So Glad To Get The Devil Off My Back – Literally

So Glad To Get The Devil Off My Back – Literally

Wow, the symbolism here IS INSANE!

Light being at the back…

Actually, it was in me….

With that said, THAT SHIT was responsible for the INSANE alkie-hole cravings, unbearable urges, weird fucking synchronicities designed to keep me stuck and in a really bad place.

I forgot to mention in the video that, okay, remember how I said my ‘wokes would backfire if I went after folks who really hurt me and how when I ‘woked folks I would “inherit” their curses, blessings, energies etc.:

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

– In light of this new revelation, the people who hurt me the most were already possessed by these entities and so thus I could not ‘woke em due to almost having the same powerful energy signatures on us like here:

Wetback Ass Drunk Driver Headed Down Topanga Admits To Coming Around To Harass Me

And here:

Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

And here:

How The Archons Sicc’d Baron Samedi and Their Demon Seeds To Keep Me In A Low Vibratory State

– Anyways, I saw a procession of souls COMING FROM IT after asking it to show me it’s state.

This means the reptilian red dragon entity acting as satan would influence folks to fuck with me so I can absorb their souls and possess them in a sorta web as described here:

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

Those who were already apart of the “web” were not allowed to get ‘woked cause they were already apart of it (or had protection) and this would be “enforced” by the entity tightening my crown chakra and making me feel really really inexplicably tightened tho. I am healthy.

Damn, the shit I been thru.

Just heard an entity in my brother’s voice say “demons”.

Glad I got rid of it. It is but one part: still got alot to go ??

This shit was causing weird synchronicities with toxic people or, as wine baby tarot accurately said, put me in toxic situations like here last night:

Imma say this now. The guys here:

Wetback Ass Drunk Driver Headed Down Topanga Admits To Coming Around To Harass Me

Are druggie junkie fucking rapists with low self esteem (the light wetback looks like the one who stabbed me). Note in the vid in the above article the drunk wetback says, “He been watching me.” I saw him – while I was coming down from the alkie-hole and from being a lil high due to having that shit in me – staked out on the pch in another car with his phone up which I couldn’t the if he were facetiming or taking pics but if I were in my right mind I woulda fucked em up!

Last night as can be sorta heard from me in the vid (cause they took off like a light when they saw me headed their way) their asses came around, but again them cowards took off like a light cause they didn’t want the reprisal.

I don’t let shit slide and there is something about them – they are sleazy and grungy and just overall fucking nasty – that I hate that goes beyond just them being the demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl otherwise known as wetbacks.

Those mofos – them two – are tricky. They sneaky cowards (using a car on one lone womban) talking about they got guns in the car with their skinny jean new age fag boi asses…..

I really don’t like nor respect em. They strike me as those social media types who grew up thinking that the world is fucking Grand Theft Auto cause that’s all their sheltered skinny jean fags pants wearing asses knew growing up! They’re idiots!

Anyways, that above tape is funny. Thought I saw the rapist:

Chasing My Rapist

The Serial Rapist Who Drives Buick California License Plate Number 5SVE309 NEEDS TO BE KILLED

This might be him….

I Believe I Found My Rapist Named Fyetice aka Eric Tice On Instagram

I also saw what I thought might be the mug who stabbed me in it but it wasn’t lol…. At least I don’t think. Girl with him was different plus the eyes didn’t match:

This the dude who did it:

This the dude from last night:

Voices don’t match.

Them mofos were POUNDING in that car!

That said, I bring this up as proof of how that shit was cause, initiate dramas from which they would feed off of which I break down here:

Here another sign of his ass being around: dude in here wears 666:

Well, I got satan out of me…..

I knew for the longest that something was trying to control and manipulate me. That shit was responsible for why I woulda sorta “stand down” in fights cause it was that shit within emotionally influencing me – by attaching and manipulating the heart chakra and sacral chakras – into taking on the other side’s energies of fear and a kinda like feeling that I am not worthy of wholly standing up for myself.

One tarot reader even said that there was something putting a bully attractor energy on me.

That’s why I got so many energy vampires and mofos DEMANDING to take advantage!

That shit was frustrating to deal with and most folks in my situation would commit suicide. Hell, the organic portals I’d ‘woked would be looking fucked UP cause they did not have the spiritual power in the form of a Soul to combat.

Worst yet was the keeping me from being able to use my spiritual powers to manifest money and these evil entities had it literally tied to fucking prostitution, keeping me stuck:

I got more work to do, I think on some wayyyy back in the day before I was born shit to remove.

I’m just glad I am finally get ALOT of this shit OUT! I still feel tightening at both the crown and throat chakras so I got some ways to go before I am fully healed and FREE of this demonic SHIT!

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