I Figured Out What The Burqa and KKK Hat All Black Wearing Entities Are

I Figured Out What The Burqa and KKK Hat All Black Wearing Entities Are


Agent motherfucking Smith!

The same has been said about shadow people, the hat man, etc.

Shadow Man Hat Man And Yellow Eyed Entity Spotted IN My Car Plus Gangstalking By Other Homeless People

Hooded beings or robed beings, reptilians, archons, etheric implants, organic portals all serve the same function….

Btw us soulled beings MUST READ this bibliotecapleyades article here:


– that is why gangstalking happens. As the article breaks down organic portals – I used to mistakenly say they had no soul but I sensed this ?? they operate from a hivemind collective soul consciousness. Their duty as given to them by god the demiurge is to keep you asleep by calling you “crazy” etc when you start to awaken and connect to your Higher Universal Consciousness Self. They feed off of us, as does the demiurge and the archons hence why they want to keep us asleep:

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

That is why many gangstalking victims report street theatre happening at odd and mysterious times, folks acting “weird” towards you for no reason – which happens to me all the time:

Ya’ll ain’t crazy.

It’s why this crazy mofo continues to harass me tho. I have beat him up, thrown rocks at him and even asked a friend to tell him off:

Stalked By A Child Molestor

He is an organic portal. He feeds even off of rejection, esp. upset energy (I just removed an etheric chord that was created via between my third eye and his middle forehead – now I feel no anger, nothing but disconnect towards him)!

He will harass me right as I am making a major spiritual stride on myself – which harkens to the negative synchronicity wine baby tarot spoke of:

Like him, organic portals are dead and have no inner life. They will do things that make no sense cause they have no emotional inner life that comes complete with empathy as soulled individuals do.

They just take orders from the mainframe as I say aka the demiurge and that is it.

They will attack a soulled human beings emotions – our achilles heel for them – to reel us back in. This can manifest as, like in that dude’s case: there is no connection – he is not on my level of consciousness and what goes on in my head is WELL beyond his level of understanding. He is literally fucking cardboard. But, like a robot = organic portal, it (might as well just say it) will insist he is “in love” while disrespecting my boundaries and showing lust which is the complete opposite along with refusing to recognize “no” and “leave me alone” even as I have thrown rocks at it and beat it up.

That’s a literal, organic robot. Something making him do that and I will see it in the cards….

A true narcissist can feel cause they have emotions, feelings, a soul hence why they break so easily…..

This mofo, who, unlike a narcissist (who will call you everyday) who harasses me LIKE CLOCKWORK when I am making significant spiritual gains…. that’s an organic portal. THAT is how you can tell the difference.

Here an organic portal regurgitating the words of a soulled person, trying to sound deep here:

Another thing the bibliotecapleyades warns on…. That’s why I don’t try to be liked, accepted by them (I deliberately push em away when I sea their hivemind spirit consciousness having organic portal asses coming a mile away), prove anything to them like what I say here cause I know what they are….


Yeah right and I defeated em all…..

That said, these entities here…..

are some type of agent smith shapeshifters who act as kinda like “last resort” type agents to keep soulled human beings in line and from leaving the matrix.

Back in my old apartment, I saw them following me, causing me to see things, manipulating the astral.

They once came to me in a dream and introduced themselves, saying they were once human with one taking on the appearance of a dude I’ve seen sleepy out of his vehicle – mind you this is BEFORE I started living out of my car – who looked EXACT like ole boy here:

The mofo was circling me for a min. Used to be in a green older model I think Ford Explorer suv.

Another, one of the females (they wore the burqas) took on the appearance of an old middle school classmate named Katrina. The other – a white lady I didn’t know.

Also, while my eyes were WIDE OPEN – I saw them and one of the burqa ladies changed into a young lady who in the future I saw was an LAPD cop.

They are shapeshifters like Agent Smith (damn I made a connect):

The fact that so many folks see them – the hat man, shadow people, THESE ENTITIES remind me of this ??

They were shown in the intro for the third season of American Horror Story: Coven:


I have noted that, when I am drunk, they would appear then, when not, it would by Ra, Amun and some black lady with white dreads reminiscient of the white albino dread head agents in The Matrix:

That’s why you gotta watch out. I bring this up to show how deep the deception goes…..

When I left from jail after being released and forced to plead no contest for a dubious charge, I had an astral vision DIRECT via my third eye where Amun, the first monotheistically war-shipped Egyptian god, appeared to me and laughed like a goat.

It emanated so much evil that it was overwhelming.

I say this to say that these entities can take on whatever form that they like – so for those lacking in spiritual discernment they will hail and call them “saviours” but I see them for what they are….

Matrix agents and, like in the matrix, the can multiply and form a legion just as stated in the buy-bull!

