Stopping Child Sacrifice In The Astral And Vision of Killing On Skid Row with NOPD Cops

When doing the “intro” vid for Youtube notice the FIRST SCREENSHOT the pulled is one representing the “Eye of Ra” Illuminati symbolism and note NONE OF THE OTHER SCREENSHOT CLIPS FROM THE VID LOOKED LIKE THAT:

– That’s the spirit world sending a message!

Also, I just saw a TRIANGLE – very thing I used to use to summon things – appear ON THE GROUND BY MY CAR WHICH IS HIGHLY UNUSUAL (I keep abreast for signs on a psychic level)!

I don’t know what to make of this… make of it but you will, but this is a 4 – PARTER VISION:

1. In the first, I was flying, with a white girl, then a black it seemed (I felt one of the ones who attacked me at the artist loft) and some white dude was after me – romantically. I also had a vision of having a nice simple home – like I always wanted – on a rented (but I wanted to buy a plot of land). I had the feeling that the dude who was after me was this older dude named Mark Pirro,a sociopath (that’s what I sensed from his energy) who had once kissed me on the lips without my permission and thought it was cool to do so! Then it seemed the second CRAKKKAROACH to come after me was some spiked haired young white kid (it seemed I was living a VERY bohemian lifestyle) who works at one of those big box stores (I saw him wearing a blue vest) like a Sav A Lots. I didn’t want to be bothered. It was very vivid. But the plot of land and home visage was the thing that stuck out the most.

Now, here is where it gets crazy!

2. The second dream I had. I saw what appeared to be a red-orange haired, bespectacled white man (funny, in the Mitrice Richardson case a “red haired man” was said to be involved: ) wearing glasses (cause I could not see his eyes through them which were very similar to what the cartoon scientist on “The Simpsons” wore, wearing a lab coat, not unlike this:

THERE’S A REASON behind why they’re wearing labcoats WHILE MOCK SACRIFICING EFFIGES OF PEOPLE!!!


Look at former “Mayor” Villaraigosa at one of these events. The rabbit hole runs deep… These people are EVIL!

He looked – to note – very cartoonish, strong chin (COP LIKE and emphasis on that cause that plays a VERY BIG PART IN WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DIVULGE), GETTING READY TO SACRIFICE A BABY, IN A FIELD NEXT TO SOME CEMETARY LIKE PLACE, AN ENTRANCE OUT IN THE WOODS ON TOP OF A MOUND OF ROCKS! Now that I think about it, it reminds me of this:

WHICH IS RIGHT NEXT TO A TUNNEL IN MALIBU (but I don’t think it’s the same one). I did see woods and I felt it lead into one of the forest trails out the way or maybe even a path (for covert members like this) so they can enter a secret underground place – in stealth – to do these though I witnessed this being done outside. I got the sense this was near Las Virgenes (one of those major wooded roads where they got open spaces and horses roam, with even horse stables) road in Malibu!

That said, I’ve seen this entity before – once when my third eye was WIDE OPEN, behind me. 2Circles here on his Youtube channel talks about the “chain” level the “red haired human looking demonic aliens” take in the destruction and manipulation of humankind which you can see here:

That said – it was so vivid – I was sitting in my car when I saw all of this! I wanted to get out but then I felt I needed a weapon to go after him. I thought about my hammer (same one that got stolen at the artist loft which you can read here: It also could mean Thor who I’ve had encounters with and talked about here:

But, given some of the other references in the series of visions, I am inclined to go with the former! Anyways, I couldn’t find a weapon in time. I then saw him look up, HE FLEW around my car in an attempt to attack me. That is when I moved on from there.

3. In the third vision (and this where it gets creepier) I saw what I could only describe as a bunch of rocks piled onto each other – squarelike in shape – in which seemed to be ritualistic offerings or maybe even pleas by followers of Santa Muerte (this why I think Yesenia Medrano at that artist loft got something to do with alot of the bs) and getting the distinct feeling that it was “feeble magick” and it won’t do much to me but THEN intuitively feeling like it IS having some effect. I got the feeling it was a wall of these rocks created by many Mexicans (since I live in L.A.) to place their petitions on.


