Demon Alters Timeline And Navy Shows Me The Matrix In Astral Vision


Here a close up…..

That’s crystal fucking clear….

Before I begin…..

Karma a mofo!


Be careful who you fuck with!

A week ago when this happened…..

I Got Into A Fight With A White Dude Who Is In The Entertainment Industry

This low self esteem having, drug addicted, kuehn low vibratory ass mofo was calling himself trying to run me out of Malibu (cause I won’t lower myself to fucking him – plus he black!):


This a low vibratory mofo. Let me give you a psychological and spiritual profile of him. As can be seen here:


He is DEAD stuck in his addictions, quicksand style. He dying. He wants other mofos, esp. those with light to follow him into the depths of the dark sewer he is stuck in…..

He coulda just took the money from that crakkka and not say shit but he had to aay shit…..


….And he kept following me that day…..

He didn’t have to do that but he did cause he a self loathing mofo who hates that he is a good slave, a good boi to dem drugs and I ain’t stuck like that (I have had entities inducing shit with alcohol but I went fasting to remove em and have been successful….).

I remember while stopped at a red light – to go to show you how spiritual this shit is – before I drunk coca cola, my top forehead chakra is open – I was high and not stuck to this Earthplane, NATURALLY!

That nigga feared looking at me cause I shone like a light.

Drunk some coca cola after purchasing it later on and he came, right on time, at me:


I shut him down! Relayed my message from the spirit world to his low vibratory ass – Imma Taurus and don’t forget or forgive and I will shut your ass down! – and, next thing (peep the camera was STILL ON all throughout) sheriffs came like clockwork:

– Shoulda said speak of the angels lol ??‍♂️=?? LOL!

And someone was (non)coincidentally playing black magic woman while I was in the porta potty (he looked in and left and was mad quick about it, too):


You don’t fuck with a bull!

I mean what the fuck I say and I do what I mean (to do).

I also wanna give thanks to this couple here for bringing fruits that were new and not just an afterthought from they kitchen:


And that water they brought was GOODT! IT REENERGIZED ME BETTER THAN CRYSTAL GEYSER, GOT MY MIND RIGHT, ETC. and I know why…..

It comes direct from Mt. Shasta, a spiritual place full of ufos and all…..

That said, the other night, some crazy shit happened in the first part of my astral vision I speak on here:


I always felt there was some crazy shit on my right hand side, possessing me witch ??‍♀️ I talk about here:

I Think That I Am Under Vril Attack

It was actually – as Tarot by Tina saw years ago – two possessing entities acquired during a satanic ritual done long ago to recoup a missing soul piece on the right side which turned out to be a very dark, ashened looking tupla version of me and a sort of weird, aquarian mermaid like entity that looked similar to this:

I exorcised em out. To the top right – the shit causing the urges was a young hispanic red haired lady as described in the vid above.

She was like Satan.

That being said, looka this weird shit here:

It was 6am in the morning, yet it was pitch black (I awoke earlier in the night at 3am and noticed that it was already getting lighter, like semi light before dawn).

Here is proof it was 6am:

Here is another vid of morning at 6am, around that time just like in the other video above:



Here the times these were taken:

That demon that took the form of that young lady was trying to snatch my black ass UP into another world. I fucking panicked!



Here it is lightened up:

That look like a reptilian: you see the serrated sharp teeth, mouth, tongue sticking out…. that had me in a pocket dimension.

That is scary (some folks never make it out).

It was showing me that it is power-full and that I can’t beat it nor get rid of it but I just recently did (fasting HELPED)! ??

It reminded me of this reddit story here where some folks found it was still “dark” at 10am, with an unnatural blackness….

It is called “We’re Trapped In Our House. Something Is In Here With Us. I Think We’re In Hell” by Carlb1961 on reddit. It’s a damn good read:

He a damn good fucking author. I sense some jealous ass at reddit is trying to stifle him cause everytime he puts out new work they remove it…..

But I felt what happened in that story was happening to me. It ain’t the first time….

Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

Demiurge Tried To Pull A Fast One With Vision Involving Me Dying Via Drowning

I don’t know who or exactly what that girl is, or if she even exists…. (usually when folks show like that in the astral it’s cause they are real people who put you under a curse). I defeated her ass early this morning and felt something leave my upper right side head…..

That said 2circles talks on tall red heads along with the nordics being agents of the matrix, the demiurge:

– I SWEAR for a sec I couldn’t find his vids on his channel – just a playlist…..

This matrix shit man, when you start to get high up they show you shit like what happened in the next astral vision that same night the sky was still black though it was 6am.

