King of Wands Confirmed As Yellow Eyed Entity and Experiences With Goblins And Other Forest Elementals

King of Wands Confirmed As Yellow Eyed Entity and Experiences With Goblins And Other Forest Elementals

I see some real shit:

You can see even hear that there was a yellow eyed entity sitting with me in my car last night……

Here is how my car is setup:

Nothing coulda created that. Now look at the eyes….

I went ahead and lightened them up….

Here they are:

Early this morning a man says he SAW a “person” in my car while I was taking out the trash…..


Also look at how nice and clean it is on Topanga – wasn’t like this before ???‍♂️


Cause the goblins and other forest elementals – including my own energy (while using ‘wokeings) don’t play…..

That said – I first saw the yellow eyed entity in my old apartment:

Imma be honest with ya I LOOOOVE ❤?‍♂️???? being in this area cause I honestly can’t stand to be around most pee-pole (most are organic robotoids so I can barely tolerate em) and I just love being around supernatural shit and having supernatural experiences…..

I can’t stand the mundane world.

This place reminds me of my old apartment where I cut my teeth on paranormal experiences and even the worst of em, I’ll cherish…..

Like this portal opening to hell here….

Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

Stalked And Raped By A “Shushing” Entity That Hangs Outside My Window

Confrontation With the Shushing Hissing Reptilian Entity and Other Psychic Experiences

I astral project thru my third eye every morning (back in my old apartment it was via the crown).

I experienced some weird shit in the astral early this morning….

That said, let me talk about last night. I heard an entity that sounded like the joker laugh right after seeing this:

I knew the fun was gonna begin ?‍♂️???????✨?????

That said, at around 11pm, ALWAYS around that time – and for some time I been hearing this too – I thought I heard what sounded like a surfer hispanic dude, quite possibly homeless, talking to another. He said some stuff I couldn’t understand then, IT started cawing and was doing this weird shit ALL NIGHT next to my friend’s SUV across the street it sounded.

I then realised – via seeing thru my third eye – that it was a goblin that looked like a green fucked up deformed version of Link from the Zelda video games here:

He wasn’t that ugly…. he was dressed like ya boi here:

But he had on a French beret tho….

I don’t know why but they like to imitate and sorta compete with the wildlife around here.

I recall one, speaking in a medieval, sniveling, sorta nasally accent told an owl, “You wanna speak, I’ll speak too” in a harsh tone then started hooting. Weird fucker!

That said, last night another entity who I hear kinda like a snake gyrating over the rocks made me think someone rolled up! Alerted, I awoke and saw nothing. Honest it also sounded like it coulda been a ghost car, like from a car from someone who was once died around here. I even heard a radio playing and all but at a real low frequency (I believe there are portals around here and somehow the forests amplify it). I then heard the cawwing come real near.

So I step my spiritual protection up – create an astral version of myself to protect and defend my area – I saw in my third eye that goblin creature coming near me and at one staring into my window like a fucking perv. So I used my astral powers to defeat his ass – I didn’t send him to hell or a void but I told him to get the fuck back….. then I heard what sounded like a silver whistle.

I then saw thru my third eye a horde of goblins, ogres, gargoyles coming for me, grabbing all the alien greys ? (who are the main assholes who be fucking with my ass) captive. I then saw a lil gnome who looked like this dude here, EXACT:

This reminds me the other day I saw a midget interracial couple walk, really, wardle towards the porta potties on the PCH:


It makes me think the way they are may come from humans having intermixed with forest elementals back in da day! They also had what they called “changelings” where they snatched a human baby up and exchanged it for one of them.

That said, the gnome – as seen thru my third eye – told them to back down and leave me the fuck alone.

The rest of the night was peaceful. The lil goblin started that cawwwing shit but not as much and he tried to come close to my door but seemed like he ran while saying that “caw” shit mockingly in haste.


I think that yellow eyed entity is that king of wands mofo (I don’t think TH):

You can clearly see that’s fucking eyes there.

I believe I touched on him here, his true identity:

Encountering A Reptilian Demon Named Rebuggo Low

It is a huge serpent sperm shaped headed entity that seems to like to cause me problems then act as the solution.

I believe I caught him here where it seems he is beheading a man (you can even see a gnome here):

This was taken of a blink white wall in Massachusetts in 2005.

That said he one of the entities I gotta get rid of cause I don’t need shit causing me problems.

I thought of fucking with the fae for help (already got a fairy that helps me – she been with me I don’t know how or why) but I heard they can be tricky and if you hang with em the equivalent of 10 hours with em is 10 years our time. Naw!

That said Imma leave ya with what I saw via astral projection: I saw quite possibly a new stalker. A white dude who look a lil like a cross between Kyle MacLachlan and Joey – who I had a crush on – from Full House. It seemed he had fairly young kids, a boy and girl. Boy had blonde hair age 12 and girl brown hair age 11. He was maybe 10 years older than me no more. I met him after my mom planned a vacation with me and my brothers (symbolic) and I agreed to stay beind (symbolic). We were in the astral version that was a pormenteau between Malibu, Northern California and Colorado (the astral is like that) where CHP monitors…..

Anyways he had a big house. He was a rich dude, eccentric and he brought me in. He wanted to see me naked, have me cook naked and didn’t care if I did this in front his friends (they were supposed to be visiting). He would chill but you could still see the quirkiness in him. We went to Ralphs then proceeded to come out and went to a fair where they were selling pets and I thought of a golden retriever (one that protected my brother before he got snatched to hell then came to me) and then I saw a lizard (symbolic).

The End

I remember seeing their shit on a show on Nickolodeon when I was a kid and looking back on some of their shit as an adult they had some crazy crazy subject matters…..

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