I Saw The Astral Entities That Turn People Against Me

I have always been aware of their presence but never seen them until now…

I saw them – in a vision – in my old apartment and recently in a vision that has played out multiple times (as I type this – earlier, before writing this – I FORGOT about writing this while it was on the tip of my tongue – and the other article which I just wrote was messing up to keep me from publishing it so I WON’T WRITE THIS)!!!

Now I know this shit’s real.

All, my life, even going back to when I was a little girl, I had numerous, inexplicable obstacles put in my path: when I was a baby, I was born with a hole in my heart. As a child (and even as an adult) I am hated even by random people who don’t know me and when I would stop these people and ask them, “Why do they hate me (I SWEAR now that I think of it – and this thought just passed – JESUS CHRIST SAID THAT SAME SHIT IN THE BIBLE)?” These people whi are honestly good hearted people didn’t know why! I’m guessing this is what those gangstalker people call “gangstalking” BUT IT ALL REALLY SPIRITUAL (Now I hear entities creaking in my car). Even now, though I have a banging website – shit don’t take off. I can’t get people to buy tarot cards and there are people with far less – to no – spiritual gifts WHO STAY BUSY such as – and this was before I started coming into my own power – I called a renowned psychic out here in Long Beach, recommended by someone who I now realize was an empty ass, dead ass organic portal which you can read about here:


who started doing what they call “cold reading” where the first things that came out of her mouth was, “You are having trouble with your bf?” – I HAVE NO BOYFRIEND NOR DO I CARE NOR AM I SUPPOSED TO WALK THE MORTAL’S LIFE! Needless to say: I hung up.

That said, all my life, I have come across this, DROVES of adversity and what I call “Waves of Hate” which this could shed some light on it:


and here too…


I had one TRULY GIFTED YOUNG LADY say that it is Satan that was putting those obstacles in my path (I believe Satan based on my own experience with being forced to for financial reasons to worship him as per the reptilian programming really is a reptilian archon and a manifestation of darkness). I always had the inkling – since I have a lot of light – that something was trying to push me towards the direction of evil or at least – as it tried to do when I was a baby – banish me from the Earth (the nurses and my dad showed me SOO MUCH LOVE – I’m getting teary eyed thinking of it).

As this nice lesbian in jail said to me: “The people with the most light get the most evil attacking them.”

I know what’s going on…

I recall back in my old apartment – I saw the entities that were fucking with me in a vision. Get ready for this: they looked like PLUSHIE ANIMALS and took on many forms (at the time it seemed that it was after NOT drinking alcohol despite spiritually induced urges while under the reptilian-archon programme known as “satanism” that I saw this and thus made me conclude that NOT drinking alcohol reduced their size):


That said, it seemed I was in a wealthy mansion in Hawaii. It seemed like this took place during the time of Miami Vice, the 80s. I was in the body of a tall young Afrikan lady at the time and I was going through the house, flushing out these demons, stomping on them (lol)! I was thanked by the woman of the house for being a hero and freeing her and the kids from what they felt was causing them problems. It was an allegory for me.

That said, I had another vision which I’ve seen MANY TIMES: a parade of monsters walking down the street, at night – like in a parade procession and they were looking for me, to kill me (it seemed I took on the body of a young white male police officer wearing a blue uniform which was not the first time I took on the role of being a cop). I fked but the intuitive sense I got was “They possess people.”

That said, most recently – I had another vision of these things, these horrendous demons, when I was in the astral and it seemed like I was about to do a trade with this poor, big, corpulent (fat) white woman who lived in a run down home. I noticed after I left I saw visions of these lil plushie things – getting into people, deforming them, turning them into monsters, zombies…

This is how I know they are turning people against me!

That said, this is why seeing and dealing with the spirit workd works and can help you! I figured out what’s causing me alot of grief, turning people against me. The second half of the problem is to resolve it!

It’s a huge feat but I will be able to take care of it!

That said, the more I come into my own power, the more adverserial changes, obstacles I’ll come across. I always knew I was born for a Big Purpose; that’s why I have so much adversity going against me! I’ve been told my soul is bigger than my body. I know I’m an incarnated Being with a higher purpose here. I was even told – by a Seer – he saw Jesus Christ on my crown chakra.

So, yes, I know WHY those lil demons are working against me! But I hope to end that some time soon… so more can here my message and those who need to hear it can be reached – unencumbered – by these lil demonic entities!

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