Men Are Innate Predators

Men Are Innate Predators

This no sleep reddit article perfectly explains it….

I screenshot in case they remove it the entire article cause it is important to read:

That said, men are innate predators. It is in their very nature:



Like with wetbacks, there is no arguing about it. It’s facts. As I broke down here…..

Missy Misdemeanor Ellitot No Man GLOW Proves Men Are NATURAL Energy Vampires

And esp. here…..

The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

Crazy thing is, right after I wrote this article mentioning I got rid of a “soul piece” archon that created sexual desire within me….

How The Demiurge Separates Us From The Source

Males being influenced under the demiurge matrix rape patriarchal gangstalking paradigm came to attack via gangstalking, some of which you can see below.

….And what kills me more is in their psychotic desire to get some control over you they will call you ugly and say she “manly” (good aka GOD mofo ??) and all this other shit so they can in a desparate bid get leverage over you, hoping to have some control over how you see yourself by throwing those epithets.


Just yesterday I almost was about to beat (then ‘woke) a wetback or was it inuit mofo who I could tell was sexually attracted and said “hi” (while talking about me behind my back) then got pissed – later he ran and I could hear him and his boy talk about throwing shit at my minivan, coming in there to fuck with me! The violence we women endure – that’s why I from the jump cussed his ass TF OUT! And I PERSONALLY HATE when mofos feel entitled to deceive me! Bitch I heard your ass. Nigga I’ll cut ya ass you try to impose yourself in my space and worse. He left!

And the VERY FUCKING THING THAT MAKES ME WANNA KILL A MAN is they will lust after you but when you reject em – even if you are nice as I have heard from countless women – they wanna go at you, according to their words, “Like you a man.”

Looka this comment on a – he call himself “cush african” but this a damn wetback – call me crazy for fighting against sexual harassment and the patriarchy – essentially mofos like him – but looka how he attack this poor ole female LAPD officer for being female and a sister at that (that’s why I HATE WETBACKS – always looking to attack black females then lust after us, fucking degenerate predators as Trump said):

His channel here: is choke full of this – illegal – harassing black women (cause our energy is strong and the patriarchy and these other weak willed races can’t stand it):

That’s why I don’t argue with their ass and do what other women do and try to win em over (cause they let em into their heart chakra and manipulate em). I know what they are and that’s that! That is all I need to know.

The entitlement, the bullying, the misogynistic dehumanizing perception of women as just being sexual objects – is all encapsulated in that. It fills me with fucking rage and this is the consensus in the collective consciousness of all males! No exception!

There is a reason why womben just can’t safely walk around and just be. The moment we are fucking born we are instantly sexualised and valued and objectified based on our looks solely for the purpose of serving as broadmares for men’s reproductive benefit – something I been saying for a looong time as a militant feminist ✊?♀️

Eye sea ??? why a coupla days ago why I had that astral vision of a man coming after me to attack me and female ancestors – they were all black (I even saw Maya Angelou) – form a wall of protection around me as well as a way to neutralise that motherfucker!

A GREAT friend of mines predicted all this shit:

He was saying dudes would possess a psychotic hatred towards me – which I welcome cause it means I am doing my job ?? – because of the truths I espouse about them, much like the wetbucks. As the old saying goes a hit dog will holler and men are worse then dogs…..

They are sychophants for the demiurge, who hates his ma Sophia cause she rejected him, who in turn foist his hatred upon the physical women he creates (our bodies and NOT our Souls) by making childbirth unnecessarily deadly and painful and creating reigions where men push his agenda thru the pro life shit, etc. Keep his matrix going as I have said ad nauseum on this blog.

Like with the wetbacks, my observations are based tapping into their collective consciousness as a group and just – blantant empirical evidence in the form of rape culture, patriarchy that stifles females of all ages everyday and many of you all just internalise it but I am here to break it.

I have heard people say that Satan is a womban and if “he” appears as a male he is very feminine, almost gay like. I talked about such here:

How Satan Pushes The Misogynist Agenda

I also spoke about a few years ago being told in an astral vision that I am Abaddon, the angel of death and destruction:

Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

It is said that like Sophia, Mother Earth, Abaddon created humans….

Holy shit the demon shown in the upper part of the article look JUST LIKE the demons offered to be under my command in an astral vision via a symbol:

Offered A Seal of Solomon Like Symbol To Have Demons Under My Control

Mofos in our cult-ure talk about “submit to a man.” Bitch, do you know who the fuck you dealing with in me?

