How The Demiurge Separates Us From The Source

How The Demiurge Separates Us From The Source

Peep how the demiurge on the right created and got all those roots connected to that human body = tomb created by the demiurge to imprison the human Soul your True Identity!

You know I always say Sol which is the latin word for Sun equals Soul – from whence the spelling for “Soul” derives – for a reason……

They letting us know our Souls – us, who we are – is God, the one True God which are aspects of The Source ?

I have also heard people say, since planets and stars are alive and full actionably conscious in the astral, that the sun IS The Source ?? (Sol = Soul = Sun)

Just now I got rid of a soul piece that brought about “my desire” for sex – an archon:

Looked just like that.

See, in the realm of the Source from whence our Souls (not our bodies – those are crafted prisons created by the demiurge) we are hormonious and pleasure derives from just being and existing – none of this separation instituted on a false “need” for friendships and belonging in social circles…. you just are and you are just already there. No action needed to take pleasure.

Now, the way to get to this harmonious state is – let me break it down how I did it using my third eye ???

The entities that dwell within and outside of you can be divided into 3 main categories:

    • “Soul pieces” which are archons placed in you at birth which you falsely think to be you and a true aspect of you which is verily used by the demiurge to suppress any Higher notion of your Self = Soul and to try to achieve inner harmonious energy to get their via ascension etc.
    • Entity attachments They attach to you as you proceed thru the realm of the demiurge on an almost daily basis (when you feel inexplicable physical pain like neck pain etc that is an example of one attaching to you).

And possessing entities which are more complicated to get rid of as they tend to be shapeshifters who will hide behind already established “soul pieces” to camoflauge themselves so as to keep themselves from being expunged from your body as you try to remove em.

You will also get folks putting curses on you who are really not doing it of their voilition but under the influence of an entity which I see all the time when battling shit sent my way from other people.

Now – use your third eye – fuck all those lil tools etc like candles, “special baths” (all that dumb shit is created by the demiurge anyways and why would the demiurge create shit in his realm that can help free you from him?) – and call on Source energy to remove that shit by asking your third eye to show you shit (never work with any other entity aside from Your Self) by phrasing certain things a certain way (I found out the hard way) like “What soul piece creates in me a desire for sex, alcohol etc.?” and removing it. I did that and I can’t tell ya how much lighter – and closer to The Source – I feel after doing that. You will have a literal weight taken off your shoulders cause that shit was not apart of your Soul to begin with. Your consciousness will expand, etc.

When folks have died and come back or witnessed and experienced a bliss that transcends the physical momentary, fleeting sensations of false matrix programmed “bliss” you get from sex which in the demiurge realm is experienced as a fleeting chemical reaction of animalistic release along with physical sensory input and more – they describe it as being in a state of boundlessness where they experience everything and all, just as the people in Paul Dienach’s diary in the future said they felt = which sounds God like since it lit returns you to The Source.

That said, in the realm of the demiurge, through these fake “soulpieces”, entity attachments etc. this sensory feeling of boundless gets confined, and literally eaten within you by these things meant to keep you lit from connecting to The Source by having that boundless connection to everything by having it divided – your consciousness is limited and so you don’t experience everything in a boundless state like the God = Soul you are but in a rather striated state where you experience only a wee lil bit of this boundless really freedom and have it subject to and broken down to these limited pieces meant to require you to experience things in only a confined, fleeting, limited and, most awful, physical fashion!

I was once watching a youtube video of a man who moved to Nepal and rejected his former life and now he feels bliss:

– It wasn’t him but it was someone else but he is close…..

Speaking of his rejection of the old values in his old material life and becoming a “poor” materially buddhist monk rich and spirit and energy and how his change in consciousness brought him true inner peace and so thus happy-ness all these westerners staying craving but don’t know how to attain.

See, I am isolated (and plan to stay this way) so it is easy for me to do this shit but you all who got friends, family, people attachments – social “responsibilities” it is hard – very hard to do this. Gotta be ready to change your whole paradigm and accept a new one with this consciousness.

I’ll leave this by saying, the ego is a hard mofo to give up (not sure if you should give this up as I think it maintains your family connections etc.) but as Baba Bobby Hemmitt said defeating aka controlling this is the last run towards ascension:

Look the thing is your ass wanna break free from the demiurge realm of samsara, the wheel of rebirth and reincarnation where he manipulates your ass into thinking you gotta be perfectly good while literally putting into you things like obstacle courses designed to throw you off like the “soul pieces” I mentioned so you aren’t under hos torturous wanton control and continue this circle of pain and conflict and false hope in the form of thinking you will get to “heaven” by being “good” when all you will get is a return ticket back to Hell which is Earth (a part of the hellish realm in the wheel of samsara):

Al Pacino in the Devil’s Advocate broke it down:

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