I Aborted A Spiritual Entity and Got My Second Period This Morning


That said, during another astral projection yesterday while out of my body I felt what appeared to be a HUGE astral cockroach (Prob. about 1 feet) attach to my neck. I believe I was in the “real time zone” part of the etheric maybe (which has been the case for my other projections). That said, I decided “Oh hell no! Fuck this!” and induced myself BACK into my body. After returning back to my body, I felt an odd sensation which I have felt before after leaving my body and then having something return, attached to me at the sacral chakra. I felt an odd sensation to wanna piss and poo – though I could not (after driving to a bathroom stall shit or piss FAILED to come out) AND I felt “out of it” if it makes sense. I was having those sensations while at the same time something was “in me”, hence why I felt “weird” and VERY SICK AS IF I WAS PREGNANT!!!

So early the next morning, I venture to pee and – next thing you know – I HAVE MY SECOND PERIOD IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS MONTH! The last STARTED on Dec 30 (they usually last for 3 or 4 days meaning it extended into this month), which you can read about here to SEE I ain’t bullshitting (I drink my period blood so YES I DO keep track):


– In that above article, I also discuss how period blood helps with psychic development!

Now, THAT’S NOT THE SIGNIFICANT PART! THE SIGNIFICANT PART IS… I did energy work PRIOR TO having this spiritually induced second period (almost sound like I’m talking about a school, lol!). Usually, when your period starts, it is brown! You can TELL that this was highly unusual as it started out as RED which you can see down below:

Couldn’t resist, lol!

Also, you can SEE this ain’t no regular period cause look at how little is on the pants:


See that blue “solar flare”? I’ve seen it – and a yellow ball one – MORE THAN ONCE AND IN MULTIPLE LOCALES LIKE YOU CAN SEE HERE:



That said, from my experience, electromagnetic waves usually can show us – if our eyes are open – entities in other dimensions that can only be seen in certain light spectrums that are above our usual spectrum of sight. Thus, this is not for naught that these two beautiful creatures are around (look at how defined the said blue solar flare is). That’s a fairy and she (I sense she a “she”) is making her – their (gotta include the yellow one) presence known!

So basically, what happened is is that something attached to me in the astral, came back, “got me pregnant” in the sacral chakra – I proceeded to feel ALL the signs of implantation/pregnancy IMMEDIATELY tho. I did not have sex. I did energy work the next day and the my period came in a trinkle as what happens after having an abortion (or at least a stopping of, in this case, a spiritual implantation) IN A BRIGHT RED COLOR! The end!

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