That is why I got the power to send mofos – as I did this man’s ma here for not giving me a jump – straight to hell then laughed in his face!


TF am I gonna submit to a powerless peasant for! No, bitch, I am here to use MY power to teach women their rightful places as the Rulers cause we are The Creators (cause we created you) in this world. I am hear to use MY power to help women, girls of every nation break free of internalised misogyny, a spell they been under for years, and of the patriarchy.

That’s my job!

As I heal more and more and remove entity attachments etc. ad nauseum it starts to make more sense who I am and why I am in the world and I have always known I am not of it though I am hear and I am hear to teach a powerful message to it’s rightful owners: the womban!

That’s my job!

That’s why I have always had even going back to when I was a little girl an innate disdain for men cause I always what they truly were spiritually and it ain’t my job to come down here and enable the patriarchy by being someone’s wife or gf or anything or by objectifying myself by letting mofos leer without letting mofos know what’s up like I did these mofos here…..


Note they talking about someone gonna beat my ass, always wanna resort to using male ego and pride strenght to arrest my strenght (carry a basturd like you for nine months and let’s how strong you are ??♀️). That don’t work heaux. I been stabbed and all sorts of shit and keep it moving ??☠

Or this nasty mofo here who I could tell was about to walk my way in a sorta dare like, “Imma do what I want and she ain’t gonna say shit” till I stopped (dropped) him dead in his tracks ☠


Or this mofo with the food truck here – they always do that shit. They’ll be a huuge amount of space and will park next to, drive up then reverse back but not too far from you or further up from my minivan so they can see inside like the wetbacks in the first video there and got the gull – which really gets to me – to act like I ain’t supposed to know. Come your leering ass around and find out I don’t and will not play that shit. Go leer at your dick you nasty nigga.


Now this is weird here…. they were planning some shit.


And these guys – tho they were nice to leave taco bell (don’t let that shit throw you off code as I am doing here) the fact they parked next to me when they had all that space like I don’t know what the fuck they doing and talk some real denigrating, objectifying shit about me, saying she got a nice body but she ugly etc. You can probably hear bits and pieces in here:


How can ya’ll women just tolerate it, let dudes step all over you. Don’t kid yourself: all men are like this (except Soulled ones like me with heightened levels of consciousness, like me). I see most females just put they heads down and train themselves to ignore these truths. This is awful! This should not be!

I always felt my purpose in the world was to be a sorta prophet, a Jesus Christ (really Yashuah Ben Pendira). I was thinking about that today: he tore down temples and I tear down men’s egos and send em to hell. I don’t understand the twistedness of our society like Jesus did in his day. Jesus even said, you lust after a woman, poke your fucking eye out:

Damn! Exactly! The onus should be on teaching men and creating a culture of respect for females and not telling women and girls twistedly that they have to avoid rape etc by covering up (tf) like I and so many other countless women and girls have been taught even by other females due to internalised misogyny.

Just as it has been proven that some child molestors are born that way:

Do we tell fucking kids to go hide themselves and not be out or even exist cause there are predators hardwired and genetically predisposed to attacking them? So why the fuck we telling grown women this? If you out at night it’s your fault! Wear a short skirt it’s your fault. I’ve even been told that if you are pretty and don’t like being sexually harassed, just hide in the shadows and don’t come out in public. Do we tell kids this to avoid child molestors and blame what they wear and what they do for when they get raped and murdered by them sick fucks? No! We call them mofos what they are: sick fucks and burn em at the stake so why are we allowing men to be predators?

Just as men “check” other men for being “too sensitive”, “too whiny”, for “hitting like a girl” – check yourselves for being predators. I am done!

Another thing: beware of the nice lecherous predatory mofos. Other day I was working on my minivan when a crakkka rolled up in a truck and was all nice. I could tell – sense – it had nothing to do with my complaint about being shot after being sexually harassed but to “fold me back into the patriarchy” by being the nice dude and the exception so they can get access to your pussy. Shoulda stayed on code and cursed (both physically and spiritually – hey, I can do the latter – his ass out. Those are energy grabs (cause my energy was feeling independent and powerful of males, period)! It’s designed to be a “nice guy exception” so you’ll let the collective consciousness of males back into your heart chakra in which you will be proven right again and that you need to avoid em then the demiurge patriarchal collective will send another trojan horse again and you open your heart chakra, again, and so thereby repeating the toxic, insidious cycle over and over till you say stop ???

Now I’m done!

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