear it in my old apartment. It sounded like a cellphone turning on or going off, like a ringtone.

At first I thought it was a neighbor till I heard it, recently, in my car.

People have spoken about electronic harassment for a long time:

Many folks think it’s got something to do with the government but I think that it is more a spiritual thing done by higher dimensional entities who can phase in and out of our realm and put shit here and implant things here. That is why gangstalking happens….

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

Shadow Man Hat Man And Yellow Eyed Entity Spotted IN My Car Plus Gangstalking By Other Homeless People

– My ‘wokes protect me from that bull cause I have learned to hack the hivemind programs ob a spiritual level to keep darker forces from using their organic portals against me!

That being said, as low key explained here:

The Spiritual Reasons Behind Why SELLebrities Like Beyonce and Rhianna Have SO Many Followers Who Worship Them

Entities can control a large swath of peepole by affecting their hivemind and perhaps oversoul consciousness to do whatever they want since most folks are organic portals controlled by an oversoul!

From there that explains why large swaths of pee-pole just all of a sudden up and do, inexplicably, the same things at the same time. It is cause an entity hacked their hivemind consciousness programming to induce whatever behaviours they want out of them.

That said I sense the etheral device is a sorta interdimensional tracking device used by the reptilians to keep tabs on me, affect my life (hence why I can’t get the car smogged – peep the license plate has 3 6’s):

Fuck up shit and attract more bad entities my way…..

That said I think I just dislodged it (my crown chakra feels better and doesn’t feel as tightened as it did before).

Folks just don’t know how much that shit can affect you, influence you as a sorta mind control into doing shit you don’t wanna do.

Very much how like mk ultra assassins will say that something “controlled” em and made em do what they did like Sirhan Sirhan:

….And people call people like us crazy…..

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