This UFO Orb GOTTA BE Some Governmental Experimental Orb

This Shapeshifter UFO Orb GOTTA BE Some Governmental Experimental Orb

This the mofo that be programming the homeless people in Malibu…..


Peep them just “hovering” over each other then taking off…..

Those aren’t planes or helicopters (otherwise we woulda heard a noise).

Those are ufos and based on what can be seen in the vid they are of the governmental experimental program variety…..

I recall once while it was with it’s red twin which you can see here (that ain’t Mars….)…..

Here the red orb up close….

Anyways, while trying to take their pic one morning my phone experienced an anomolous surge of energy (similar to what happens when I got the alkie-hole urges) and broke it and then even taunted me by starting to move closer and closer and even “dance” while in the sky knowing fucking well I couldn’t take it’s picture…..

I have covered these orbs here…..

Andromedan Star Orb Watching Me

RED UFO Spotted Over Malibu and Green Orb Pops Up Again

Mysterious Green Light Beaming Across From Malibu

I personally think these things were sired as part of some secret governmental research using alien technology wrought to us via the Graeda treaty in the 1960s in which President Eisenhower made a deal with greys from Zeta Reticuli to exchange alien tech for humans to harvest and eat. It was formerly agreed on that only a certain amount would be abducted then returned but they just started taking humans left and right to eat. The major ufo story – the Barney and Betty Hill abduction (my dad used to talk about this all the time cause they were an interracial couple) – was an extension of this which happened in the 60s:

I been said that there is ALOT of ufo activity out here. Back in 2018 on Independence Day of all things….. funny….

I saw two ufos which you can see here which were piloted by some Thor looking “angels”…..


They appeared to protect me from these Admiral Ackbar looking squid aliens that kidnap the homeless folks in the orbs that I cover here to go against starseeds here to help humanity…..


I saw them kidnapping en masse folks onto a mothership and torturing them – including my brother – via astral projection…..

In Malibu which is not too far off from the military base Point Dumas there lies an underwater ufo base which aliens go to “park” their vehicles to operate in our world…..

I think ancient aliens even covered this….

Weird still was the millionaire who hid stached caches of weapons saying he was an alien here to fight the bad ones (I feel like that)…..

My take on it is they just ain’t hiding this shit anymore. I mean the shits wasn’t a plane, a bird or a helicopter. That’s a fucking ufo created by our government using a black military budget ? I think it’s a shapeshifter too that can turn into a plane so no one will notice.

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