Asshole Food Trucks and HYPOchristians

I wanna say for the record… I heard a little person in my car last night talking – I thought it was the cutest thing!

That said, I NEVER liked that blue food truck; something about the people – Esp. the BITCH in pink (she has a BLACK, blue and purple aura indicating demonic intent/purpose AND high level spiritual or I guess you can say, “witchcraft” abilities).

There is something – which can be seen in just her very aura – SOMETHING DEMONIC ABOUT THAT ONE and the people in it. Why this bitch like to park next to me WHEN SHE KNOWS I GO TOPLESS AND TALK SHIT ABOUT IT (then act like she never did when I confront) – her and her rapist ass, child molesting, but holier than thou attitude having ass “patrons” WHO FEIGN DISGUST (I sense something demonic about her patrons, something evil and vile that reminds me of Koreatown which I will get into later) ? I’ll tell you why! Energy vampire. Regardless of the topless thing, I have ALOT of light! Many seers have seen it. I’VE SEEN IT! I have a lot of light (one woman told me that my soul is bigger than my body). That said, people who are of the darkness – like her, as proven by her aura – like to ce next to people like md because just as many people have done or at least TRIED to do this year – steal your energy, my energy via provoking which is what she does, take out the light!

That said, having the heightened level of consciousness – and spirit – which I have, that can’t be done! That shit CAN’T be pulled on me!

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That said, here is why I brought up Koreatown: ALOT OF NASTY SPIRITUAL ENERGY, alot of repressed, “Peyton’s Place” pent up emotions! The people are not free! They suppress alot of things. This wroughts hypocrisy which in turn wroughts negative spiritual energy. That is why they have SOOO MANY CHURCHES THERE PER CAPITA (The same churches where they turn on the sprinklers to run the lil homeless people away in defiance to the message THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TEACHING which is to feed the needy and help them, IN TOTAL DEFIANCE OF WHAT THEY SAY CHRIST TAUGHT which true christianity – read the gnostic texts – REALLY has nothing to do with modern day HYPOchristisnity created by the Romans at the Council of Nicea which you can read about here: )

Here’s the story where they say the church was using sprinklers on people:

– I SWEAR when I first heard this story it said KOREATOWN AND NOT SAN FRANCISCO (This is some Mandela Effect shit here):

Here is “Peyton’s Place”, a 1960s movie which was about the downfalls of society whitewashing alot of social ills (very thought provoking movie for it’s time – my mom and I used to watch it as a child):

That said, the Olympic LAPD station in Koreatown was THE ONLY LAPD STATION IN RECENT YEARS TO HAVE TWO OFFICER STRAIGHT UP RAPE AND WOMAN IN THE BACKSEAT OF THT CAR (Yet it’s the same one where they fake ass got disgusted when I walked in, topless):

– I think the two “officers” checking up on her here ARE THE TWO BASTARDS WHO DID IT!

Her bruises…

– That’s the result of living a lie! You don’t hear of any other stations doing that shit!

That said, that’s why the minute I hear “christian” – esp. devout – I hear, demon – cause those people worship the Demiurge hence why they got all them negative entity attachments on them!

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