The Covid Destruction of Businesses Is Meant To Set Up For The Great Reset Aka Hunger Games

The Covid Destruction of Businesses Is Meant To Set Up For The Great Reset Aka Hunger Games


How The Hunger Games Is The Illuminati Blueprint For Our Future

I can’t believe how accurate my predictions are…..

Read this article:

I posted important screenshots from it cause Google STAYS taking shit down!

They had this shit planned 10 years ago…..

Watch this video where world governments plans for our future is to have us set up where “no one will own anything but we will be happy” while the illuminati sits at the top ruling us…..


This was STRAIGHT from the World Economic Forum’s Youtube channel which they promptly took down after woke folks decoded that shit!

For the slow…. basically this is communism, the form of government that has never worked cause it does not take into account human fraility and desires – the desire to wanna compete and be better than others cause you have a gift to show, individuality, the desire for reward and progress which leads to innovation in our society and communism, while nice in theory – in a more utopian, ideallyic world – is far from workable in our less cohesive society filled with individuals with an individualist spirit like personalities, etc.

That said, the goal is not even communism – it is to bring about a New World Order where practically anyone not born into the illuminati becomes serfs on properties we used to own, which will get confiscated as they did under other dictatorial systems like communism and naziism, and basically have robots – as explained in the video – do all the work while we eat food rationed to us by the government which will not include meat as declared in the video…..

Wanna know why they don’t want ya’ll eating meat? I once read how a serial kidnapper and rapist would have his victims eat a pracitically vegan, vegetarian diet cause it suppresses your ability to fight by weakening you. It is a known fact that a vegetarian and vegan diets fuck you up over time…..

I’m not gonna go into detail but watch vegan deterioration on Youtube:

It is also a trait in which reptilians use to mask their smell by refraining from eating meat so the odor given away by eating said meat won’t reveal who they are….

That’s why they been pushing that vegan trend shit cause they are getting us ready…..

How The Hunger Games Is The Illuminati Blueprint For Our Future

I said it once and I’ll say it again…. I saw this coming years ago, back in 1999 via theoretical natal chart (same one that accurately predicted my time) that kids theoretically born in 2018 will grow up in a society with severely limited restrictions on civil and human rights!

Imma give you a timeline of how this shit first started, how they started first kicking off this shit…..

Back in the 90s there was major hoopla over the North American Union aka NAFTA (of which the EU is a progeny of). As always they like to use flowery cutsey pretty utopian words when describing stuff and this whole “bringing the North American continent” spiel together bull was sinister….

The NAFTA agreement lit fucked up the economy of Messy-co! Used to be you could go down to Tijuana and buy shit in bulk dirt cheap.

Not anymore. They did something where, ironically lol, they flooded Mexico with cheap ass shit, including produce, food, from the U.S. effectively putting many Mexican farmers out of work. Then, like they did to Nicaragua during the Iran Contra affair of the 80s – set up low key the cartels which is why Messy-co is a fucked up hell hole now!

From there I recall in the 90s their installing surveillance cameras ostensibly “for our safety” all around U.S. cities to really spy on us, like as in Big Brother (them shows were designed to get you used to the idea of that bull)!

They also did something to the fucking sun cause the shit was not this bright!

Reminds me of two new Outer Limits episodes with one called “Music of the Spheres” where a girl’s skin changed lizard like due to playing this song which was designed to get folks ready for a new sun:

And another one involving a senator – a politrickian – who was sent under the pretext of helping the climate when really he was hee to warm it and kill off humans to prepare the Earth to be populated by his alien kind called “Birthright”:

Then from there they kicking this shit up by installing black eyed demon controlled Biden in charge (regardless of where you stand on Trump they stole the election from him and, really, Bernie Sanders and gave it to that rapist racist demon for a reason). Let’s not forget how the covid restrictions, the whole anti-Karen (grooming you all to hate folks who care about your civil rights) anti-anti masker movement, all this shit I explained here…..

Ya’ll Dumbasses Are Laughing Yourselves Straight Into George Orwell’s 1984

Was designed to get you all to some Hunger Games dystopia where they are in charge and rule over a practically mindless (rendered that way by a vegan diet) populace so focused on tweets and diversions and fed while not having to activate themselves that they can’t see the forest for the trees…..

….peep how she behind bamboo bars and he the one with the power….

In that film “The Time Machine” it talks of a lackidasical, unevolved above ground populace while the ruling class live underground!

Makes me think of how many billionaires (being a millionaire ain’t shit now) are looking to live underground!

Right before ‘rona hit!

They aren’t making these moves for nothing…..

Bunch of Stories Today: Billionaires Become Richer Off Of George Floyd Riots And More

I saw it coming in 2011 when folks were big on living off grid and they were shutting folks independent homesteads down (who were not dependent on the state for shit and grew their own food etc.)…..

As stated with Agenda 21 they wanna coral everyone into the cities or at least fenced off designated areas – like in the Hunger Games – so they can control us!

I been warned ya’ll and now that shit coming…..

Ya’ll Dumbasses Are Laughing Yourselves Straight Into George Orwell’s 1984

Why California Politrickians Letting The Homeless Problem Thrive

Look up the diary of Paul Dienach. It is the diary of a man who astral traveled while in a coma 3000 years into his future self’s body and was shown all sorts of shit to come!

It’s called the diary the illuminati doesn’t want you to know (fun fact: the colony on Mars will get abandoned due to a crazy natural disaster):

The Story The Illuminati Tried To Hide: The Paul Dienach Diary

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