Now Wetbacks Are Trying To Copy Me

Now Wetbacks Are Trying To Copy Me



That Saturn and Jupiter alignment (both are living EVIL beings in the astral) brought so much weird energy……

Heard this dude YELLING. LOUD. At a prostitute (thought it was at the naked girl)!


Right after seeing her I felt influenced to do my own dumb shit….



Ole girl up there ain’t the first LatinX (lol sounds like a space program) I saw doing this…..

Back in 2012 I caught a hispanic running NAKED in MacArthur Park:

Woman Runs Around Naked In MacArthur Park In Westlake Los Angeles LAPD Called

To me I grew up in a naked home. I. never. understood WHY folks get bent out of shape when they see a nude body. It is how we look when we were born.

Just the other night when I posted a drunken post about walking butt ass naked some wetbucks in a black suv park right in front of me. Because I have real sensitive ears (I can hear spirit voices) I could hear the chatter tho they were real low. They were talking of killing me cause I go nude (meanwhile their wetback asses aren’t legal in MY country ????). I Got out, one said “hi”, didn’t acknowledge her (had the border patrol shirt on). I went back in, took my shirt off, came back out then they took off lol ✊??? Asé!

That said tho I am all for us ladies for the right to go topless – I feel public nudity (which is legal in L.A. county – look up Robins Vs. County of Los Angeles) can bring about health issues such as folks sitting on bus stops with who knows what oozing from their orifices. But hey home gal had a nice body. Outfit (tissue paper wrapped around her )was nice ?? She worked IT ??????????

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