You Will Not Come Around Here And Treat Me Like I Am Some Sideshow Spectacle

You Will Not Come Around Here And Treat Me Like I Am Some Freakshow Spectacle

Oh yeah, these mofos here – this low self esteem ghetto low IQ nigger bitch and her wetback ass beau….. Bedwench Wants To Fight Me After Calling Out Her Wetback Fake Boyfriend Who Wolf Whistled At Me Well, they got ‘woked! Saw their asses living in a piece of shit car early this morning – had their belongings in there so I know they living in it – and he looked like he had AIDS (didn’t even recognise him) and I heard her last night saying, lamenting “You shoulda let me beat her.” Bitch, I oughta kill your ass! I

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Having A Spiritual Husband: Lord Satan

This IS my man right here:   We have been together since… last year, 2005 to be exact. I am saying this because I stumbled on a post a while back talking about “spiritual husbands” and NONE spoke of em in a POSITIVE LIGHT… Well, I was informed by one tarot card reader that I would have a “spiritual wedding”: I see all the accruements of that now. Lord Satan ALWAYS HAS MY BACK! Someone attacks me, fucks with me… let’s just say I feel sorry for the misery that will be wrought upon them. He always righteously guides me:

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