I SAW TWO BLACK WOMEN – BOTH WEARING BUSINESS DRESS SUITS WITH SKIRTS ALMOST LOOKING IDENTICAL – WITH ONE WEARING RED AND THE OTHER, GREEN (THEIR HAS TO BE SOME SIGNIFICANCE TO THAT!) WHO WITH ONE I RECALL HAVING SHORT, THIN, PERMED BROWN HAIR AND THE OTHER I RECALL MORE SHOULDER LENGHT BUT BLACK and it seemed I was a cop – NOPD officer (my dad used to work for em so there may be some significance to it and to this as well in this – AND I felt wearing that had something to do with being a living embodiment of justice. It also seemed I toom the form of former NOPD officer Antoinette Frank who back in ’95 murder a Vietnamese family who coulda been my past life relatives) in which I saw a house – now that I think about it it seemed to be on the property of my old childhood home – in which I saw two lines of rocks leading to a small entryway in which I saw the stoned encarving which formed a “skull mask” with little donut like circles forming a circle around the head of it (Now I realize it was Santa Muerte). I BROKE THE SKULL which seemed to piss off the two women who tho. they drove an older model car I got the feeling they were very significant people (Attorney General Kamala Harris and her sister who were involved in pizzagate came to mind). THEY WERE PISSED AND WANTED TO COME AFTER ME. After that, I recall being in my old home in which in my parent’s room I was playing with a white dog which at first portrayed itself as if it possessed my brother’s soul but then TURNED INTO A DEMON! I saw outside my window a hummingbird and the distinct message I got was that animals can take on the spirits of dead loved ones!

Here’s where it gets more interesting…

I had a sense of wondering what it woulda been like to have gone into De La Salle high school (which could been the meaning behind the “breaking of the skull”) then being in college not dissimilar to UNO (University of New Orleans) but the way it was setup DISTINCTLY reminded me of the Lynwood Detention Facility where they got bunk beds stacked on top each other OUTSIDE THE CELL DORMS! I recall feeling like Santa Muerte or some evil entity was around.

It THEN shot to an image of me, near skid row, witnessing the shooting of someone by NOPD COPS, who I felt were being used as etheric standins for LAPD COPS!




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I was wearing a black demonic hellraiser shirt with that design and I believe white pants (reminds me kinda of the white pants I wore when Deputy Thieme falsely arrested me: ). They – the cops – picked me up, raised me like in a circle, said (now I just got deja vu after writing “said”) “Why you wanna be a copwatcher?” one said with a smile while covering up the murder of a black dude named Amos who has this youtube channel: in which the murder of that Afrikan dude seemed to represent or I also felt another oldet black dude who I saw it hasn’t been done in yet. I recall a crowd gathering and I saw some of the people from my old feminist collective and I felt some of the “artist loft” people were there but they were in hiding (the big one who STARTED THE ATTACK). The cops were trying to explain everything.

THEN I WENT BACK TO THE COLLEGE DORM (which I am just NOW realizing reminded me of the shelter I stayed at given the set up of the beds and lack of privacy) cause I saw an older light skinned black lady there who was hogging the computer time and the white kids were complaining why she was up with the bright computer screen on and then I came to!

The last part – and this correlates BACK to the artist loft situation – I had gotten a new cellphone. I asked for I believe a new bluetooth or ear buds so I can listen to the music and when I went around the open corner the sales associate – the same one I saw at the t-mobile store phone location – said, “No, you can’t! I’m gonna call the cops!” which DEFINITELY rings a bell with the “artist loft” situation.

This shit was very profound… That said,

I got so many mixed messages which appeared “straight” but were a confluence of so many things but there was DEFINITELY a message hence why some things stood out. ONE THING I WANNA SAY IS I notice these dark demonic spiritual forces are using “witches” to do their bidding. This is WHY I warn AGAINST witchcraft as opposed to spirituality:

As this commentator regarding the Christopher Case witch’s curse video which you can watch here:


…Note her name is “Faith” = Fate!

“The witch becomes the sacrifice.”

Not too long ago, I DID A READING ON whatever happened to the witch who cursed Christopher Case. She is still alive, yes! However she is living in dire poverty and I BELIEVE based on what the cards revealed she lost a son (prob. chained to a demon in the astral as well).

I bet if you were to talk to her she PROBABLY WOULD NOT REMEMBER WHAT SHE HAD DONE TO HIM! SHE WAS PROBABLY – and this is what I sensed – POSSESSED!

There is a REASON behind why witches get portrayed as “old crones” with all the LIFE sucked out of em!!! It is because that said entity, deity what have you DRAINS THEM OF ENERGY TO DO WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOU (WHEN YOU CAN GET THE SAME RESULTS VIA OPENING YOUR CHAKRAS ON YOUR OWN) AND SOMETIMES POSSESS YOU! That’s why people who work with Intranquil spirits end up looking like SHIT since the use of so much negative energy for an attack weighs down a person, psychically or as shown in Pumpkinhead here ANY ole negative spiritual force will weigh down on you just as the father who cursed the kids in Pumpkinhead would feel pain EVERYTIME PUMPKINHEAD RAINED HORROR ON THE KIDS HE SOUGHT REVENGE AGAINST:

– There’s truth in movie!


As the day goes, I’ll figure it out! But for now… what you think? Feel free to leave a comment. I just dunno now! Maybe it’s because the more I come into my own powers, the more things are being revealed that are blocking me from becoming powerful!

To note, 1889 popped up in word count (something told me to screenshot it):

Here is what “889” – I know 1 means “beginning – adds up to in numerology:

That’s why they wanna stop me!

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