That’s why, as a soulled human, I don’t work with shit in this matrix: I don’t fuck with no angels cause they are of el aka yaldaboath aka the demiurge, hence RaphaEL – an archangel who is fucking with me for trying to break out of this matrix prison:

It tries to force me to stay in line.

As Spiritree once said, these things are energies so an angel can become a demon and visa versa.

Raphael causes conflicts then come in to act as the resolution. Ain’t that some demiurge shid:

Nigga always requiring a sacrifice from witch ??‍♀️ to feed!

Think about it…..

god’s an evil demonic mofo and the holder of hell = 3rd dimension and the underworld and I am hear ??? to preach it!

A friend of mines, mad good friend – male – who is going thru the same things as me just told me of a legion of astral entities, aliens, archons that looked like Amun and threatened him when he and his girl were trying to awaken their spiritual gifts…..

Looka Amun…. who does dat remind you of….

– the pitchfork represents Zeus from whom the image for “jesus” aka HEY-Zeus was stolen for…..

Sea – pun intend. – this rabbit holes goes…. ?

There are many Ra’s, many Amuns, many of the blonde locked black ladies in the astral. Why you think so many folks be saying they saw Ra, Baron Samedi all at the same time? I break it down here:

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

Beelzebub And The Avatar Matrix System And Hellish Astral Visions

– Another thing…..

The other night while beating and freeing myself from the demiurge system (it was like he was just like “fuck it” and let me go)…..

– As mentioned there, I asked my third eye before going sleep that I wanted to fight the demiurge, the three of pentacles (which those entities represent) and that King of Wands. I was brought to a place where I was in a mansion with other awakened people I’ve seen in the dreamscape before, once being used by some evil machine, and we all had insects attacking us. I defeated mine but I peeped all these other people who have souls but were systemheads – they wore business attire etc. – were all trapped there but I was free to roam.

When my third eye and crown chakras were wide opened I SAW these ladybug creatures that looked like pumpkinhead underneath and had the colour markings of a roach on top that would latch on to folks to feed on (did it to me – now I am feeling pressure on my right arm near the forearm) along with seeing a symbolic version of a roach at night and this stag beetle at the bottom here during the day:

I have heard folks say certain I am guessing missing parts of the TRUE bible states we are in a firmament and heaven is water with amoeba beings living there.

When you further think about it our solar system, really some planets look like the depiction of an atom:

– The portal to hell is said to be located in Saturn…..

Taking ALLL this into account…. we just these infinitesimal things living in a larger being, just as shown at the end of Men In Black:

Getting back on a more minute level, why the fuck insects figure so big with the demiurge? I think it implants in us a fear of insects to keep us in line when we awaken. That’s why folks who when they third eyes open see giant ass insects etc. Wonder if god the demiurge REALLY LOOK LIKE THAT? There are archonic alien groups like the mantises that are insectoid:

– Peep they changed the title – it was originally that they were overseers of our planet!

– Peep how intelligent they are. The way they move, that tai chi stuff, is the same way I noted that the burqa and kkk executioner hat wearing entities do….

The Occult Orgins of the KKK Burqa Outfits and the Om Chant

The Idea of KKK Outfits and Burqas Come From Astral Witches

See how deep this goes….. ?

The insectoid aliens, a mantis one even came across the street while I was parked on the pch and closed my eardrum chakra, proving my point…..

Say, look up this book called the KGB book of aliens…..


They got one that is a giant roach species called the Negumak that eats humans….

Personally, I think we are like no fucking different then protons, neutrons, electrons and all the things that work in our inner body except that we are operating like them in a larger being with protons, which have a positive charge, attracting aka working with electrons which have a negative charge (I recall in high school when I pronounced electrons with an English accent was when the biology teacher Ms. Preston told me to “Drop the English accent”, neutrons which have a neutral charge – mad similar to how our unity-verse has opposites that work together like light and dark, black and white, evil and good.

It is all tied into duality and we can not have one without the other….

As for me, I don’t wanna be trapped in hell cause hell is where you go if you war-ship or decide to work with the demiurge:

See that demon that controls the Earth and the reincarnation matrix trap delusion?

That is the demiurge!

I don’t wanna come back to this motherfucker! I just came here to show folks of the light WITH SOULS what this motherfucker is all about and how to break free. Fuck the organic portals. I ain’t here to be loved and accepted by them.

As thar bibliotecapleyades article states folks with souls gotta broker deals with the demiurge and the matrix agents to make it, materially!

– This the illuminati!

To me, fuck it! It’s misery that entraps you in a horrid cycle of misery plus it is illusory.

I gotta use my third eye to rescue my baby brother from hell. Peace ✌?

BTW just now as I was designing the featured image for this, looka what happened…..

It was only AFTER I recorded it and made a new one which was unnecessary they chilled.

They fuck with your electronics, another way they attack you to keep you asleep ?⚰

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