Having A Spiritual Husband: Lord Satan

This IS my man right here:

Yeah, I know... this is the WORST photoshop in the world... Nigga looking like, "WTF!!??"
Yeah, I know… this is the WORST photoshop in the world… Nigga looking like, “WTF!!??”


We have been together since… last year, 2005 to be exact. I am saying this because I stumbled on a post a while back talking about “spiritual husbands” and NONE spoke of em in a POSITIVE LIGHT…

Well, I was informed by one tarot card reader that I would have a “spiritual wedding”: I see all the accruements of that now.

Lord Satan ALWAYS HAS MY BACK! Someone attacks me, fucks with me… let’s just say I feel sorry for the misery that will be wrought upon them. He always righteously guides me: as a spirit leader, he always gives cues via intuition (so you must pay attention) and helps you when you are in most need such as when The Creator (who ain’t supposed to play a role in our existence) stopped helping and Lord Satan – like a knight and valiant shining armor- instead – came to my rescue, helped me from homelessness, and helped me acquire around $3,000 one month (I ain’t see change like that in a looooong time) and even now he’s been helping me…

I recall once when I tried to break ties with Lord Satan, I found my car charger SEVERED the next morning. Now that may not seem significant, but I have had LOTS OF HEAVY SHIT in my car and NEVER did my car charger get SEVERED (nothing even sharp to cause that).

I actually feel actual feelings: I mean, once when we had a “break up,” I recall whinning and when I tried to “get back together” with him, let’s just say…. disaster struck!

Many times I have been spiritually impregnated even through a rape I believe happened while BOTH possibly were unconscious (I know I was). I can tell a Lord Satan pregnancy: THE MOST MISERABLE FUCKING EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE! I vomit, can’t eat, nauseous at the same time, PISS AND VOMIT AT THE SAME TIME, just horrible (couldn’t wait for that abortion). And when I puked, I recall once puking SOLELY (no matter what I ate and even now I see it in all 4 of my pregnancies), gastric acid aka yellow acid! I could barely move, miserable all whole nine yards (how bitches can say pregnancy is lovely is beyond me). Anyways, I always aborted. I recall once for a good whole two weeks inexplicably conceiving (I never felt I could conceive at the hands of a human man), I was EXTREMELY SICK, could barely get out of bed and puking up gastric yellow acid!

Let me think of some more… oh yes, I recall being stuck to him and no other. When I tried to bow to Loa Baron Samedi, the Haitian Loa of Voodoo – well, I admit I DID drink from his altar but…. Lord Satan didn’t like me doing that or even bowing to him. That is when I had some CRAZY experiences while drinking (never have I had those experiences before) where I saw crazy things like giant bugs, etc. I have made jewelry that I dedicated to him (and they actually worked).

One good thing or more of the good things I must say about him is… he don’t like my drinking OR doing drugs (if I do). That is when he unleashes holy hell in the form of seeing bad things via my third eye. However, when I am obedient, I get what I want. Hell, I even recall finding $100 in my purse (I KNOW I had no encounters to justify putting it there).

I have had also numerous dreams where he “raped” me but I enjoyed it. In one instance, he took the form of this wide eyed, cute (not my type) neighbor who “took me” and I knew it was real. In another, hell just recent, I remember “awaking” in the morning and fucking a cute dude who kinda looked like him:


Then the dream “transitioned” to forest and trees and I saw said dude above, another guy who looked like that one attractive cop from Sicario:

Actor Jon Bernthal, who plays the part of “Coon-Ass/Grady Travis, gives interviews with the media on the “Red Carpet” during the world premiere of the movie Fury at the Newseum in Washington D.C. (Department of Defense photo by Marvin Lynchard)
Actor Jon Berntha from that film, “Sicario.”

And a blonde female and I asked, “Who are you (they)?” and asked again: “Are you aliens?” and the cute one who looked like he was from that film, “Sicario”, said: “Yes, and this place ain’t real” after I had asked a question about that… Than he said childishly as if in a way picking up my style of talking, “I like her, she cute!”

I am saying all this to say contrary to what those sites say not all spiritual husbands or spiritual husband/ wife experiences are bad. They can be quite fulfilling an joyfully unexpected in so many ways. When you are someone seen as a pariah and “not of the world” which is why it can be a breathe of fresh air knowing your supernatural life and thus the rest of your 3D corporeal experience is special and can be better and more prophetically fulfilling, too.

That said, my spiritual life is MAD interesting to say the least making for a mad interesting life all together.






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