Lil Nigglets Get Pissed When Lost Hills Sheriffs Show After Trying To Steal At Westlake Target

Lil Nigglets Get Pissed When Lost Hills Sheriffs Show After Trying To Steal At Westlake Target

Alright – you can tell when a mofo lying…..

AS YOU CAN SEE ? them cops were nun but professional.

One even showed up after some wetback tried to hassle me……

Demon Seed of Quetzalcoatl Calls Cops Cause I Won’t Say Hi

And again and again…..

Lost Hills Sheriffs Show Up After CHP To Say I Posted Crakkka To Mike Millz

And again….

Stalked By The Los Angeles Sheriffs In Malibu


L.A. Lost Hills Sheriffs Fucking With My Ass AGAIN

As ya’ll can see these people are actually nice!

Los Angeles Malibu Sheriffs Tell Me I Got Warrants for Court Cases I ALREADY GOT CONVICTIONS FOR

LASD Sends Tranny Cop To Enforce False Warrants WHICH I HAVE BEEN ALREADY CITED OUT FOR

They got a fucking member of the rainbow alphabet club on the force lol ???️‍?

Anyways, I’m black and homeless. Anyone who been following know my car fucked up but they sorta give concessions out of compassion.

What I am trying to get at is they are not racist.

I come from the deep south where my dad experienced true racism where he was made to get in the back of the bus when growing up and even had a bitch azz nun (may she rest in hell ??? and if she ain’t I’ll send her there with ‘woke) slapped him for being black.

I myself experienced true racism in Lowell, MASS back in 2005 when I was promised a job with the Lowell Sun, over the phone, sight unseen (cause they thought I was white based on my voice) only to have damn near all the editors walk out (with one looking like the dude from the Left Behind series who sexually harassed me) who tried to justify in every way possible while they were deliberately barring me from an opportunity with joining their company even after being told one of their WHITE editors did not have a college degree just as I did not have one and already had experience having interned for Citybusiness Newspaper in New Orleans and having done 1 article for the Times Picayune.

Looking back I am happy that happened.

AND IT WAS AN ITALIAN DAYGO WOP WHO DID IT, fucking fat greasy guinea!

That being said, looking at the events that transpired in that video that lil nigga did it…..

The loud, incessant, “IDinduNuffin”, loud yelling, protesting of “raycism” – THEY DID IT! THEM FUCKING LIL NIGGAZ DID IT!

That being said I recall him fucking with another deputy, skateboarding with his bad ass friends up there by that mall complex in Malibu. He was fucking with Deputy DiMatteo and everyone was sympathetic. I can’t find that video now but Imma try again but them cops in the Targét video were nothing but calm and polite and it’s a shame folks are gonna lose their jobs over false cries of racism with the security manager who are usually ex cops losing his job in a fucked up economy due to a false plandemic (read about the Great Reset here and WHY IT’S HAPPENING):

I threw my lil two cents in (then got blocked) on the sheriff’s page:

Shame cause in the past when I posted a nice comment they even invited me to cum like their page:

That said, after adding my two cents – I made things better and a few people even stated folks they know saw them stealing (I knew it)!

This the lady (there were a coupla others) saying they saw em steal!

Imma say something else as well: these lil basturds nowadays are terrible! In my generation, we had to go outside and use our imaginations and most importantly play with other kids to have fun! Direct social interactions fosters an environment in which you have to learn empathy for your fellow.

All these lil fawkers now – they could be sitting next to their friend and still text him/her/ashim (all these fucking pronouns these kids are using).

That said, my point is these lil basturds don’t understand consequennces. They grew up on Grand Theft Auto and other realistic video games thinking that is the real world! They have no idea what it is like to foster relations with a real human being cause all their interactions are done on a cell!

These weird lil fawkers are now risking their lives and whole fucking – freedom – for net clout! This a prime example of that where this lil basturd in Flori-DUH wants to go down shooting with the cops for the gram!

Lol! These people now a days….

I bet them football prison numbers – and daily night prison gangbangs – would wipe that smile off his face!

No amount of alkie-hole, lsd, meth, coke would make me do that shit!

This why I abort my lil fawkers (thru the third eye ?)!

That said, you now tie in this farce known as black lives matter (really black LIES matter) which does not really represent black people but is designed to make us look bad as REAL ACTIVIST Darren Seals divulged back in 2011 before getting snuffed by the government for dropping info in Ferguson, MO over the Mike Brown thing:

Again, as can be seen here:

And here with WETBACKS bashing cars yelling “black lives matter” – really what they need to be saying hasta manana primavera sauce back to fucking messy-co!


That said this whole Black Lives Matter psyop – as called early on by Darren Seals – is meant for a very horrific purpose. They extort money from stores like the mafia, attack stores – our ancestors didn’t fight for this…..



This shit with Targét is a quick money grab by some lil basturds looking to skirt the law and take advantage of the wave of white guilt and the George Soros “Black Lives (really, LIES) Matter” psyop to do it!

Say, my word count is legit 911 lol!

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