How To Remove Evil Entities That You Were Sacrificed To Before You Hit The Other Side

How To Remove Evil Entities That You Were Sacrificed To Before You Hit The Other Side

Before I begin, I have arrived…..

I had an astral vision in which I saw a white woman with reddish blonde hair wearing military garb who worked for the US military. I saw that she was hunting to kill an Asian female activist who I saw who looked like your typical Asian – round face, her skin was The Simpsons yellow tho. and wearing a white night gown flowy summer dress…..

Anyways I saw that the lady had ran into some barracks which turned into a vacation spot where I sighted some hunters all talking about their vacation – and when accosted by the government military lady said, “They didn’t see her” (I think they accidentally protected her cause they were having fun and didn’t want “in” with that shit).

I then recall the military lady saying to me that “We can’t touch you.”

It then shifted to a desert scene which I sensed was in Arizona (but in the back of my mind it was New Mexico – I used to have weird astral visions strangely involving New Mexico allll the time). I was then in some vacation time share with a Native American man who I sensed was actually police (he wanted to have sex with me). I sensed we weren’t a couple but he was protecting me. I then recall folks coming to me, mostly Native Americans, for my know-ledge on how to heal and remove entities (cause I am an expert at this point which I am about to convey) and then seeing a happy Native American family jump from one of those beautiful Arizona – New Mexican canyons with those pretty designs into beautiful, I mean caribbean blue perfect water to go waterboarding, inviting me to come and me feeling as if I got too much work to do to vacation.

Then I awoke back in this reality.

Now, that being said, I have taught how to eradicate entities that keep you stuck in this realm:

How The Demiurge Separates Us From The Source

I have shown you all proof of entities fucking with me…..

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

Hell, last night – I encountered another demon of lust – a demon of passion named Fyoreal (anything with “el” at the end like Azrael means “of god” proving that god is both the devil and “god” = good like his angels)…..

I kept feeling fucking weird all yesterday, like a “lusty sexy woman” energy kept invading my right side that wasn’t my energy and now I know it was this fucker here (Imma have to protect my right side so these fuckers can’t attach and thus attack me from there) causing it……

I also came across a demon from “god” the demiurge that likes to induce terror and thus insert problematic people into your life named Claurein……

Then I came across a demon of desperation that I know to be at least one of the many mofos keeping me stuck named Toral…..

Because these dummies gave they names, I went ahead and vanguished them all!

I personally don’t like these mofos being around cause they can come into your energy field and fuck shit up for you by using your own energy to do it….

I feel they all work together and – as seen thru my third eye – get sent by a “higher” “creator” entity – I usually see reptilian or a giant face with locust like bugs swarming around it – to torment me. In this case regarding yesterday I kept feeling an energy like a hickey on my right neck that I sensed was designed to attract sexually predator energy vampires – like today – and I just got rid of it (I saw in my cards a “knight of cups” sent by an ugly ass reptilian, I think the “king of cups” – he actually was like an actor in his realm that kept me as a sex slave in the astral – that created it). Now my energy feels back to normal and balanced….

That being said, let me show you something else that has been around me for a very loooong time…..

In the initial stages of the drawing you can see a jabba the hut face and pentagram…..

That said, what you are seeing are the depictions of entities as I have seen thru my third eye that are these entities that latch onto you so they can devour your Soul when you die…..

I knew of a young man who had three attached to him that were put on him by a freemason family that caused him torment where if he said one lil thing about em – they would put him into a stroke like state that sounded very similar (just got tinnitus in my left ear meaning bad news) to the “chicken with their head cut off” sounds I would hear when I was a satanist in my old apartment. He also had these locust like Beelzebub bugs attached to em – as I have – that irritated people and made it hard for him to get along with folks and find a job (he a trucker). He also said that he was destined for money (people would always call him “money” though he was broke) but the freemason family took it away from him. He said that when he dies he knows they will devour his Soul (I used my third eye recently to free him as I have come into my full on power – well not quite yet – but I have released alot of shit off of me to where I feel I am safe enough to help ole boy).

That said when I use my third eye to see these entities they are often depicted as huge heads that are bound within a wall that devours people when they see em. These are just some of the shit I saw trying to devour my Soul, which I removed from the rocky outcrop and freed all the Souls – including my brothers (I saw the mofo that was attached to him and making him against his will by fucking with his head to do shit contrary to what he wanted to do leading him to commit suicide) – and then killed em – all using the third eye ???

I called on Source energy, of which my Soul is an extension, to obliterate em and then….. when I woke up early this morning, though I am not perfectly harmonised Soul wise – I felt ALOT of things extricated off of me, that I know was eating at my Soul for a really long time. I hate to say this but I even saw myself chained to a bunch of Souls (the folks I ‘woked) and being damned to a pit of fire.

This is why I gotta work on the spiritual duality thing witchcraft wise cause I still feel there is some overarching demon very similar to the clown type archetype that haunted Spawn……

And it is making it where when I ‘woke folks it bounces back on me.

