Instagrammer joseydutch Gets PISSED When I Call His Ass Out On His Racism

If he was anywhere near me I’d knock the fuck out of him:

Basically it was over a video involving a dutch black woman and her two nieces who got harassed by the police over there and this asshole was trying to make out like this ain’t about racism, it’s about the NWO trying to divide and conquer blah blah blah (a usual deflection tactic by RACIST) even tho racism long existed way before some fucking illuminati was ever invented:

Looka the tags to see what I mean…..

Fuck outta here!

This BITCH decided to flag bomb my insta-heaux account to where I can’t even access it NOW!

That being said, oh, here his insta-heaux:

Bomb his weird ass conspiratorial instagram page out of existence ?

And they want black folks to be on that forgiveness schtick!

Naw, I’ll stay on my ‘wokeing shit ?????‍♀️

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The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

Hope that heaux enjoyed aka will DIE from dat ‘woke ?? ??‍♀️???


Looka this fat ass arrogant slob Colton Wood try to tell these hard working people – who are actually working unlike his fat ass – who they should vote for cause they hispanic:

Reminds me of how this white bitch here tried to tell me how I should think cause I am black (and then in true white bitch fashion report my responding comment to the insta-heaux police cause it did not corroborate her white entitlement to my thoughts as a black woman – fucking white bitch I prey ?? she gets raped and tortured):

Dude says the truth about her fat racist white ass:

I CAN’T STAND WHITE LIBERALS (at least the redneck mofos are stand up honest). You got fat peckerwoods like Colton Wood acting as the fucking mind police, trying to control folks opinions cause of their skin color yet acts like he so fucking liberal.

That is what you call white fucking entitlement: entitlement to people of color’s thoughts, actions, words, what we do, what we think!

That shit comes from a cognitive dissonance. Of the EXTREME kind! Looka how fat crakkka Colton Wood calls me lazy…..

– He erased the instagram comment but you can see here his ass jealous of me!

Meanwhile his fat ass BEGS for a living!

– Actually that’s a vid of him losing his mind but I am quite certain there are vids of that on Youtube or somewhere else…..

Ya’ll fuckers need to chill with that whole trying to own folks’ opinions and shit! Ya’ll treat other folks like children, like we are stupid and yesterday while talking with a white dude he confirmed how fucked up ya’ll are with that!

I talked about all that here….

White Folks: Not Everybody Is Like Ya’ll

Next blog Imma talk about that bullshit of using the NWO to deflect from talking about racism etc.

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