I Warned Ya’ll About This Timeline That Our Babies Will Grow Up During Martial Law

I had an astral vision awhile back in which I saw a future – it was far far into the future like 2539 – where EVERYONE was bunched into the cities, living piled up on top of each other like sardines:

Pregnancy Dreams And Realizing Who I Truly Am

That’s Agenda 21.

– What I saw looked like THAT but the apartments were square room cubicles painted white.

I WARNED YOU ALL by telling you all of a natal chart that I saw back in 1999 that used to be what was once called about.com where it showed via my natal chart (May 14, 1983) what has already transpired such as changes in dramatic changes in marriage AND civil rights (gay marriage ✊??️‍?), perspectives towards it, major societal upheveal:

I remember when poor Ellen Degeneres show got sacked cause she gay…..

We done come a looong way!

– She may be an illuminati pawn but I’m still proud of her ✊??️‍? #transracialrights

That being said, the future for the kids is bleak…..

A Capistrano Unified preschool student enjoys online large group time with his teacher.

– This is sick.

I remember as a CHILD, I ENJOYED TRICK OR TREATING, ALL THE WAY UP TO AGE 16 (cause I still had my innocence intact). Schools are the banes for how kids learn to interact with other people. Closing schools, social centers, gatherings will be pivotal in further isolating our already isolated kids – who live on these cellphones aka black scrying mirrors – and retard their social growth and make em dependant on the state for how to socially interact.

That’s the agenda of Agenda 21.


The Corona Virus Fake Scare Is Designed To Lead Us Into Martial Law Then Agenda 21

Just as I put in my own birthdate into the natal chart calculator on about.com, I put in the theoretical natal chart of someone born in 2018. Here is what it said:

It said that there will be EXTREME restrictions on social accessibility meaning folks can’t interact how they want, EXTREME restrictions on civil rights (martial law) and folks coming up with creative ways to beat it, like dimension hopping or quantun jumping (due to the black scrying mirrors known as cellphones):

I was a BIG fan of this lady back in the day. She introduced for me the Mandela Effect:

I’m serious thinking about doing this and some weird time glitch shit actually happened after fighting an entity which I will explain in my next blog….

That said, we gotta stop this shit!

The George Floyd psyop riots….

New York Is Now The Ground Zero For The Awakening of George Soro’s Martial Law Agenda

My Thoughts On The Boy George Floyd Debacle

Fake attacks on the police to get these organic portals riled up by siccing mk ultra victims like Sirhan Sirhan to “attack” em…..

Why they ain’t revealed the PICTURE – since they got him in custody – of ole dude who supposedly “shot the sheriff” – lol remind me of that song:

Why they left the door open during the fake corona virus plandemic for this mk ultra victim:

I even saw a shadow person – who are often associated with ufos – running after he left:


– This shit don’t make any sense!

They forcing us to wear face masks….

That are proven to ruin our health – the very thing it claims to help – by causing us not to breathe…..


Just to test how STUPIDLY WILLING the fucking organic portal masses are with regards to following ANY agenda that they lay before us that is apparent as fuck and not good for us like the pied piper leading us to our doom…. ☠⚰

That said, our babies are in peril. We are headed towards a fucked up timeline. There is a spiritual battle going on. We have some VERY EVIL powers in the spirit realm that is directly trying to keep us soulled individuals from ascending. A redditor breaks it down here:

Like I say, all this shit spiritual and we are gonna have to fight this mofo in the spirit realm. We should look into dimension jumping to jump the fuck back to a better and more peaceful timeline. That’s why I stay talking about the demiurge and the archons:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Directly Fighting God The Demiurge: The Top Demon

The Demiurge Sends A Yellow Dragon To Fight Me As I Come Into My Spiritual Power

They REALLY got us headed down towards a dystopian future even George Orwell could not make up:

I’m scared.

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