Why California Politrickians Letting The Homeless Problem Thrive

Why California Politrickians Letting The Homeless Problem Thrive

Like I said here…..

Ya’ll Dumbasses Are Laughing Yourselves Straight Into George Orwell’s 1984

Ya’ll are some stupid mofos I swear…..

I caught a few wetbucks talking about attacking a native black woman on her soil, our soil (look up copper colored indians to see what I mean)…..

– Don’t be fooled by the slavic (fake) name, that is a demon seed…..

Here more ILLEGAL WETBACKS talking of harming a native Black American woman:


These are the copper coloured indians = us, Black Native Americans…..

And here these demon seeds killing Americans for being homeless when their illegal asses don’t even belong in MY COUNTRY to begin with (and ya’ll wonder why if I had my way I’d throw every single one of their wetback asses in concentration camp):


Proud East L.A. Gangbangers Get ‘Woked By The Black Border Patrol Shirt Lady

They don’t do that dumb shite hea!

With that said, ya’ll pointing fingers at the wrong thing!

I saw this shit coming when they first hit us with the fake covid restrictions:

The Corona Virus Fake Scare Is Designed To Lead Us Into Martial Law Then Agenda 21

I Warned Ya’ll About This Timeline That Our Babies Will Grow Up During Martial Law

The Spanish flu was a real flu and the mask coverings didn’t do shit:

My point is the enforced mask coverings aren’t for your protection but the prepare you dumbed down sheep to accept ludicrous erasures of your civil rights as I explained here, hence the crackdowns on “Karens” = carings who see what’s coming and care about our civil rights…..

Ya’ll Dumbasses Are Laughing Yourselves Straight Into George Orwell’s 1984

I saw it coming when they orchestrated the bullshit George Floyd riots and test areas like the CHAZ then later CHOP LAWLESS zones in Seattle….

My Thoughts On The Boy George Floyd Debacle

Bunch of Stories Today: Billionaires Become Richer Off Of George Floyd Riots And More

New York Is Now The Ground Zero For The Awakening of George Soro’s Martial Law Agenda

Ya’ll pointing the fingers at the symptoms ain’t gonna do shit! Ya’ll are letting these mugs through your willfull ignorance stroll you all into a very fucked up, dystopian future!

Fucking L.A. looking like that fucking Purge poster now with all them “reforms” lol!

The DA we got now, Gascon, with George Soros. Look up the Open Society org George Soros owns which is designed to destabilize shit for the new world order agenda.

That shit is coming and ya’ll pointing fingers in the wrong direction got ya’ blind to see:


Look up the Hunger Games: they are getting rid of the middle class – a class that acted as a buffer between the rich and poor for a reason!

How The Hunger Games Is The Illuminati Blueprint For Our Future

I stay warning ya’ll……

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