Pregnancy Dreams And Realizing Who I Truly Am

I dreamed or rather yet NIGHTMARED I would have a bastard boy!

WE KNOW that ain’t happening:

I’ll abort his ass faster than a coat hanger can reach into my womb while I call him “coathanger the III” – actually this is my fourth abortion (I had 1 miscarriage which were helped by spiritual forces.).

That said, I saw it very clearly: it seemed set almost in a futuristic, NYC setting! I sincerely feel it was an astral projection cause I called on my demon familiar to help me out! That said, I was in a city, seemed like NYC! EVERYONE or at least in a cubicle everyone lived in two bunk apartments – much like the military – which were nice inside and looked like regular ole apartments, styled with the people’s personalities! I am not sure if it was the result of overcrowding. Also the sense just came to me which reminded me of a theoretical natal chart I did from (when it existed) of a kid born – much like she would be – in the year 2018, 2020 in which it basically and virtually stated – under no uncertain terms – that martial law would be established, people in that time would have limited freedoms, and people would be virtually living side by side. It’s scary and as I said here with the new gneration of conscienceless social media stars and mumble mouth “rappers” – more like CONDOM WRAPPERS – that may become reality:

That said, I lived in what I might as well call the same cubicle with a latina who had bushy afro hair who had a mixed daughter who was light skinned, with blue grey bright eyes (real cute girl). I recall thinking how pretty WITH ALL HER FEATURES (not just the white ones) she was…

I had a son who was a year old who looked white, jewish (irl the dude I got with was white NOT jewish but more ethnic spanish – NOT MESSYCAN OR LATIN AMERICAN – WHITE as in Europe). I recall him kissing – I MEAN TONGUE KISSING – and holding hands with the lil girl. That “dream” was DEEP! Now I recall in the 5th element people practically LIVED in cubicle like apartments (not all but you can see in the spaceship) scene AND when my son grew up, HE LOOKED LIKE BRUCE WILLIS! I SHIT YOU NOT!! THIS SHIT WAS SYMBOLIC AND SENDING ME A MESSAGE! I already discussed the spiritual significance that the 5th Element conveys about the end of human civilization and a coming female Messiah here:

I also talked about the pedophile agenda (referencing what I said earlier about the two BABIES holding hands and passionately TONGUE KISSING) here:

This article most accurately describes EVERYTHING:

– I was being shown the future…

He loved his mama but he could barely get by (he was in his 30s) and did what he had to do in that dystopian society to make it!

When I woke I thought about my pregnancy. I’m not going to keep this shit. I was destined to do greater things. That “dream” was a wake up call as to Who I truly am and what I came to this Earth to do…

I recall and I discussed it here:

When I was staying in a shelter one time and I was “told” intuitively that I would be shown a great vision that night: I saw an Asian woman, head down, wearing a red dress, writing something, signing a declaration to become President while in the Oval Office. At first I just thought it was some Asian woman chosen to be the Antichrist (that’s what I felt). Now I realize that Asian woman represented ME. That was who I was in my past life! She came to power after a series of disasters which I have seen in other visions which includes a giant wave – tsunami hitting Santa Monica. Not only that, but she wore a red dress. Not too long after I left the shelter, I felt inclined to get that SAME RED DRESS (I don’t know why):

I can’t get away from who I am…

It all makes sense. That’s why my shaman business – or anything I start – can’t go anywhere. The illuminati are doing to me the same shit they did to Hitler: putting spells so he won’t be successful in anything BUT what they wanted him to do which was start WW II (and damn he was successful at it). I talk about those spells here:

That’s why he couldn’t make it in art school. That’s why no matter how hard I try, how hard I try to start other things – THEY GET NOWHERE!

Also it’s no coincidence that as Adolf Hitler’s name adds up to three perfect 666s, mines add up to three perfect 9s (my grandmother who was MAD spiritual – and is still with me – TOLD MY MOM NOT TO NAME ME RAVEN – not that I regret it but you all will, lol):

9 in numerology means “completion” ie The End!

It’s no coincidence that the shadow of Nefertiti instead of my own popped up after I took this picture going back to 2012 (which was when I ended my copwatching, when my spiritual journey started AND when my lil brother died – coincidence?):

Now look at the side by side comparison of Nefertiti’s head to the shadow outlined in yellow:

I was destined, born to kill alot of people on a mass scale and there’s nothing I can do about it!

