Ya’ll Dumbasses Are Laughing Yourselves Straight Into George Orwell’s 1984

Ya’ll Dumbasses Are Laughing Yourselves Straight Into George Orwell’s 1984

Ya’ll really are pissing me off…..

This scares me……

That comment scares me.

What is crazy is that I was JUST listening to an audiobook rendition of George Orwell’s 1984 and in it all throughout folks talk of drinking DANGEROUSLY toxic and extremely strong liquor to cope with the totalarian amd dystopian society they are living in…..

I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who stated that those who are willing to give up their freedom in exchange for security don’t deserve either…..

Ya’ll are just laughing and meming this shit (dummies)…..

They ain’t doing this shit for nothing…..

Mofo sound like The Purge poster. Can’t believe this shit a reality and ya’ll allowing it…..

See, L.A. and Cali (like the Hindu goddess of destruction, Kali) as a whole has ALWAYS been used as a test center for plans that the illuminati wants to unleash on the world.

We have a CRAZY homeless epidemic which is spreading to other states and other countries.

The new D.A. of L.A. is literally being funded by George Soros who uses his “Open Society” org to push agendas designed to destabilize societies so that there will be a loss of law and order which will justify martial law which will then be used to “justify” the establishment of a one world government where no person can literally buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast aka the microchip contained in the fake ass corona virus vaccine:

And they say we lying – this was acquired STRAIGHT off the Bill and Melinda Gates website…..


Looka the word count number that popped up while writing this….

Then you got these MAD fools calling anyone a fucking “Karen” for not conforming by not wearing UNNECESSARY masks….

This here….

Do ya’ll not even see the social engineering inherent in folks using the word “Karen” as an insult, literally conditioning you all to see caring for others’ rights is a problem hence the name “Karen”.


I’m happy I don’t have kids……

Even the elite telling ya’ll Zoom is bad

They TRAINING our kids to be even more antisocial (the first was the cellphones which has gotten them to where they don’t wanna go outside and hang out in real time) and groom them to become sociopaths so that when a classmate goes to the “thought” concentration camps in the future there will be no emotional connections for them to make em bat an eye or shed a tear and fight back!

And yet you dumbasses meme this shit instead of seeing the bigger picture…..

You know what she wearing right? A ring that looks eerily similar to hat famed illuminati occultist and father of Barbara Bush Aleister Crowley wore…..

They got agents everywhere and they are dropping hints…..


Fuck George Floyd. That was another psyop distraction designed to take your minds off the real important shit like what I’m talking about in this article! Reminds me of this shit here I saw yesterday:


This was sad.

That said we are all literally heading towards George Orwell’s 1984 with you aloof – and ignorant – assholes leading the way……

As I said before – I saw this in a natal chart going back to 1999 when I input the theoretical natal chart of someone born in 2014 and I’ll never forget the blood curdling comment it said:

“During your time you will come up with innovative ideas on how to have fun due to extreme limitations on civil rights.”


And ya’ll are just laughing right on your way to your future oppression!

Ya’ll can’t see that this “6 foot social distancing” bullshit is designed to make you distrust your neighbor and ultimately make it easier for you all to rat them out to the thought police in the future?

Ya’ll don’t see that this fake ass “corona virus” that they named after a good ass beer is designed to set us up where we will have to get a vaccine (watch they make it mandatory) that will have a chip in it that can track you and will have all your info – including all your bank info – so that “no man may buy or sell without the mark of the beast”?

– Got 666 for the word count when writing that…..

Ya’ll can’t see it?

Yet you laugh, do stupid social media trends to “cope.”

Ya’ll ain’t seen shit yet!

And ya’ll just let em…..

Shit’s a reality!


I’ve been saying it for awhile now…..

They stole the election from Trump cause they know demon ass, near dead ass Biden will go thru with their agenda. I’ve been saying that 2 years into his term there will be a war that will kickstart WW III.

Astral Vision Shows Biden Will Kick Start A War In Two Years That Will Lead To World War III

I saw that via Project Bluebeam they will cause a series of natural disasters – including a tidal wave – that will hit Santa Monica and other places….


It will lead to the rise of a female Antichrist and Agenda 21 where we will live stacked on top of each via an astral projection I saw where I saw my future self:

The Antichrist Will Be A WOMAN As Revealed To Me In A Dream

I now realise what I was actually seeing here….

Pregnancy Dreams And Realizing Who I Truly Am

I fear for the future.

This ain’t a game! I ain’t no alarmist just talking shit for the sake of hearing myself talk. I am here to warn all of you of what is to come cause the signs are ALL AROUND and if you all don’t start recognizing it and taking shit seriously ya’ll are gonna end up like this and by then the damage will be done and it will be too late:

I saw it coming and ya’ll ARE BEING WARNED!

The Corona Virus Fake Scare Is Designed To Lead Us Into Martial Law Then Agenda 21

They tried it as a test months ago. This ain’t a joke. It’s real!

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