Astral Vision Shows A Hospital Will Get Shot Up In San Bernardino

Astral Vision Shows A Hospital Will Get Shot Up In San Bernardino

Given all the shit happening with the fake covid pLandemic and it being unconvered that this shit is fake given the hospital rooms are empty and they are laying off staff, nurses…..

This doctor confirms it is a hoax:


This nurse got sick off a vaccine


Yet they lie…..

What I am about to say I think is gonna be a psyop!

I saw this twice in the astral! That means some shit gonna go down but it may get averted!

I was brought to my mom’s work in my child form just like she would occassionally when picking us up from school. I recall seeing the nurses and doctors who complimented how nice we look, etc.

I also heard about experiments and folks not being legally released and held against their will.

A man who looked like the BTK serial killer Dennis Raider pictured here:

who was an orderly was arguing with staff and didn’t like being disrespected as he spoke out on not liking what he saw going on in the emergency rooms…

That said he then opened fire, killing everyone in the room he was in, he started hunting them down, then killed everyone in that control room hospitals have. I recall running out and hearing a nurse say, “He didn’t want you” meaning he didn’t wanna hurt me.

That was so fucking vivid I felt an overpowering NEED to write this article!

They got crazy shit going on in those hospitals. Once I saw on instagram a young black lady who had a broken femur get admitted under covid. It makes you wonder based on what I saw and what I am telling all of you what are really going on in those hospitals…..

Imma find her video later on but it was ALLL OVER instagram!

Based on what I saw in the astral (what takes place there directly affects what happens here)….. they, the illuminati, are planning some “anti vaxxer” psyop! Watch!

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