You Will Not Come Around Here And Treat Me Like I Am Some Sideshow Spectacle

You Will Not Come Around Here And Treat Me Like I Am Some Freakshow Spectacle

Oh yeah, these mofos here – this low self esteem ghetto low IQ nigger bitch and her wetback ass beau…..

Bedwench Wants To Fight Me After Calling Out Her Wetback Fake Boyfriend Who Wolf Whistled At Me

Well, they got ‘woked!

Saw their asses living in a piece of shit car early this morning – had their belongings in there so I know they living in it – and he looked like he had AIDS (didn’t even recognise him) and I heard her last night saying, lamenting “You shoulda let me beat her.”

Bitch, I oughta kill your ass! I saw her pass by last night after saying that and when I yelled “Was that you saying that” she turned peep (‘Woke ✊?).

Call me Hitler but I think a bitch like that ought to die and should not be allowed to reproduce. She strike me (fuck, she is) a low self esteem, dumb stupid child like (I think cause of some trauma) co dependent, needy bitch – all the traits I can’t stand and abhor ?????

I oughta make that meaily mouth whiney needy bitch into a sacrifice.

Ha Ha your life is shit ????????

And Imma use witchcraft to make it worse.

Teach your ass a fucking lesson and let ya’ll be a lesson to anyone who dare wanna upset me, fuck with me (her nasty ass wetback beau decided to boot up to me by sexually harassing by wolf whistling and like the pick me bitch she is – she enables it) that Imma show you who the fuck you dealing with.

This is why I be as the young kids say nowadays wildin’ out on pee-pole:


I’m not gonna let mofos treat me like I am some side show spectacle. Too often I see mofos saddling up next to my minivan, expecting and feeling entitled to disrespect by treating me just for my being myself like I am some side show spectacle who is expected to be aloof and unaware and stupid – like the dumb fucks who pull this – and then expect me to be dumb like this stupid gook here (now I gotta add a whole new category) as if I am supposed to be oblivious to what you are doing for your benefit and to my detriment:



Now they can be spectacles on my blog.

I can’t have not one fucking minute of peace so I can work on myself and heal energetically cause you got these stupid ass vapid ass low IQ intellectually dimunitive stupid low consciousness having mofos who LIT AND LEGIT expect for me to allow them to take advantage of me, to treat me like I am a fucking animal in a zoo to be leered and gawked and you wonder why I come barking at mofos like Sgt Hartman from Full Metal Jacket cause I know what the fuck you doing and how you truly feel towards me.

I’m not gonna let people disrespect me and treat me like I am an animal.

I could literally feel how assholes who pull this shit feel about me. While working on my minivan some obese wetback across the street – once I had gotten done (I was wearing my border patrol tee) – had the gull to say, “Fuck you” like I owe him a “show” as he sees my female shirtless rights activism in his mind’s eye. So I ‘woked him with satanic ‘woke. Imma let Lord Satan deal with your ass bitch, from now on, and sacrifice you to him (I feel a strange realignment doing that – like a force was already attached, a pipeline to Satan to literally feed him by sacrificing these idiots).

I put Lord Satan ‘Woke ??? on this asshole (note right after I ‘woked ? him and gave him the devil horns ??) he got gone…..


He gone be getting deported backk to hell fucking wetback!

And these dumb ass mofos…..


It feels so good to be like that monster in a horror movie who people don’t suspect is the monster but then creeps up on your fucking ass and surprises you – like the nigger-wetback dual couple in the article who found out the hard way who they fucking with loool ???

Taking Souls, sacrificing mofos, sending them to a fiery pit in the afterlife to power me up! That is what being a God is all about ???

I feel strange like shit just makes sense after the satanic realignment.

I think the gook came about after an ig post I made in which I spoke of Asian dindus like in the case of the dude caught toasting in the maximum prison when he thought DA Gascon’s policies would set him free:

The “victim’s” family going “dat mah baby dat mah baaaabyyyyyyy”……

Ya “baabaaay” was a pos gangmember that got caught urinating on the man’s vehicle and got got ?? “bang bang”

It feels SO GOOD to be reunited:

– Mofo look JUST LIKE the cute demons promised to me to work under me when I was offered a one of a kind sigil in the spirit world awhile back as mentioned here….

Offered A Seal of Solomon Like Symbol To Have Demons Under My Control

What I Like About Being A Dark Satanic Witch

Having A Spiritual Husband: Lord Satan

It feels so good to be reunited. I miss you Lord Satan (I feel so strangely “aligned”). Now let’s go sacrifice some pee-pole!

….And here come some more (spiritual) sacrifices. My spiritual ‘woke ??? is never done!


….And peep the heaux who look like Prince William here:

He getting ‘woked equally too ??????

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