I mean I think back to when I was a kid: I always had a fascination with murder (I somehow found it “sexy” if that males sense and being well known for doing some “disasterous” on the world. Because I was ostracized in high school (I admired the Columbine Killers for doing the WHITE – let me stop – RIGHT thing) I developed a fascination, almost admiration for Hitler (I don’t like what he did to the creole jews but you do know that was an occult ritual offering as Holocaust means “Burnt SACRIFICE“?), with WW II and how so many countries can come together in said war. Even before high school I had a fascination with war, Vietnam mostly, seeing how all these ethnic groups can come together – fight – intermate then produce children who look different than before, blurring tribal lines, ethnic lines. Really this applies to ALL WARS! I see war as a sociological experiment (sociology fascinates me).

That said I HAVE ALWAYS HATED THE IDEA OF GIVING LIFE! Even as a child the idea of getting pregnant pisses me off, giving life while mines is gone! Contributing to the unnecessary gene pool that so many useless eaters, breeders contribute to – the ones I can’t STAND – makes me sick! It makes me sick with horror to be like them. I always wanted to wipe people out! I think humanity needs a great cleansing.

But of course people will say I am crazy, dismiss what I have to say as the rantings of a mad womban but you all just don’t know…

Just as serial killers tell on themselves via letters (now it’s emails) to the cops mofos dismiss what I have to say here till it’s too late…

I’m warning you all but you all don’t wanna hear. That’s how shit ALWAYS go down! I AM PRESENTING TO YOU ALL THE EVIDENCE: PICTURES, VISIONS, CONNECTING THE DOTS…

But you all don’t wanna hear. Keep thinking I’m crazy.

I know why there are “blocks” on me. I can’t do shit about em. My basic needs are met – I’m happy, well, content – but I guess all I am supposed to do is wait and chill till that “day” arrives when you fools bow DOWN to what I say and you won’t even know what I said here!

I know who I am…

I have a fascination – always did – with blood. I look forward to my period (that’s one thing I HATE about being pregnant and why when I get it I want to take the form that will allow me to collect it’s blood and even pieces of it tho. I don’t hate this soul that is in me) so I can drink it:

I started dipping meat into it, just as you do a chicken McNugget into teriyaki sauce:

That said, as for the pregnancy – I don’t hate this one! I WILL GET THE ABORTION but I don’t think I’ll take it’s soul! Speaking of that I now realize the reason why I HATED the other ones was because they were SOULLESS (something took they souls) because it felt like a 1000lbs bowling ball weight was sitting inside of me – lifeless – not doing shit and unlike other “mums to be” I had thesw VERY SELF DESTRUCTIVE urges where I would buy MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FOOD I COULD NOT KEEP DOWN then subsequently throw it up! THAT’S NOT NORMAL in the course of a pregnancy. ONE THING, actually, TWO THINGS I like about being pregnant is:

1) It makes me more aggressive


2) INCREASES MY PSYCHIC ABILITIES (which is why I wanna take the soul).

That said, at some point I WILL want to have One (the bloodline is important) so I can continue my bloodline (You saw that shadow of Nefertiti? THAT’S my bloodline, my linneage). SO I WILL BOT JUST HAVE KIDS WITH ANY OLE MOFO! I gotta sense it out. Wait till the right time. Their DNA which will harbor YOUR SOUL (Just a lil lesson in the spiritual sciences) NEEDS TO BE CONGRUOS WITH YOURS (for reincarntion, “soul missioms”, etc.)! This “one” is close but not the right one I sense. I don’t hate her, tho. I wish her peace! I think the other ones were NORP souls that got taken out hence why I hated them (I still think soulless cause back in Louisiana when I had my first the sonogram showed IT WAS ALREADY DEAD = SOULLESS)! Yeah, there’s something weird going on. I can’t do much about it. I tried everything. But I will say this…

I’d rather go down killing a million mofos on a mass scale and live on in infamy then just going out, being some banal “mom” and perpetuating the fuckedupness of this planet. This world needs a Great Cleansing and I’m here to do it!


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