What I Like About Being A Dark Satanic Witch


Yeah, I know I’m BLACK πŸ˜‰ But that’s not what I am referring to when I say “dark…”


To make a long story short for the longest time I have always been a “good” person – not a nice person – nice people are living doormats who are always getting stepped on by the more ambitious and biggest users of our world.

No, not that…

I used to be a “copwatcher” and help people – selfishlessly and free of charge using my own money to drive up and down Figueroa every night and make sure cops didn’t fuck with the sex workers on the hoe stroll and other such “miscreants.” I got sexually assaulted by someone whom I was filming for AND other myriad happenstances such as being cursed and chewed out for filming said miscreants and trying to free them from being what I felt unrighteously at the time being held by the cops for what I felt bs charges, tickets. Then I went on the “peace, love, and hippiee” shit as a “new ager” or new shitter as I call em (I can’t stand those freaks) who tried all that positive shit all the time and all I ended up getting were users and abusers who even if I asked for help while in need after all the advice I would SELFLESSLY give them – even on a one on one personal basis – would end up calling “me” the “user.”

Well, not anymore…

I get paid to turn people – even babies (yes, babies cause I really don’t give a fuck and see that maybe their little asses were here to serve some karma time plus I have had numerous abortions and proud of it πŸ˜‰ ) – “in” as human sacrifices – not like I put hands on em physically but there are rituals in which you “offer people up” so you can get in exchange what YOU want! I no longer devote my time to selfless acts. I focus on me and advancing myself. This is all due in thanks and in part to the wonderful – Lord Satan – who saved me from being a stepping stool and helped me getting in touch with my inner psychopathic self (a part I long needed to reunite with).

That said, I came in touch with my Lord – Lord Satan – right when my luck was taking a severe downturn for the worse. See, back in 2014, I faced THE WORST (this was while I was sincerely I might add unlike most new age hippiee shit heads) economic downturn in which though my spiritual life (spiritual just means YOU INTERACT WITH THE FUCKING SPIRIT REALM YOU STUPID NEW AGE HIPPIEE FAKE PHONY COCKSUCKERS) was advancing and I was seeing all these interesting entities via what I called “mirror magic” in which you take preferably two full length mirrors and have them face each other, my fucking economic side (which had long been on the wan since I moved into my current apartment) was hitting a FUCKING STANDSTILL in which in many instances I was shitting BRICKS as to how to pay rent. Then, I resorted to “The Lord” – lol!

I’ve been come to Lord Satan. I made a deal with Him when I was age 16 (I am 33 now). Had many interesting dreams and experiences but I won’t say too much BUT WHAT I WILL SAY IS THAT THRU HIM (at the age of 32 when the economic downturn got to literally a fucking STANDSTILL where I was making literally NO FUCKING MONEY and literally shitting bricks on how to do this) I was able to make $3,000 in one month – December to be exact (I kept hearing the “Jumpman” by Drake song playing over and over on the radio which subliminally – FUCK IT – actually is about “murder” and I LOVE IT!!!) but developed (sorry Lord Satan, gotta reveal this – really – THRU NO FAULT OF HIS OWN) a bad drinking habit (THIS APARTMENT itself has that bad effect) in the process. I saw some really bad shit (NOT Lord Satan’s fault) and got scared and started to kinda veer away but maaaaannnnnnnn THAT WAS A FUN FUCKING TIME! Anyways, Lord Satan don’t play. Like Baron Samedi of Voodoo…

My nigga...
My nigga…

I look like a fucking white fangirl standing next to him, lol…

HE SHOWS YOU THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING AROUND YOU – SPIRITUALLY – AND HE BROUGHT THAT DARKER SIDE BACK TO ME WHICH MADE ME BRAVER AND MORE CONFRONTATIONAL! I started to speak my mind. Not really care (even more so than what I did before), broke the chain links of emotionality that united me with my – fellow users aka “huemans” and basically made me realize that there are higher powers that are around us that can control an manipulate people’s behaviors on OUR BEHALF: I felt almost (I say almost cause I ain’t superhuman) INVINCIBLE! I no longer felt emotionally vulnerable (I used to be an empath but am now an intuit meaning I CAN SENSE YOU OUT BUT I AIN’T ABOSORBING YOUR FUCKING ENERGY). I no longer felt beholding to feel “obligated” to justify and rationalize what I see as mostly dumbass people who think you are as equally dumb as they are, too, and try to do so to get along and really in effect in a way conform just to have some peace around these dumbass people. I see the world as being divided into two types: the dumbass masses, which is most of you aka “sheeple” and those who are really “aware” and have a higher level of consciousness (not like these fake ass new agers or even Satanists who you can still see have that hivemind about them) and know the truth of how their fellow “huemans” are but just keep it to themselves and treat the herd as is.

