Is America Developing A Cult of Death Worship

Is America Developing A Cult of Death Worship

I saw these at a 99 cents store recently:










Here a ‘lil gay pryde thrown in…



















Here’s illuminati owl and bird (crow/Raven) imagery:















Basically, in effect – if you live in L.A. and ever visited botanicas, you would know what they are! They are basically the Mexican equivalent of Afrikan voodoo’s (or voudon) Baron Samedi or Baron Saturday:

It’s no surprise (and I’m glad it’s going mainstream, too) that the occult in the Age of Aquarius (as I said before, the Age of the Womban, the feminine energy) is becoming mainstream and picking pace to the point where you got stores selling these plates and trinkets to kids who are brought up in that culture.

See, death is nothing to fear. Death is a great transition – a move back to the other side – where we originally came from. Death, just like this tarot card here:


Means rebirth, whether it be physically or metaphorically, that change is inevitable and you can’t stop the hands of time from renewing yoirself because, after all, if it wasn’t for her 1 million reinventions, where would Madonna be:

That said, it is said that a person’s aura turns white upon death or those with addictions (which can when you leave it lead to rebirth) which you can read here and see below:


That’s why in many ancient cultures esp. in Africa people wore white and NOT BLACK to commemorate the dead, which you can see often in Voodoo.


Now, we are in the Era of the Occult, of it’s mass embracement where we are breaking from the ideological enslaving chains, the enslaving chains of slavery of mass – the original form of mind control – mass religions like Christianity (thank The GODDESS), Islam and breaking out from up under the manipulative and NON OMNIPOTENT FAKE GOD THE DEMIURGE, the christian and muslim “god” who is really a djinn (who was created by a Female Divine Source in another realm, more of which you can read about here: and breaking into our own power – as the REAL JESUS CHRIST (who was NOT the “son”=Sun) – taught which was via opening your chakras and reuniting with the Divine Feminine Source who resides outside the Universe = Yoniverse TO ACQUIRE YOUR OWN POWER! That said, some people prefer to give all the power up to a djinn in exchange for things (which makes things easier until you open up your chakras and become your own God) hence where most manifestations of “the occult” come into play! When you worship in voodoo and santeria (which all comes from ancient Afrikan palo mayombe) you have for the most part REAL POWERFUL (I can attest to this) nature spirits known as Orishas in Santeria, Loas in Voodoo. In Voodoo you got what they call the Petwa Loas who ain’t no joke to play with and those are the “death” Loas – not all – the more dangerous Loas. Well, all I know is Baron Saturday or Baron Samedi is the One In Charge of the Dead and there is “the crossroads man” whose direct and these spirits WILL MAKE SHIT HAPPEN!

There is another form of occult worship practiced worldwide called “ancestral worship” – with the exception of my reptilian ancestors – I stay away from that and I’ll drop the reasons in another blog – in which people worship their ancestors to curry favours AND to avoid bad luck from the evil ones by appeasing em – something those bastards – the human ones – did to me who without my consent latched on to me starting from when I was a little kid! That said, my thoughts on this is that anytime you come across an Earthbound spirit – it’s not the most favourable thing. Usually they are looking to have problems resolved, addictions to fulfill, etc. That said when the physical body dies and the subtle (soul) body leaves the subtle body will “shed” itself of it’s bad parts like bad memories, etc. and Earthbound spirits is what you get for the most part! That’s why it is NOT WISE nor a good idea to call on em for protection cause how can they protect you when they got bad traits to overcome, not saying this is the case for all ancestors! That’s why some will appease the bad ones by feeding em or tending/worshipping em thereby giving them energy (which is a bad idea to me – just vanguish em) while doing the same for the more positive ancestors and currying favor from em, too!

Now, onto the point of this article or at least the relevant pics I showed ya: those are representatives of (“aspects”?) of Santa Muerte and something called “La Calavera Catrina” (which was created in the 1900’s by Jose Guadalupe Posada) which is basically a Mexican knock of Voodoo’s REAL AND ORIGINAL BARON SAMEDI AND MAMAN BRIGITTE:

Real Deal!


Knock off!!

People basically use it as a means to revere the dead, pay homage by bringing gifts to curry favor as done worldwide, and most of these figures in Mexican culture are sought by the shady people such as cartel members, etc. (at one point, homos when they were outcasts) for protection as well as protection on the other side – something else that goes back to ancient Egypt – another black culture. Therefore all this goes back to veneration of the dead and paying respects, much as is done in Christianity:

In Christianity, there is alot of ancestral/ death worship that goes on: think about it, the honoring of the “saints” is literally THE HONORING OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE MOVED ON, so if that is not “worship of the dead,” hell (pun intended), I dunno what is! Hell, “All Saints Day” is a cheapened, dumbed down Christian western whitenized (cause you know whites gotta steal everything) version of Afrikan palo mayombe ways of worship and veneration of the dead. Hell, speaking in tongues:

Is no different than Voodoo’s version:

Unless you got the gift of spiritual discernment, DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU’RE LETTING THE “HOLY SPIRIT” IN THERE OR YOUR UNCLE JOHNNY WHO PASSED AWAY? Hell, as a result of ancestral bs I am just getting over my battles with addictions, issues I AM JUST NOW (but always sensed) was caused by ANCESTORS BEING AROUND ME AND I DIDN’T EVEN ASK FOR THEM TO BE AROUND ME, running through 4 or 5 pints of Jack Daniels WHILE BEING TOTALLY AWAKE, TOTALLY AWARE (I have to do alot of exercising/ activity to fall asleep), REMEMBERING EVERY FUCKING THING THAT HAPPENED and having my vision INCREASE TEN FOLD all the while being in my small 5’4 100 (?) frame tho. I’m strong. Could that be due to them, too? Nah!

In all cultures starting from Ancient Egypt we have always celebrated death in one way or another (except European culture because all their witches got killed during the Salem Witch Trials and The Grand Inquistion thus they had no spiritually wise/ attuned people to properly inform them HOW TO HONOR THE DEAD and no, a fucking doctored book of bullshit supposedly existing from the days of the ancient dead sea scrolls but really plagarized for political purposes at the Council of Nicea doesn’t count) and even in (Hypo)christianity there is some honor and respect for the dead cause after all you wanna send em off with a bang or at least let them know they were loved if they devide to visit back in ghost form.

Thus, we have always worshipped the dead in western vulture. It’s just that people are no longer ashamed and due to other cultures (Mexican) the Dead will start to go out with a bang and not with a whimper and a stack of tissue papers as was always the case with European funerals.

In other words, proper death worship IS IN!

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