I Think That I Am Under Vril Attack

Makes ALOT of sense the more I think and think on it…..

There is ALOT of power in my right eye but not my left:

– This is RIGHT after I removed a vril I believe via egg cleansing…..

This how I looked a week before:

– Looka how full my face is with similar lightening!

They some ugly mofos….. I looked pretty in that photo I just took yesterday, like a different person – features are weird. I look like that lady (in the most recent pic) in terms of bone structure from, of all things, American Horror Story:

If this is what I got on me, as Jamila accurately said (I WISH she wasn’t like these cackity cackity ass nigger so called “spiritualist” who like to project in their readings and so thus causing them to lose their accuracy cause she is pretty good – but I think it’s cause my possessing spirit is on her hence why she is losing clients), is a possessing spirit!

– At least they getting paid!

Maybe it is cause I am fighting my possession.

That said this explains why for years the reptilian eye would only appear over the right eye:

These are both eyes…..

This is the left eye tho…..

Look at my “claws”, how huuge they are:

I remember a video of, of all people, a hispanic Mexican young lady manifesting these eyed and it was a big thing on the fringe-reptilian focused side of the internet…..

I am still at a loss. Is this really possession? I’ll tell you how I feel!

I have the strong alcohol urges coming from the right side! Also in anticipation of alcoholic drinks ONLY the right side would tremble like a dog in anticipation of a snack which was hard to control. Some LAPD officers noticed thus one time while arresting me. I just knew I was possessed and the LAPD officers back in my old neighborhood of miracle mile said no lies when they said I was possessed.

This is where the reptilian eyes tend to manifest. I get strong, crazy impulses and urges like to say this word instead of that which is completely irrational and makes me feel like I am being controlled! There was a time when, when I parked more in the city, it was harder to subdue these. If I didn’t give in it would shut off my access to the right side of my brain ie the creative side if I starved it by not giving into the impulses it seems!

It would be pure hell trying to fight it and all the erratic energies coming from all the different peoples in the city didn’t help, esp. me being an empath and all. That’s why the best sober living retreats are out in the woods:

It is like something was trying to hijack control of my life and cause it to go into a steady downward spiral and that was EXACTLY a vision I got in 2016 right before I left my old apartment:

– Shot taken from 2Circles Youtube channel

This ugly mofo here – later I found out in another astral vision that their name is the Aidoos – showed me an astral vision where I will first end up living in my car (I saw two ghoulish kids who liked to play with me which I surmise might be the evil spirits of the basturds I aborted) after the original one “broke down” (not too long after I became homeless I lost my original car while driving down Broadway in a hit and run car accident – the same street that has the former freemason lodge shelter where I would be staying at – while looking for a motel) then showed me I would be living on the streets in Miracle Mile under a tarp sheet.

I always felt there was a fucking invisible hand keeping me from getting my shit smogged. 1st I somehow ran over a rock that punctured the underside of my car, somehow inexplicably throwing my fucking car computer code exhibitor OFF with the O2 sensors showing tho I fucking repaired em ALL, running up against brick walls to find a place willing to repair em THEN repairing the CCRM AND STILL HAVING FUCKING PROBLEMS WHICH EVEN THE MECHANIC CAN’T MAKE SENSE OF!

Some tow truck drivers I got into it with years ago drew dicks on my car and told some illegal tow truck drivers I did porn…..

I recount it here:

LAPD Officer Mike Siordia Works With Illegal Tow Truck Drivers At 8306 Wilshire Blvd And LAPD Covers It Up?

These fuckers want me dead and off this Earth plane.

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Why You Gotta Look At The Messenger Before Accepting The Message

– JUST NOW I HAD TO REMOVE A REPTILIAN ENTITY ATTACHMENT THAT HAD IT ATTACHED ITSELF TO MY NECK AND WAS CAUSING ME NECK ACHE PROBLEMS (also got tinnitus in myegt ear too = problem)! It was also causing me to do the reptilian eye twitch too that alot of folks see and talk about with sellebs….

That said, regarding that article above a reptilian posing as a black female “lightworker” – ya’ll gotta watch out for that cause balance is key ? tried to tell me not to eat, fuck or drink alkie-hole cause they stop, supposedly, your spiritual evolution.

TF that remind you of:

Even Buddha had to switch gears cause that philosophical bullshit was killing him…..

He learned balance is key ?

That’s why he got fat cause he learned duality is the name of the game. We both live in the physical as well as in the astral. Our physical bodies need food! It is not healthy to deny yourself of an Earthly need while living on Earth.

Same with denying yourself sex and alkie-hole.

Now, who does that sin shit remind you of:

The demiurge aka “god”.

