Satanism Has Taught Me That You Gotta Go Thru The Darkness To Get To The Light

Satanism Has Taught Me That You Gotta Go Thru The Darkness To Get To The Light

I almost wanna say light = Lucifer as Lucifer means “light bringer”.

This is what illuminati, freemasons strive to achieve (but fall short and instead succumb to just war-shipping these demiurge archetypes in futile capituation).

It’s what shamans acquire by creating artifical tests of strenght where you endure near death experiences – yes, lit – to get there!

In my cases, satanism brought me ’round!

What I Like About Being A Dark Satanic Witch

Having A Spiritual Husband: Lord Satan

?? I think I fucked up cause – as one tarot card reader pointed out – I think this mofo has become a spiritual husband (he was also the miserable cause behind why I would unwittingly absorb other folks’ energies) cause I can feel him STILL attached to like the crown chakra (and when I try to remove him the right side, hence why so much shit be happening on my right side) and as I move his ass to the right side I can feel the energy burning.

It’s like this mofo drilled a hole at the top of my head and down into the middle to create a sort of anchor that allows that mofo to fester and invade my energy body.

When I was a satanist – I was forced into it as this wetback demon seed concedes by reptilians that artifically fucked with my money and came at me before I knew my power (fucking weird – with that satanic energy in me, cause I am fighting it I am going color blind or really seeing it’s reality hence why I saw demonic shit and giant roaches during that satanic period)….

….I remember a reptilian hissing that, “I war-ship sataaaaan!”

That said not knowing what else to offer up – and not knowing my own power – I gave my energy to this asshole and gave it tacit permission to attach itself to me and hound me even as I separated from it.

Shit started dying around me, I had terrible, terrible luck, developed a bad drinking urge due to it being attached to me and keeping me mentally to where I could not think about anything other than drinking. I knew something was controlling me at the crown chakra (like it does now). My poor turtle died (I saw her when my third eye and crown chakra were open at an IHOP), my energy turned volatile – it was the start of dudes wanting to fight me etc like here:


I won’t lie tho I liked the angry hateful energy. I enjoyed the fear in the eyes of those who thought I was weak to see this hate and anger full on coming at em from someone they underestimated. And that was the worst part.

The energy was designed to draw predatory energy vampires – people who would literally ask me for shit while walking all over me – to me so this mofo could feed off my confrontations, fights with em! I am not saying shit was perfect before – I honest sense that before that mofo got into me he worked behind the scenes turning people against me to force me into working with him.

Though I did meth before, before I saw shadow people with blue auras – nothing bad – with this shit here that is when I saw giant roaches, demonic shit, hooded beings – just walking into the negative side of shit. I even had TWO PORTALS TO HELL open before me as I talk about here:

Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

As I walked away from the mofo I had an astral vision where Beelzebub, an ars goetia demon said, if we can’t get you addicted to meth, alcohol will be the next best bet – hence the artificial addiction.

But my money was tight ?

It was during this period that I started walking away and it was during this time the sob turned up the heat to force me into staying with it – ranging from cutting up my cellphone car charger (there was no one in that car that coulda cut it up in half) to sending possessed ass people (I can tell the difference between regular assholes and possessed folks) at me.

After awhile the money faded no matter how hard I war-shipped this pos. I lost my apartment, than a car in a freak accident honest from war-shipping dark shit! As Beelzebub said – I still had my alkie-hole addiction but, all this shit forced me to look into using my own Source energy powers to break free of it, of all of it.

And I been defeating this shit…..

My GodSelf Defeats Beelzebub

I Finally Freed Myself From Beelzebub Then Fight Ensues

How I Defeated Belial The King of The Reptilians

I even defeated the demiurge…..

I Defeated The Demiurge

I laugh every time I see my depiction of him:


Anyways, after removing all of the entities seeking to devour my Soul as a sacrifice when I die (I saw a hooded reptilian identified as the “knight of pentacles” in my tarot deck walking with my transitioned brother in our parents’ home)…..

How To Remove Evil Entities That You Were Sacrificed To Before You Hit The Other Side

I got attacked, hence why I woke up angry and wanting to kill somebody early this morning. If it weren’t for rules – and my innate good nature and conscience (tho I still wanna kill some mofos who deserve it, hence why I still ‘woke ✊?) – I woulda seriously hurt someone.

You get fiercely attacked like that when you are moving on the right path.

This controlling mofo which I now know to be energetically connected to me will attach to your crown chakra – tightly, causing you to have seemingly inexplicable headaches – and use your energy to draw in dismal circumstances and bad people to keep you in a rut. It will also attract other negative spiritual energies to further undermine you and keep you really from reconnecting to The Source.

This attachment – try as hard as I do to fight it – tries to control my subliminal conscious so it can control my urges and so thus force me to feed it alkie-hole. It’s so controlling it tries to control my actions down to either going right or left or what word to use for no justifiable reason except to control. It is what tarot readers noted as being the controlling male around me – hence why many men feel a masculine energy coming “from me.” It is not from me. It is from something I believe on me, controlling me, fucking with me.

Like the cordyceps virus, as explained in many of my blogs – it uses my energy to attract assholes so I’ll ‘woke you (it manipulates my intuition into deciding who it wants or doesn’t want) then I’ll get intuitively ordered to ‘woke that person so this evil entity can claim the person’s Soul.

This is true possession which I have been fighting for years! It explains why when I saw “me” with sacrificed folks, they were all in a pit of fire while I was hovering on top with ropes around me, entrapping me too.

How To Remove Evil Entities That You Were Sacrificed To Before You Hit The Other Side

That’s why I tell mofos don’t fuck with me cause it is using me to get to you.

It is why I can’t make friends or even have folks follow me on IG cause, as one girl told me, this mofo will transfer over and follow you and get you to join up in some weurd satanic parasitic energy tie meant to bring the same bad shit I got happening to me to you, too.

That’s why I don’t like accepting gifts.

Imma continue working on myself and getting this shit off. They get worse when they know you getting better and it knows I am getting more powerful!

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