So I just freed everybody (I saw so many people burning in this hellish lake of fire) and it’s crazy how they were literally tied, like marionette dolls, to me, bound.

That explains why energetic ties gets created between me and those people and I can sync with their thoughts and feelings as explained here:

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

I knew I was sacrificing mofos to me when I ‘woke em ????‍♀️=????? I don’t wanna be no Queen of Hell, esp. of a fiery pit, and be bound to these suckers (when I saw myself I was wearing a dirty white gown with all sorts of ropes bounding me to those people in which I was just outside the pit). I don’t mind fucking assholes up but I ain’t damning myself in the process.

That being said I have seen this before where a giant head appeared a devoured this hispanic girl which turned out to belong to a “real life” voodoo practicioner who I guess sacrificed the girl to himself as told here…..

The Time I Witnessed A Human Sacrifice In The Astral

If you are suffering addictions, good chance you have an overarching demon harassing you, fucking with you and living within the parameters of your Soul that is just waiting for the time when your physical vessel ceases to exist so they can devour that Soul.

It explains why when folks with addictions have near death experiences like this gentleman here who are really good people they go to “hell”:

This man describes chains tearing his flesh apart which is an apt description of what addiction does to you……

All of these are the results of the demons that you are low key war-shipping by giving energy to by being enslaved to drugs taking you and snatching you and bringing you to the hellish abode from whence they came, hence why many folks say that addiction is hell and hard to stop on their own……

You need a powerful shaman like me to remove those suckers……

Like I said I am an expert on this shit at this point cause of the work I had to do on me……

That being said these things take many forms when I see them: often they look like distorted versions of you or your Soul (if your Soul looks different from your physical exterior as in my case) and they could sometimes be spewing insects – as I have seen in my case or they can look wholly different – just like Soul pieces – like reptilian. They will be confined to a rocky like outcrop where they will be devouring Souls very similar to this famous painting here:

Here an archon devouring Souls……

Told ya about em here:

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

Note how that sucker plays both “god” = good…..

And “satan”……

Tricky lil fuckers…..

Sans the fire and brimstone this is woefully accurate of what I have seen…. it tends to be with grey skies and rocky outcrops!

Here is a perfect example of how those things work as demonstrated by the souls screaming from the samurai demon that attacked Bruce Lee:

That said, these are the things that devour Souls when their physical husks – as the archon said – dies!

While you are here they typically manifests physically as an addiction which does not derive from normals reasons. It will manifest as an “urge” which can sometimes manifest as I experienced as a surge of energy traveling from the neck (where the kundalini is) to the base of my head that causes you to be illogically addicted to something that you yourself, your Soul don’t want. I didn’t want that fucking alcohol but when I would try to reason logically within that I didn’t want it, these suckers would block the right part aka the creative part of me from energetically uniting with that left half which brings me to another aspect of this……

As I learned from speaking with another gentleman the other day these suckers have a tendency to wall off the right side when they create these urges in you because your right side is your creative, more subliminal conscious side, your wild side where your brain controls your urges, impulses. It has some direct connect to your central nervous system (where your sacral chakra which houses your sexual energy) lies and commanderes it to make your life a living hell, physically!

That’s why many addicts as I did felt enslaved and would feel like shit after as Black Bigalow, who is suffering from reptilian (I saw two reptilians attached to him, going in and out of his right side, thru my third eye once) conceded in his live last night with regard to giving in to alcohol addictions which they induce.

Based on what I experienced at the hands of reptilians when I was forced by them materially to become a satanist (they were fucking with my money and still are) they do something – as John Ellizz in his All Seeing Eye book talks about – to increase the energy (via possessing spirits, entity attachments) of the right side where you will feel all your consciousness straight going to that side (I feel pain on my right shoulder just now AND saw a black entity attachment right on the upper right part of the right side of my head where I always feel shit attaching to as explained here and here). From there they do something, they configure your energy where they control your intuition (by having it so far right) thus keeping your energy body out of balanced from uniting with The Source because the way you will be energetically set up will make it hard for you to connect to your crown chakra.

That said the only remedy is to use your third eye to ask what is going on, what is doing this to you and call on The Source energy to remove it and use your third eye to actively remove it (you’ll see your Soul casting light and eradicating it as I have seen with mine ??)!

Candles, baths – none of that shit works effectively (well, take baths with tea tree oil as a friend of mines – who caught up by that shit – says it strenghtens your aura and I take bird baths using it and lavender – which is said to ward off evil spirits – every morning as well as brush my teeth with it).

I’m obsessed with tea tree oil.

That said, fighting urges by suppressing them ain’t enough. You gotta use your third eye as I did to get rid of em. They have also done something with my energy on the right side where I inadvertently absorb folks who I emotionally get attached to energetically.

I can’t even have followers cause I will absorb their shit after getting an intrusive intuitive thought not of my own that if they follow me “this will happen” and something in the right part of my upper forearm procedds to absorb their shit.

It’s a nightmare.

They grt you coming off as crazy, have you hearing negative shit, etc.

You gotta get rid of em and third eye ??? steel (said to ward off evil entities) and tea tree oil is key ?

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