My GodSelf Defeats Beelzebub

My GodSelf Defeats Beelzebub

I heard a booming voice that said in the sane deep, country accent I have: “Get him!”

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I removed the two entity attachments he placed in me after this astral vision…..

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I Finally Freed Myself From Beelzebub Then Fight Ensues

Damn! It’s finally over! I can honest move on and proffer services as a shaman.

When I would call on “Source” energy to do entity removals I saw roaches rather than the pretty “technicolor” sprinkles that would come from my hands as I would so spells:

This is EXACTLY how my Soul appears when I see it thru my third eye…. EXACTLY looking like her!

….And the crazy thing is while searching her up I found a black version of her that kinda reminded me of myself from back in the day……

Spiritual synchronicities are real……

That being said, I could hear this mofo, who had been fucking with my brother, with me, taunting me for years saying, “He will never let me go”, finally start yelping, “Help me” as it’s voice became more “strained” and I started hearing other voices coming out of it (must be trapped Souls). He sounded like a dying computer honest and it makes me think of the holographic universe theory:

Honest when I’ve seen higher dimensional entities they look like the computer 3D replicas that are done on computers:

Reminds me of the matrix:

That being said, this evil entity – that had been long saying to me “It was never gonna leave me” when I told it to flee as can be heard from a client’s house on a song that was interestingly playing one night (that’s why I had to drop em for my betterment and theirs as well)……


….Saying that it was gonna never leave me while saying, “It’s hungry (what trips me out is if these “gods” are so powerful – why they need US to feed off of)….., was yelping like a scared bitch, “Leave me alone,” “Get me oooout (lol)!”, and “I’m scared.”

Just saw something dark outside my window.

It even tried to quickly attach to me which I promptly stopped by using the power of my third eye ?

I am a really powerful mofo and a true spiritualist! I gotta give myself a clap on the back!

It tried – it always does this – taking the form of my little brother’s voice to keep me from fucking with it.

I finally saw that my brother is at peace, in a realm with the Dalai Lama where he and others can meditate and find inner peace ??‍♂️?

Baby brother it’s over.

I can still hear it, waiting for a chance for me to flop up but with all the entity attachments it input in me – gone – it can’t pull that!

I heard a demon seed pass by my car early this morning saying, “Dickhead leave me alone.”

I know IT was referring to me but I took it simultaneously as a spiritual sign that I am on the right path and, no, the demiurge did not help me out…..

Looka this shit…..

Thru demiurge organic portal vessels I learn what he all about…….

I defeated him ??? He ain’t shit ????????

I am breaking free of the wheel of samsara, the matrix hell of rebirth, death, life (lived in hell on Earth) and then rebirth again where you don’t learn shit cause it is meant to be a realm for you to be fed on by the demiurge:

You can read more about the demiurge here:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

And, remember….. “god” is satan! He never had humankind’s best interest at heart and the old testament – THE TRUE officially accepted buy-bull, even tells you that…..

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