That mofo tells you as explained here:


When you deny your needs, wants (as long as you ain’t doing shit against a person’s consent) then that creates suffering from off of which the reptilians, archons and demiurge feed off of….

This vid breaks down how it works:

The Fruitcat channel drops all sorts of know-ledge: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC44YQXfTshkVWpNLU3qtSRA/videos

As said in that messenger blogpost I think a more sinister agenda behind telling “lightworkers” aka SOULLED individuals who aren’t organic portals to deny ourselves carnal pleasures is to run us off the Earth so we won’t be able to do shit cause if you are telling us to not do this or that or fucking eat, drink, have fun – I mean the telling us not to eat part as conveyed by this reptilian bitch here:

Why You Gotta Look At The Messenger Before Accepting The Message

shows they want us fucking dead…..

That being said – now after talking with a friend of mines and as conveyed via my empirical experiences that my right eye was possessed, now let me break down how that shit worked!

Though it wasn’t physical – whatever it was, it felt like a lil snake – was just outside of our line of sight, I knew I was possessed cause I felt, everytime I would look at someone, the right eye seemed to have a mind of it’s own, “looking” at the person with more intensity than the other eye. It would “send” or transmit thoughts even I could not control which felt like it emanated from the subconscious, as if something was manipulating it.

“It” extended a band around the parameter of the top of my forehead to my right eye esp. on the side. It was responsible for why I was UNWITTINGLY absorbing folks energies and why I was sharing my curses and strenghts and visa versa as I so hellishly explain here (that experience was HELLISH):

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

I now realise THAT was what I was going thru as spoken about here:

This Is Why You Can’t Accept Items From Everybody Cause They Could Be Cursed

Mitrice Richardson and Cursed Gifts

I felt power but it wasn’t my own and it seemed like that barrier was also designed to keep me from healing and coming into my OWN TRUE power as well!

It’s what folks call the evil eye ??

I would look at folks then picture a reptilian then “transmit it to em” and they would suddenly look down.

However I noticed that I could not yield positive shit with it. I believe that is cause of certain issues within me – which it was designed to keep me from healing – but I noticed slowly but surely when I started doing more work on myself I was able to make some things manifest that were good, for me!

I also felt that it was designed to keep me from healing certain chakras like the throat chakra from when that teacher told me that shit so I can never completely open my other chakras and truly become powerful.

Last night I removed the vril…..


I was successful:

– I sensed I got that shit off!

Not too long after this happened…..


I knew what his fucking intentions were…..

That said, the reptilian here said no lies about those mofos using organic vessels to set up strange synchronocities designed to throw you off when you are fighting em…..

– She, they, it said no lies….

All yesterday honkkkies were the biggest ones fucking with me as well as from the day before.

Looka the imagery: a skeleton, complete with his black ass eyes when IT said not to be “spiritual”. That mofo got a wicked fucking energy:


Then the other day it was a crakkka in a black truck then this ole nasty low vibratory crakkka with a smile showed up! 


This is what you call gangstalking! People think it is a physical phenomenon but it is spiritual:

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

Most mofos walking around are soulless organic portals designed for ANY OLE ENTITY to USE to push whatever agenda, do whatever they want their live action organic human meat suit to do:

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

I honestly disdain them and have nothing but utter contempt for them. These are the pee-pole – if you wanna get rudimentary about it – who go about their life never questioning shit, accepting the status quo, going to their jobs but in a mindless zombified way that only organic portals can do.

This is why I have never been able to maintain a regular job for long because my mind does not operate how most these zombies’ do! Now I am not knocking folks who work hard or work smart or work in this system – I wouldn’t dare – but to deal with the soul crunching shit you deal with, esp. being an empath – with folks esp. in service industries you have to not have a soul!

I have complained about people like that being sent to antagonize me, esp. in a sexual manner here:

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

Sexual Predator Still Stalks Me Even Though I Whipped His Ass

Stalked By A Child Molestor

I can NOT tell you how REVOLTING it is to have mofos you look down upon, who are not on your level of consciousness, who are not your equal try to latch on to you and pretend, push a narrative in their mind that you two are together and pushing they energy on you while simultaneously, a contradictorily, wanting you for sleazy purposes that undermines your self worth and objectifies you.

It is cause there is usually a reptilian entity behind them. When I fight them, I am fighting QUITE LITERALLY the entity attached to em! It is a frustratingly revolting thing to have to deal with this – there have been a fairly long number of them.

If I drink or accept something from em my environment, the pee-pole aka organic portals in it become “calm” as if the reptilian controlling they asses has chilled cause it got me in the palm of it’s hand!


