I Think The Dial A Ride Van People Are Serial Killers

I woke up in the middle of the night and heard what sounded like the muffled cries of a man with a gag in his mouth:


When I first saw these mofos I instinctively did not like them!

Homeless Gangstalkers Get ‘Woked

CHP And Public ‘Wokes Take Over The Highway And Run Dial Net Sky Net OUT

Just like here…..


I listen to my intuition which never fails me (peep that wetback ain’t asking ole girl further down the pch for directions….)!

My intuition is never wrong cause unlike you organic portal mofos I’m connected to The Source, ya’ll ain’t so fuck your fake ass organic portal polite society bull!

I’m better than ya’ll cause I got The Source = Soul energy in me so I ain’t bowing down to the bullshit rules the negative entities who need me to feed off of me created, which includes you organic portals!

Last night I peeped they had a tv playing ALL NIGHT which was designed to muffle the dude’s cries. First indication!

Second: Peep here – they once had a BRAND NEW TRUCK – thought they were undercover at first:

Now they got what you see!

Looka them blinds…..

They got dat shit SHUT HEAVY like they the fucking secret skervice and all…..


Again, my intuition don’t steer me wrong. I had a bad gut feeling when I saw em. I just, I wish I coulda done more. So many people say they woulda done this or that in a situation but they don’t know till they in it.

I think they kidnap young men and boys – from what I saw last time it is a young bearded semi built husky white dude in his 30s and an older man as can be seen here:

I think, I sense they target runaways, homeless men! The dude I heard in there sounded hispanic who was being held captive.

Probably ply em with drugs.

Their license plate is CA # AU91V74

The other car is, looks brand new and in mint condition, like just out of the showroom – CA license plate # 7SPN813 :

Probably use such a car to troll and grab young male sex workers….

Honest – another observation I can make is – I never see them parked in heavily populated, trafficked areas like on the pch except on 1 occassion. I don’t really see em around here.

Weird they park HERE, on the other side right by the Topanga refuel station for the public works, LA county people.

They don’t park by the trees.

They got some weird shit going on…..

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