Astral Vision Shows Biden Will Kick Start A War In Two Years That Will Lead To World War III

Astral Vision Shows Biden Will Kick Start A War In Two Years That Will Lead To World War III

I wanna just say that I am getting the devil, literally, off my ass and out of my Soul body:

That shit was literally responsible for the insatiable abnormal alkie-hole cravings that I developed courtesy of satanism after being reinforced into it by the reptilians and food cravings (designed to lessen my money and keep me under archon control) and I plan to do more work to do something about the reptilian who is oppressing my finances to orchestrate and manipulate things where I will be forced to, again, war-ship a toxic archonic “god” to make ends meet and survive, which will be mired in negativity and energy vampirism ie sex work!

* I also wanna mention as well to either the sheriff of L.A. county or the Lost Hills Captain, I saw a crocodile eating you! Me and a coupla other folks were in a canoe like in that film, Lake Placid, and the sheriff looked like the blonde headed dude in the film who acted as sheriff. As we were getting away the crocodile knocked the canoe while balancing it in his nose and then eat you.

That translates into, I am sensing, loss of power and a possible curse casted on you by the Board of Supervisors.

That being said, let’s talk about demon eyes Biden…..

LOL at him touching that ugly ass old man….

That is a demon making him do that. I know from experience cause I had something in me causing the incontrollable insatiable alcohol urges that I could not control which I just casted out…..

Look how black his eyes are. The demon that got him habitually molesting EVERYBODY has now taken over and is expressing itself more direct:

With that being said…. I said in another blogpost that, two years into Biden’s run in office – we will have a war in the middle east that will jump start World War III hence why the powers that be are BLATANTLY stealing this election unlike in any other time in history (I was 16 during the first one with the hanging chads in the Gore – Bush debacle). Gore was cuteee…..

That said, I had an astral vision in which the song Barbie Girl from the 90s was playing (about the only pop I liked at the time; I was into grunge and rock):

That said, the scene then shot to a white living barbie doll and a black living barbie, both who had barbed wire for braces (symbolism). They were riding up this rickety wooden roller coaster that had a wooden plank going across it (the seat they were in) which had arabic inscription on it (couldn’t read it).

That said, the song started playing which it said, “Daw, I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie Worrrrllllllldddd” da da….. as they rode down the rollercoaster.

You ain’t seen nothing yet till 2021 comes. The reason why I show Biden with the black eyes is cause that demon is really manifesting and he is, he ain’t even possessed by it – his original Soul is gone and in it’s place is an evil entity with intent to bring on the end of the world.

Now, that being said, the satanic entity that was in me – it was a red dragon just as depicted in the Book of Revelations – is gone! I exorcised it from me. It was a foul smelling beast cause the few times I tried to get rid of it phantom smells of sulfur and etheric roaches would abound, signs of a demonic presence. There was even a hispanic girl who saw it when I was trying to get rid of it – it nearly killed me – one time. She said she saw something evil in my car right around the time I was trying to remove it.

I believe that that deal with the antichrist was true:

Breaking Free of The Contract To Be The Antichrist

More Proof That I Am The Antichrist

Last night I received more signs from the spirit realm:

I sense that, though I have removed alot of implants from me, including the spirit of the antichrist from me, alot of vestiges of that shit is still in me but a certain program, implant that was placed there by the demiurge designed to open me up to the energies of repeated rejection and degradation at the hands of the demiurge’s organic portals – is still there! It is designed to get me to go down the path of the antichrist.

Here another sign of the bee. I used to see bees alot spiritually and they would be around when one of the dark entities around me was plotting to conjure up some foul shit and then ACT as the “saviour” who “rescued” me from it (I think it was Beelzebub cause he is known as the “lord of the flies” and he controls insects and was the ars goetia to come around me during my recent satanic phase):

Well, he runs locusts which are insects (honest I think it’s a reference to some type of newly developed technology, like winged soldiers, that may occur in the future) so SHE or HE can sorta be seen as some type of “insect” god perhaps, I dunno.

All I know is that the signs have been coming at me very strong. I think big shit will happen in 2021 and will lead to WW III but people like myself, with the power to do it, will stop it.

Now that I think about it a spiritualist, who was very accurate on many things, said that I will be the one to stop the illuminati, kick start it but then someone else would come along…..

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