The Time I Witnessed A Human Sacrifice In The Astral

That exist sign I posted is even foreboding…

I wanna mention, too, early this morning I saw a fleeting image of a GHOST outside my window

I turned my head for a brief second to look after thinking someone was there – then – no one was there!

Anyways, let me tell you all the time I witnessed what I sense was a human sacrifice taking place in the astral…

This vision which I had occurred at ny opd apartment. Now, human, spiritual sacrifices are REAL. YOU NEED ONLY TO LOOK TO THE CASE OF CHRISTOPHER CASE TO SEE THAT:

Here is the article that was done on it so as to add credbility so you won’t think it’s an “old wives tales.”

Anyways, the shit is real! And I feel I had thd displeasure of witnessing one. That is why TRUE spiritual protection is important.

That said, right before I moved from my old apartment I would have these astral visions (I guess you could call it that cause I KNOW I was in the astral but not full on conscious – like with my consciousness being “here” in the 3D and “there” which is what I feel CONSCIOUS astral projection – I emphasize that since we always astral project when we dream – and I have visited these places NUMEROUS times before letting me know they are REAL places in the astral) where I would visit – and see – some of the same places every night letting me know it was a real live place in the astral. That said, there’s this place that I would ALWAYS visit and see in the astral: a large warehouse in a cityscape that makes me think of NYC – the astral version – where I would see Christopher Walken whom I believe now was a cloaked spirit, maybe Satan?

Anyways, it was being shown, revealed to me the afterlife fate of this dark hispanic girl with (no pun intended) Dora the Explorer styled hair. I went INTO the warehouse after being invited by this Christopher Walken character to look in. I think I might have been “inside” the girl’s body in the astral in this situation.

That said, I recall being led down a dark, murky pathway where it seemed underground (where many dark occultists do evil rituals at) and now that I remember I saw evil (I felt) writings in flouresecent red in the halls, like “Exit” and “Enter” and “Enter at your own risk” signs on the walls leading to this small, dingy, dirty underground place which was reminiscient of similar signs I saw that looked like this:

When I woke up one night – FULLY AWAKE – and saw the same things written on the walls leading to the kitchen which emitted an eery red glow (I sincerely felt that if I were to walk through that – I woulda NEVER been able to leave!)!

That said, the young lady who was dressed in a Walmart uniform (I guess that’s what she did while she was alive) and a bunch of other “contestants” all met up in this dingy “room” in which the “person” who seemed to be the “master of ceremonies” was this ghoulish looking, grey skinned, dead zombified goth dude – white, mid 20s and this other ghoulish looking blonde white girl.

The shit that I am about to tell you those people went through in those “obstacle courses” ARE HORRIBLE BEYOND BELIEF!!!

That said, in the first obstacle course, the people had to manuevour through a “mall” where “customers” and “employees” armed with knives, etc. would try to kill you. You had to manouveur out of there AS FAST AS YOU CAN! I recall going up an elevator and, as I was going up, a security guard, latin dude, older (maybe 40s, 50s) dressed in a blue business suit who – like the others – looked like cartoob cut outs (which I will explain the spuritual significance of) – was saying under his breath in a weird, macabre way, like an insane person, “I am going to rape and murder you!” and then I saw a lil old lady who looked like my grandma (kinda interesting) wearing pink with a butcher knife in her hand, pursuing me. Then later I had a WHOLE CROWD coming for me. “I” didn’t think I’d escape but by Divine Grace (I’ll tell you who later on) I got the fuck out…

Now, regarding the “cardboard cut out” looking entities, I’ve seen them before… while astral traveling! Once when I partially left my body, while outside of it, I saw an entity come into my apartment (everything had a surreal looking, heavenly hue – esp. outside when it was daylight) and this entity THAT LOOKED LIKE A CARDBOARD CUT OUT came in – he was caucasian, wearing a green sweater, blue pants and “hissed” my name saying, “Raven, hissss”. I pulled up my arm to look at my aura – it was red! I then said that I was gonna, “Fuck him up,” then he hissed, “I’m not scared of you, hissss….” I JUMPED BACK INTO MY BODY SO QUICK!!!

Anyways, continuing on with the astral obstacle course those people in the afterlife were facing – the second required that they get in water. They had to swim down a river. There was a HUGE HEAD and mouth that would follow them which I saw was being conducted by a bald headed white man who looked like Captain Spaulding from that film:

– He was a CRAZY looking ass nigga, a creepy crakkka, lol to quote the late, great Trayvon Martin.

A man who was STILL ALIVE but I saw he had a black voodoo doll in his hand, he was in a bland, white room with an old style desktop computer and whatever he did on “this” side was manifesting over there…

That said, the bald headed dude was chasing the people: he would open his mouth to “eat” them and some of them got swallowed! The hispanic girl alone with a couple of others survived it!

That said, at the end, I saw the “survivors” all gathered in a dungeon like area that looked like something from medival times. I saw a yellow haired boy, a thin young lady and another young white lady who was letting go of this “yellow canary” which spiritually symbolises freedom!

That’s how I KNOW the dark complexioned hispanic girl was offered as an afterlife sacrifice = the yellow canary meant freedom for her!

Also, the young “white” lady I saw I later realized was this young woman who works under Santa Muerte who read my tarot cards (I guess she was trying to spiritually liberate that young woman).

That said, the afterlife is a interesting place; it’s practically the astral where the rules of physics here don’t apply there and would be considered by theoretical physicists, scientists such as Michio Kaku a level 1 or 2 type parall universe meaning not bound by laws of physics as we know it which you can read here:

People can get “caught up” on the other side and it’s not how you think! There are consensus realities, hell, depending on how “less dense” you are, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN REALITY! The closer you are to the Earth plane, the denser you spiritually are – and it’s where ghosts, etc. dwell, people with addictions and those who seem like they can’t give up on their Earthly attachments which Rick Richards discusses here:

That said, the “highest” is to the Divine Goddess or God where your ego – and you – cease to exist aka you cease to exist as an autonomous being with your own personality!

That said, you can get fucked up on the other side and for the most part WHAT YOU THINK will save you – Crakkka Christ aka Cesare Borgia, etc. – WILL NOT HELP YOU! There are spiritual traps that people more spiritually savvy have laid out, people who know how to navigate those realms. Like most hispanics, that lil hispanic girl thought that “crakkka christ” was gonna save her! No it didn’t! It took someone else to help. That’s why it HELPS to get out those draconian ass (pun intended), dogmatic ass beliefs and see the spirit world FOR WHAT IT IS! After all I am quite certain that young girl prayed to crakkka christ. So did Christopher Case…

And look at where it got him in the afterlife!

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