That was scary….. I told ya’ll I’m battling some powerfull shit! That’s why I’m materially poor cause the more spiritually wealthy you are = got a soul the more the demiurge and archons will use the shit in the matrix THEY CONTROL to shut you down:

The Demiurge Sends A Yellow Dragon To Fight Me As I Come Into My Spiritual Power

That said, as pointed in the article and vid above the red heads work with the nordic (blonde) aliens to keep soued folks suppressed in the matrix. I saw it one time:

Stopping Child Sacrifice In The Astral And Vision of Killing On Skid Row with NOPD Cops

THIS IS SOME MANDELA EFFECT SHIT CAUSE I SWEAR the featured image was DIFFERENT in that article above….

I fucking swear. I wonder what THE. FUCK. that entity was….. this is fucking bizarre.

Look I can run thru 3 half pints of Jack and remember EVERYTHING! This is fucking weird. This is so so fucking weird…..

It seems to me like, as 2 circles once explained, they are some high level matrix manipulaters. I saw one while my 3rd eye and crown chakra were open once and it was a guy that looked like the chemist off The Simpsons:

Who has described in that article was committing child sacrifice in the astral.

I knew they had me bound to a timeline where I would be doomed, on the streets and commit suicide, out of hopelessness. They fucked with my money, put a fucking literal CLAMP. ON. IT:

– A Quetzalcoatl demon seed admitted it

They also were the ones taking my blessings and giving it to enemies as I talked about here:

Series of Astral Visions Reveal That The Migos Have Been Stealing My Blessings

That’s why they blocked my ‘wokes so I couldn’t become Power-FULL ??? to stop the disasterous crash course timeline they altered my destiny for as mentioned by so many tarot readers…..

That coulda been that rep masquerading as her in the astral as they are good at manipulating the dreamscape:

They threatened me here and used wetbacks (the demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl) to do it:

Wetbacks Get PISSED That I Reject One Of Their Ugly Old Reptilian Influenced Demon Seeds

It was that and this entity here which I saw in the astral realm and now know they are called aidoos:

Funny he holding up a triangle cause triangular symbolism keeps stalking me like this triangle formed from shit – lol – after wiping myself:

The more I look at this, this looks like a reptilian fetus:

That were gonna provide the energy for this destiny!

Also, look at this: this is mad significant:



That was written in my fav porta potty:

That’s not coincidence…..

See, based on the second astral vision from the other night…..

It was shown that we live in pods like in the matrix. This young man on reddit explains seeing THE SAME THING in real time:

This shit is real!

Many folks are waking up to how fucked up things are….. to the fact of the existence of organic portals. Looka how insta-heaux removes my comments for calling an organic portal an organic portal:

Many ancient cultures spoke of a wheel – the whole matrix thing got me thinking of this……

No coincidence that a demon aka the demiurge controls it….

A man on reddit:

– I first found it there….. talked of a “wheel” that had all sorts of possible alternate scenarios in it, even omes defying the laws of physics. That makes me think of the astral realm, which “defies our laws of physics” as we know it to be.

I’ve long been had this thought. Correlating to the message I saw saying, “We Are All Going To Hell”…..

In ancient Sumeria there was no heaven, only the underworld:

Many early civilisations believed this. At times I fall into the rabbit hole of watching “non christians are going to hell” stories on youtube cause they are interesting. Many innocent people like my brother (the entities fuck with him to get to me), Selena (DAMN I JUST GOT BAD TINNITUS IN MY LEFT EAR JUST NOW):

The Astral Vision Where I Saw Selena Trapped In A Hellish Astral Version of New Orleans With Mexican Gangs

End up there and I suspect it is cause the demiurge, who has been seen in hell:

– The guy running this channel got the SAME VOICE that reptilians would use when fucking with me and when they fucked with Bokor Elmera.

Here is an excerpt:


runs it as he runs ALLL the matrix:

The tarot card tells you what’s up with the bird = carian aliens (who begot the reptilians), the ARCH (archon) angel, the blonde man (alien nordic archon), the bull = demon (I know I’m a Taurus) and the lion aka the demiurge:

That said, taking into account vids like this here:

I saw that her “saving herself for gawd” the demiurge was gonna lead her into an underworld paradise where she will be fucking freely IN NO COMMITTMENT while giving energy by acting as a battery as seen in the matrix for the demiurge ??

This why in Islam they get the 72 virgins and get to fuck freely – while the females stay chaste – in these “heavens.”

As this lady on reddit said, you literally will act as a battery for whatever you war-shipped while physically alive:

As this lady said here….


This whole thing, the reincarnation matrix trap, the multiverses, “heaven” and “hell” and even the astral are part of the matrix system designed to feed off of our souls from us soulled beings (not organic portals).

That’s why even though I been stabbed:

Near ran over….

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

Malibu Asshole Resident In Luxury Car Attempts To Run Me Over

I can’t be killed. It is not because I am protected but….. the demiurge needs my soul!