They use their puppets to lure you with shit that they know you like so they can then attach to you from that person, like this ole wetback offering me alcohol like a child molestor lures they child prey with candy (or money like some pieces of shit have attempted to do in the past):

When I have quit alkie-hole for a long period of time I have, TWICE felt something coming out my throat, releasing something, an entity that I could feel leaving due to me not feeding it (that is why I had to remove that vril from the right side of my eye cause it was making it next to impossible to stop those urges or even at least control em):

You can see that at the end of this video here…..


The shit felt physical but they operate just out of our line (wavelenght) of sight closer to our dimension – 3D – from the lower 4th dimension!

They influence folks to attack you like these so called black nigger “spiritualists” here who simple retarded asses are ALL CONTROLLED BY SOMETHING:

I remember this period. Glad I started doing ‘woke on they asses ? I don’t give a fuck if it is feeding the reptilians who fuck with my ass sacrifice their black asses to hell ????


Why Are Fat Black Women So Nasty And Hateful

They were hateful and jealous towards me for no fucking reason!

Even had one war-shipping me when I was deep into my ‘wokeing period:

That said the way they attack you is those assholes will lodge themselves into your energy body somehow via one of your chakras or possess you which – I think via my satanic phase which they FORCED me into after fucking with my money that is how that snake shit got into my right eye – will insert them DIRECT into your energy body!

Early this morning I awoke and felt, like just now, something STRONG attached chokingly to my neck. I used my hands to energetically feel what was up and lo and behold it was a rep:

When I placed my hands back there I felt an unusual amount of heat right in the vicinity of where my neck is. In many spiritual systems they call it “a witch riding your back.”

That said I used my third eye and my hands – I can feel on that wavelenght – to remove it!

That said, when they place these etheric implants into you they are designed to cast off energy designed to invite evil shit on top of more evil shit in to get folks to fuck with you by having you unwittingly send out bad vibes etc. I’ll never forget a nice white dude who said, when I first came to Malibu: “You are a nice person but you got bad spirits around you.”




I saw it in the cards!

What a synchronocity!

You know, one thing I wanna say is since yesterday I noticed hispanics being nicer…..

They rolled out when I tried to see what was going on (I can’t see in dim light).


I honest thought they were the mugs this dude here spoke of who were trying to run the homeless off the PCH:

White Man Tells Me About Wetbacks Kidnapping White Girls On The PCH For Sex Slavery And Running American Homeless Off

Then I thought this was a honkkkey crakkka in a white pick up truck coming back to fuck with me but it was a hispanic man bringing me food. Very nice man:


With that being said, it’s alot of work to try to remove this shit! As the reptilian admitted herself most spiritual workers aren’t fitted or adepted to the job like me!

These reptilians LEGIT tried to claim me….

Doesn’t that look like a reptilian eye ?

Had to let a lil steam out, like most sellebrities (I ain’t one) to deal with this…..

I STAY seeing dragon symbolism, like here (my pump tho it usually works perfect here fucked up and it was RIGHT WHEN I WAS GONNA DO ‘WOKE AGAINST REPTILES):

Always seeing the triangle = dragon symbolism…..

Here a flying dragon…..

Here more egg cleansings I’ve done over a coupla weeks…..

I did a cleansing on my car cause they attacked that…..

Their intention as I saw here is to keep me mum:

Series of Astral Visions Reveal That The Migos Have Been Stealing My Blessings

I saw it ALL going back to Jan 2019. It won’t happen. I am free. I can see ? what will happen and so thus nothing ? can fool me! I need what I need and that is all that matters. I can speak my truth and that is all that matters!

I still have a long way to go – actually some ways to go with my healing. In the meantime I’ll enjoy myself by learning more about aspects of myself including my ego:

UPDATE: Back in my old apartment, I am guessing 2014, when I attempted to astral project a lil demon that looks like this, like the demon spirits who whisked away that dude at the end of the film, “Ghost”:

They said for this scene they distorted the sound of babies to get that demonic howl:

I believe this thing was the yellow eyed creature I spoke of the other day:

King of Wands Confirmed As Yellow Eyed Entity and Experiences With Goblins And Other Forest Elementals

While this thing was in me I believe it was causing me to see, hear shit and bringing bad luck to me. I believe it was the foul creature I was trying to get rid off a while back that was EXTREMELY powerful and strong and stunk like sulfur, an EXTREME bad smell! I also saw etheric roaches, black smoke as I tried to rid it from me. I also remember times where when I would transfer my consciousness to my soul I saw an entity reminiscient of the demons from “Jacob’s Ladder” moving it’s head 360 in that same erratic manner like from here:

That said, I think it’s gone but I will do egg cleansing to make sure (I used my third eye to get rid of it).

Now onto the fuckery…..

I’ll leave ya’ll wit diss – fawk dem reptilian heauxs


Have fun and be you which your ego is you ??

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