Revelations About Why My Brother Is In Hell And Me Being Involved In Some Major Astral War Between Good And Evil

Revelations About Why My Brother Is In Hell And Me Being Involved In Some Major Astral War Between Good And Evil

Hear the video version…..


Lordt, where do I begin:

THIS the mofo who is after him, fucking with him, causing him to have obsessive thought patterns that lead to him committing suicide!

It looks alot like this in the face – all screwed up. I think it is some former samurai human turned demon which is abysmally sad and why focus should really focus on what is happening with their loved ones in the “after-life” aka astral so you can make sure they are really at peace rather than lying to yourselves and convincing yourselves (selfishly) that they are so you can be at peace!

That said, I keep seeing him for now hanging on a cross, getting tormented by evil entities. I have tried to use my third eye to get him out numerous times and I did succeed but, no matter where I send him, them evil ass entities always find him and bring him back to torture him…..

A while back as mentioned in passing here I said that a spiritualist told me that evil spirits were holding him captive to get to me but the revelation in this astral vision following the rescue revealed different…..

When I was young – I don’t wanna go into too much detail but kids “experiment” and I guess it had a huge impact on his psyche to where it musta turned into demons and now those demons are manifesting “physically” as he is in the astral. This is why spiritual hygiene and removal of that shit is pivotal cause, when you die, as my brother is enduring now, those motherfuckers will be waiting right there to literally devour you when you hit the other side……

I was shown me as a grown woman (this is not what happened in our reality but it is how it is manifesting in the astral) raping him, trying to have sex with him and cuddle him. I was honest disgusted when I saw this like wtf – I don’t harbour sexual feelings towards him. Now, awhile back he had appeared to me as his Irish gangster past life self then himself to peep on me while I was in the shower and then says, “Raven, you look good” in a lecherous manner.

Imma try to work some more to get him out cause I feel these are inner demons that have manifested externally in the astral who are tormenting him (I saw a big black cloud with tentacles enveloping him) and other evil shadow beings (shadow self?) and pull him out.

Now I see why a friend of mines who rescued him and sent him to a place of light said he left cause he did not feel “worthy.” Imma crush his inner demons that been externally manifesting to torment him.

That said, about the war between good and evil in the astral.

Alright, right after that I was walking down a lil Americana looking strip mall, past a cafe when I noticed chunks of meat I felt were for “dogs” all over, being dropped. They were coming from this white bus like van (looked like how my minivan gets represented in the astral) and I saw these ghoulish looking turned demon former humans in them, tossing what I now know was human meat. Then the people in the cafe who I sensed were demons – there were some in this strip mall who weren’t – saying that a war between good and evil was brewing. We then looked to the sky and saw a comet fall with a pink trail pitted against a reddish fushcia with black sky background. We then saw a bunch of stars form in a circle much like the United Nations flag with a golden orb in the middle (all seeing eye?).

It was then night and it seemed I was protecting my family from spiritual attacks. These same demons in the minivan along with some others were coming for us and it seemed at some point my dad turned into this thin white man with reddish hair and a beard and was mad pale (probably a step father in an alternate universe). We were fighting these demons and I was on the side of good and I was using my right hand (from whence you emit energy) to whoop they asses, like I was jyst knocking they asses out, left and right like it was no thing! I was creating tall entities of light to fuck em up, “getting in em” to fuck em up – I was a powerhouse. I then ran into an entity that looked like The Joker who had these yellow almost slit pupil eyes very similar to an entity that used to haunt me:

That image up above is real, taken of a real entity. You can read here what he is:

King of Wands Confirmed As Yellow Eyed Entity and Experiences With Goblins And Other Forest Elementals

That said, I remember saying specifically to it, “You are cute. Why are you fucking with evil shit, fighting on their side.” And he looked half angry and then half downward as if contemplating what I was saying to be true!

And he was handsome. Looked JUST like the Joker in the movie:

That said, let me say real quick that no one should ever feel like they gotta be perfectly good (a hypo-christian demiurge created concept designed to torment you) to be of the light……

True Gods – those with Souls – are both! As I said in my vids calling males predators, women are the true Creators cause we got power over Life and Death. My acid trip revealed this. Why ya think Santa Muerte who personifies death is depicted as both good and evil (I used to have astral visions of being Abaddon, the angel of death and destruction):

Acid Trip Shows The Truth About Saturn And Divine Feminine Energy And Wetbacks Stealing The Collective Energy of Blacks Thru Spiritual Deal

Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

That’s why when these dudes be like “submit”, I am like bitch do you know who you talking to?

That’s why when folks talk of killing me like that mug who shot at me – can’t kill me. I am death!

Even had an astral vision where I was told that “death favours me” cause I am death. Might be that motherfucker.

That said as I heal and remove entity attachments and become freer from the demiurge matrix system, I am truly coming into my power.

I can remove demons, parasitic entity attachments, reptilians likw they ain’t nothing by merely using my third eye. No silly ass washing rituals, no candles or pomp – just my third eye and by controlling my train of thought, asking it the right questions.

I don’t even meditate.

That said to do both “good” and “evil” I use Source aka Sol = Soul = Sourcd energy to do what I need to do (as I write this I can hear a wetback in an old raggedy truck that I will use my power to break down later honking his horn numerous times deliberately to fuck with my train of thought cause them demon seeds can’t get energy, hence why I say what I say about em). You start to psychically get problems when you start to work with other entities for “good” or “bad” and get involved in a gang where you gotta carry out their agenda and your own individuality and free will gets sucked into the quicksand mud of it all.

That’s why I don’t work with shit.

The demiurge wants you to work with the playtoys – the various gods and goddesses – he creates to give him consent to have power – and steal energy – from you and I see right thru that ???

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

That said things are getting better for me spiritually. I have always said that the satanic path I was forced to go down on was meant to make me spiritually stronger, at one point those entities rescinded while still fucking with me even though I willingly wanted to war-ship em as if to say “you are on your own” and “you gotta find your own power” witch ??‍♀️ is what I did…..

It is actually with my right hand than left…..

That said, it seems like the alcohol urges were like their big “fuck you” before I developed what I can only call this newly heightened level of consciousness where I am just, unfeathered and untethered to the material realm. Shit that used to phase me and annoy me don’t anymore. It is like I am “above it and everyone else” and I am not constrained to other folks’ energies (in that tapestry of human consciousness) like I used to. Is this Jesus Consciousness?

I won’t lie; my minivan engine fucked up (I used of all things Blue Devil to flush it and hope it ain’t fucked it up), radiator fucked up – they always hit you materially to slow down your spiritual growth just as they did to me in 2014 when I was starting my spiritual awakening (which is how I got forced into satanism aka saturnianism to get my money up). But I have become much more powerful by being forced to understand the spirit realm, my own energy body and so thus becoming healed.

Now I gotta help my brother!

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