Fighting Off Severe Right Hip Pain Caused By Ars Goetia Demon Beelzebub As I Break Free

Fighting Off Severe Right Hip Pain Caused By Ars Goetia Demon Beelzebub As I Break Free

This is how he manifest in my tarot cards…..

That said ever since I threw away this red rock I had acquired from the ocean as part of my healing process the other night – I been getting ATTACKED! Take that back – I did something to heal my heart chakra – there were hordes of people living in a cave that had pools of fire with folks in em – hell. I am now thinking them ars goetia – I now believe that nasal voiced demon I STAY hearing IS Beelzebub:

It is the demon “Jesus” used to cast out demons (wonder if his energy being in “Jesus” caused folks to hate him as demons have that affect)……

This is the same demon I would hear accompanied by a swarm of flies (more like bees – really it sounded like both) when it would visit – unannounced – during my satanic days……


After cleansing my heart chakra, I felt a pain start in my right hip! It felt weird!

I believe that mofo has taken up residence in one of my chakras and plans to wreak havoc as I move it out as I heard the nasal voiced demon say “Noooo” and “You can’t do this” as I commenced clearing out my chakras……

I also noticed this synchronicity on ig as well with Beelzebub’s mark – bees – appearing to infest someone in their eye……

And peep I had been having spiritual issues in my eye….

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There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

Yup! It’s an attack from this mofo…..

It seems like – and I been saying this for the longest – it’s done inserted itself somehow into my right side. I sense that stone allowed it to thrive more by diverting my energy more towards that right side thereby allowing it to have control (while not being able to overly possess me).

Another thing…. this is funny – aside from “Jesus” using Beelzebub to cast out demons…..

Adam supposedly “created” Eve from his – you guessed it – right rib (thought and SWORE it was hip)…..

That said, this mofo tricky……

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When he first came around tho I did not summon him (that’s why when you fuck with demons or anything you gotta watch out cause it’s like a gang – you call one you get all cause it’s a gang and they get permission via thr frequency you are on) he came at me, antagonistically. Later as I was on the verge of being evicted (for non payment of rent): Okay, I was projecting a sympathetic response on him. Now I am not sure if it was of his own volition (I think so) or some matrix program shit but he took the form of Geraldo – a 90s talk show host – and said he would help me seeming out of sympathy.

From there he would appear to seemingly quell shit with cops. He would often appear as New Mexico state policr for some reason in the astral and as a short Mexican man with fucked up teeth and, funny, the right side – the haunted side – is where my teeth are most fucked up. He even synchronized my period down to the sec of the solar eclipse of 2017 (my second in a month). But I ALWAYS got the 7 of swords with him meaning “deception”…..

That said you gotta watch the deception with these entities cause they will gaslight and “smoke screen” ya in an effort to keep you from finally realising they are the problem and dissolving them….

Yesterday I was greeted with harassment this foo right here named Bartmanhomerthe7th whose Youtube channel is here:

I was under the impression that it was this weirdo here named Tanya who had fucked with Eligio Natureboy then got attacked by his demons (happens to anyone fucking with me as well, with them blessing real enemies which is why I vow to break free):

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….WHO INTERESTINGLY looks like this “Dawn the self esteem” narcissist queen here who lied and said 10 sheriffs raped her on a bed in an attempt to hijack attention for herself during the Mitrice Richardson case. She can be seen here with her messy ass self talking shit on me after Mitrice Richardson’s absentee “dad” (who only showed up for the $1 mil when the daughter went missing) by mentioning in a very nasty way, “New Orleans” here:


I saw in my cards the bitch is in hiding from an abusive boyfriend. When I get them dix like FedEx I’m dropping….. Fucking “self esteem queen” ??

I oughta ‘woke em

I actually did work……

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The nice Nubian Egyptian doctor who worked on his case – Dr Rhonda Hampton – was saying he was hitting on her and harassing her for being with a white man.

I may just had to curse somebody with my curse via ‘woke……

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That said all yesterday – I gained a brief respite after fighting it off for a bit……


I had been getting signs it was that mug…..

1st this black lady who was shouting some bullshit about “Get some clean clothes” while wearing – IN HUUGE PRINT – a “god bless you” shirt who kept turning on her alarm unnecessarily (many victims of gangstalking endure this):


And just early this morning this mofo here just decides to snap a photo of my car (I sense it was to talk shit about the Malibu homeless as he had an old camera):


Just as I was working on myself too…..

Now let me tell ya how deceitful these entities are…..

I saw in the astral plane my body slumped in the front of a bus. I saw some kneegrowbeasts for Ape-rica with m-16’s in hand, all wearing white shirts and blue jeans with a big kneegrow buck in the front. I got the sense they were Nigger-jeerian (short for Nigerian) arms traders who pushed arms and prostituted themselves to white women.

Lo and behold I then saw a white bitch sitting down with a smile – old white ugly bitch who had to have been in IT’S 40s or 50s – looking cutee while having to buy black dick to get any dick at all…..

I don’t feel like creating a masterpiece but it captures the essence of how she looked. Bitch had a strong square jaw, she was fat but stoddy.

I got the sense the nigger-jeerian Ape-ricans were pissed cause I was talking shit on white women and, like the wetbucks, them apes war-ship crakkkas but they are not as bad as the wetback!

The level of bedwench-savagery is STRONG ??⛓ in this one ??‍♀️?? lol I can’t! All them white menz look like something out of John Carpenter’s The Thing:


I can’t get over tho how they are effectively trying to white wash history and make it look like all the slaves were white which reminds me of that punk azz argument they make arguing that indentured servant Irish were also slaves when that very definition knocks it off it’s ass (their argument):

Only the his-STORY channel would do this…..

That said, see, I am smarter than that! As I said regarding how Tina by Tarot saw an angel influencing a white broad (probably the same white bitch cause I saw her in the astral and she German) to fuck with me – this entity – in a desperate last ditch effort to stay attached to me – has used them as vessels via which to fuck with me (when I get it off guess who that thing will attack).

It’s getting better but the pain from that shit was debilitating to where I could barely walk or stand and would collapse at a sec’s notice.

This same hip pain happened in 2012 when my baby brother died. I think there is a correlation. I was coming back hone after visiting my parents then a powerful pain hit – again – my right hip said to where I couldn’t bend.

There is a chakra there that can leak and allow shit to infest you as I have seen thru my third eye!

That said – like lil deterrents in a video game – I won’t let it stop me from defeating the real threat: Beelzebub! That is why spirirual discernment is key ? Yeah them bozos are assholes but they are not the cause.

As of now I feel a searing pain extending from the right side of my face down to my leg.

It is where my alkie-hole urges come from, acting as a mind parasite as I have constantly explained.

I gotta end this!

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