Solar Eclipse 2017 And The Big Consciousness Shift

I think THIS is what they talk about when they talk about the “rapture” which really = heightened level of consciousness, consciousness shift!

I SWEAR while meditating (hell, throughout the entire duration of the three days, starting from when I had my 2ND PERIOD THIS MONTH after having a dream about “Beelzebub” using a gynecological specculum to open my vagina up and then a day later “inexplicably” having my 2nd period which only increased my psychic abilities – and had me seeing shit – in combined conjunction with the Solar Eclipse of 2017) my fucking consciousness increased ten fold, which you can hear me talk about here (almost like a revisit to the Summer of 2014 in which after the appearance of a “hissing” entity I felt a “level above human” and you can read that article here:

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Here is my attempt to take pics of the event (I didn’t realize that I WAS NOT in the Path of Totality and therefore could not see the show – but at least the sky looked cool!):



I’m kicking myself in the ass after watching the video below cause we had one and I coulda witnessed it in 2012 but I missed it going all the way to Bumfuck (how ironic I use this word in light of my current circumstances) North Dakota on a prostitution run to only come back with nothing (how fucking miserable):

Man, to think I had my ritual gear and everything ready for the Big Day and even without being in the Line of Totality, I STILL COULD FEEL THE FUCKING ENERGY! Anyways, here’s my talking about it earlier in the day before I found out otherwise:

Ritual gear!

Anyways, aside from the power that could be harnessed from this – spiritually – which some conspiracy theorists fear (not everyone’s “out to get you,” fake christian):

I believe this is what “christians” would call, “The Rapture,” which is really a shift of consciousness which is comparable to moving up in grade levels which instead of being 4th grade it’s moving on up to 4TH DIMENSIONAL SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS and so on based on where you already at (I was told I was at 5th level dimensional consciousness and so I guess I “ascended” as the old religious texts say). Every summer or better yet every shift I seem to “move up”: I remember my introduction to the spirit world in summer 2014, my learning to work with it (regarding the occult) in 2015, my being tested by it in 2016 and now my full circle ascent this year in 2017 in which I learn to come full circle and reach my highest self – marrying the divine (Spiritual) with the mundane (Physical) so I can go on to complete my destiny and what a hard but soon to be rewarding road it is. Right now I am working on my crown chakra as my third eye chakra is already open! MAN I ALREADY WENT THROUGH A SERIES OF INTENSE EMOTIONS AS PEOPLE SAID: I CRIED INEXPLICABLY, AND COULD FEEL IT NEARLY OPENING TO SOME DEGREE, SEEING LIGHTS INSIDE, MORE PSYCHIC ABILITIES WHEN I CAME OUT OF IT, BEING MORE SENSITIVE, SEEING THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, I FELT MY SOUL’S HEAD ROCKING BACK ABD FORTH – what a strange experience and this is after thinking it was blocked. I think through the opening of some of the chakras will lead to the elusive psychkinesis (telekinesis), the ability to move objects with your mind! Well, I will tell you more about my experiences when I open it, but here are some pictures taken during the Solar Eclipse of 2017. Peace!

Here’s Reptilian Raven, folks!

Reptilian Raven




More pics…

Pretty eyes!

Good day and Good Bye Solar Eclipse 2017!

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