Google Allows Google Employee To Steal Copyrighted Material

No way in hell they should be responding with this…..

Not after sending this…..

Basically, as confirmation of what I talked about below regarding Youtube/Google conspiring to keep me and my voice marginalized they are basically illegally obstructing my ability to remove unauthorized uploads by one of their enployees/minions so as to keep my voice from ever being heard, even on my own paid for platform so folks will go to this sham channel which is illegally using my likeness and is parading around as “my” channel. Looka the nonsensical route they want me to take, how hard they wanna make it for me to file a copyright DMCA complaint by telling me to file through their confusing ass system (which would not work well for me given it is for those whose copyrighted works are on Youtube and not their own personal site):


Here is where I first exposed this channel:

Google Employee Creates Impersonation Channel Of Me To Attack Me

Here is some other shady shit a self professed Google employee pulled:

Mofo Claiming To Be Fired Worker From Google Takes My Youtube Channel Down

That being said here is their agenda: Before I had a falling out with Colton Wood he told me that onus news services was once owned by a woman – this reminds me of how “Frequency Fence” popped back up as a man when everyone knew her to be an asian female:

Same with Onus….

This is why – despite what agents have called themselves “advising” (I recall one I sensed white heaux with no profile pic telling me to stop showing my face so that “spells won’t be sent my way”) me – is to purge THE REAL ME off of social media and quite possibly the internet, period, and have these fake hack accounts set up with all their lil agent trolls included….

– Looka that Cush African. He didn’t respond to my comment.

I also HATE when mofos act all patronizing, paternalistic like I can not fend for myself. They don’t even say this for the whimpiest of men.

That Cush African an agent.

The ultimate goal is is to wrest power over my voice from me and instead give it ultimately to some NWO puppet with my likeness due to stealing my energy who will be put into a position to push whatever agenda is going on.

Eye ? Sea ? what the fuck is going on….

And to the nigger (and white bitch) who runs this channel, Eye ? Sea ? you 2 and I ‘woked ya’ll!

Enjoy an eternity in hell for trolling…. ??

I may ‘woke ALL of Google so I can get more souls ??????

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