I mean most people are STUPID! I had some lil bastard insult me because of some internet beef and the whole time he kept saying, “You know most people don’t like you,” like I give a fuck. BITCH, I see you and most other mofos as no different than this beautiful, bloody chicken (mmmmmmmmmm) I ate this morning:


FUCK OFF, BITCH, YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR DUMBED DOWN DUMB ASS HERD FLOCK! I no longer even looked at youtube or Facebook comments (A HUGE TRIUMPH from my day when I really used to care and would read that bs). Through Lord Satan, I learned thru a different level of consciousness how to see these people so they couldn’t affect me emotionally and spiritually and sometimes physically. I was no longer imprisoned to how they felt and how they thought of me and so that as very liberating to me. I intend to start operations as a Satanic witch (maybe a store πŸ™‚ and basically sell my services. I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the spirit realm. I have been thru a lot (WILL tell all in a book) but I have learned over time to keep my distance to myself and focus on me and serve me since I am the only one who will love me and be there for me and the rest of these shitheads are just – automate robots who can’t think on their own. I learned through Lord Satan that never having to say you are sorry is the most liberating thing. Because I don’t show anymore self hate by basically giving myself at the expense of me to the world, I am starting to get what I want by in many respects seeing people for what they are and not making myself too accessible to these morons. You will never get anywhere self sacrificing yourself for these losers:

Still shot from "Starry Eyes." YOU GO GIRL! Fuck up them losers so you get YO' SHIT!
Still shot from “Starry Eyes.” YOU GO GIRL! Fuck up them losers so you get YO’ SHIT!


You will only get somewhere if you love yourself. I learned even early on in life nice gets you nowhere. I recall being nice to this tv repairman and my shit still came out fucked up (I got the shittiest remote). BOY I RAISED HELL (as a nine year old) GOT THE NICEST FUCKING REMOTE! Might makes right! I have learned and seen that numerous time. I pimped a fucking parking dude recently for taking a pic of me while topless. He wouldn’t take the pic off the phone. So I went back, GOT MY HANDY FUCKING DUMBBELL, then the bitch took it off (devilish grin ensued). I see no benefit to being a nice, watered down…fuck it! I SEE NO BENEFIT IN BEING FUCKING NICE AND GIVING AND LOVING TO STUPID ASS FUCKING ROBOTS aka most of humanity (I bet most of you reading this feel you don’t fall into this category here). Why should I even respect a fucking robot who I feel ain’t even my equal? Even on youtube I have seen numerous times how nice makes… well, you lose in the end… While I as actually crying my heart out and in desperate need of cash assistance for rent (while still in the current apartment) this girl – let’s just call her “TonyaTKO” swindled mofos out of THOUSANDS AND STILL INSULTED THEM TO HER FACE AND STILL THOSE STUPID PEOPLE FOLLOWED AND GAVE TO HER! MEANWHILE WHILE I WAS FACING HOMELESSNESS, THEY HAD SOME DUMB BITCH, LIKE THIS STUPID LIL BITCH BELOW:

Here the stupid bitch!
Here the stupid bitch!
Lying bitch (just read the yellow). Imma put some strong shit on her ass and make things WORSE!


Had the NERVE to still ask for help while NEVER DONATING! I’m like fuck that! Now, I CURSE mofos like that and make whatever plight they are going thu (in which they are asking ME for help) TEN TIMES FUCKING WORSE! That’s why I am not giving and what I just said about TonyaTKO is one of the BENEFITS OF NOT BEING GIVING! YOU WANT MY FUCKING TIME? YOU GOTTA PAY ME! People respect what is not accessible. They RESPECT those who are NOT nice and humbly bow down to their feet: they see those types as people to use and abuse. Sure, they may LIKE YOU but they don’t RESPECT YOU just as a lil kid won’t respect a toy GIVEN to em but will respect something they had to WORK HARD FOR LATER IN LIFE!

Take for instance my sex biz: I basically found that when I was a slut, men didn’t respect me. But then, when I started CHARGING, the men were a 360 change contrary to what anti-sex work, really PRO HUMAN TRAFFICKING (they say they are anti-human trafficking folks but really are not and I am referring to these assholes who get paid by the gov.’t to END PROSTITUTION). They were more respectful and weren’t users and abusers. THAT’S BECAUSE THEY HAD TO “EARN” ME! That is the difference between being a slut and being a whore.

So next time someone chastise you for not being “nice,” say thank you and take it as a compliment for being an asshole and assholes always get the best (boys or girls) either way you look at it. Fuck they always get their way and that is why the world respects em:


People can say he racist but he sure is FUNNY!!! LOL!
People can say he racist but he sure is FUNNY!!! LOL!

Β *Β  Personally I like him cause he keep shit real!

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