To escape it, Alex Collier explains it (and I’ll report my findings when I learn more) but us soulled humans can escape the matrix trap by calling home to The Source or where our Souls originally came:

Plenty of beings of all star heritages get sucked into this vaccum of a mofo as the shaman who rescued my baby brother from the underworld saw:

They always fucking with him to get to me and to stop me from doing what I came here to do….

The vast majority of mugs on this Earthplane are organic portals fashioned by the demiurge:

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

They say it’s 50/50 Eye ? Sea ??? it’s 90/10

I HATE organic portals. I hate them with a passion and believe they should be taken, removed off the Earth. When I do my “I hate men” vids, articles – I’m really referring to the organic portals. I hate them (don’t pretend to be soulled cause I’m psychic and I sense that shit and being a Taurus I’ll ruthlessly call you out – maybe even ‘woke ya).

It is not a gender thing or a race thing, it’s an energy thing fore I knew a white brother – yes, I said brother – with three half black young daughters who told me of weird people SUDDENLY gravitating to his energy, including three (think of that symbology, three) young ladies. Like me, he has evolved where he has no sex drive (that’s why I HATE AND ‘WOKE AND RUTHLESSLY EMBARASS the organic portals with sex entities attached to em), like me, as I once had…. he has the alcohol urge aka DEMIurge programming within him as well.

The demiurge needs our Soul and as pointed in the old testament, it thrives on causing us misery – hence the material pandemonium I am facing now – cause it could take soul pieces of us, permanently, that will be ensnared in it’s matrix king-DUMB to feed off of.

Anyways, I still got work to do on myself tho. it is getting better. My top upper forehead chakra is wide open due to my making spiritual progress and most of all, healing. I had a GREAT heart chakra opening yesterday which got dimmed by a wetbuck in a green truck like thing with a black aura who got sent by a rep (I’ll talk about it later – THEM MOFOS ARE AGENTS for them things, fucking demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl), always burning down my shine. Ain’t the first time it happened:


Then this happened…..

Mexican Attacks Black Woman


I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

They straight agents for the reptilians cause when I vibe high, them THANGZ somehow come around to fuck it all up to bring you down low vibe:

Low Vibratory Wetback Comes To Perv And White Man Saves The Day

The Reptilian Seeds of Quetzalcoatl Are Meant To Keep Us In A Low Vibratory State

Anyways my heart chakra was WIDE OPEN and you could feel love emanating from it…..

Then predatory mofo in the green truck got sent cause then I got forced to “focus” on defending myself, which lowers your vibe cause I sensed he the type of mofo who when he sees you are in your light self he sees you “at your weak self” as “prey” and it’s like you gotta lower your consciousness, really, FREQUENCY – tune in to his – to back that shit off so it is like that mofo controlling YOU and it pissed me off and, no, ignoring don’t help.

That new (c)age in the clouds riding shit gonna get you fucked up if you don’t come to Earth like this dumbass cloud riding new cager here:

– There was a vid straight showing it but I can’t find it but it involved an Australian man being chased by reps and then saying he tried to throw love and light and peace and hippie shit but they just busted out laughing and continued to chase him….

I gotta figure out how to maintain a high vibration and keep them mofos from coming “in” while influencing them with MY energy.

– Even writing that has lowered my vibe…..

That’s why I need to work more on my energy body and understanding and balancing it….

I wanna be high in my crown chakra and not high in my lower chakras (which alkie-hole causes thus inviting all sorts of predators to you as I know from experience).

Them reptilians throw shit like that at folks like me cause they know opening our heart chakras along can bring world peace cause the circumference from which it emits energy from my experience is pretty fucking BIG so they send adverse shit your way – and try to keep your mind only focused on the 3D aka “reality” (that’s why folks call ya crazy if you “think outside the box”) to keep you from doing this!

I had the devil in the form of a pimp dressed black man come to me in the astral to try to make a deal (wonder if that’s Baron Samedi cause it turned into a skeleton right after) talking about he cam teach me things and I told him to fuck off.

I am becoming PowerFULL and I am enjoying using my new powers ??

That said, let me leave message for a young wetback with a ponytail driving/living in an old run down expansive green truck who got agitated caused I called him out (he kept passing by with this “wow” look then did a u turn and parked right across from me).

Imma kill you with ‘woke you keep that shit up! I don’t like you, I don’t care for your kind. Stay with your own fucking women and leave us black women alone.

Next time I see it I’ll take a pic of him and his truck and get some brothers for his ass.

He an evil angry volatile mofo – and he ain’t fucking my shit up as I rise. I’ll ‘woke that bitch if he don’t stay in line as I did the others…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

Stay in fucking line or else…..

That’s all!

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