I Think I Am FINALLY About To Rid Myself of Ars Goetia Demon Beelzebub And How To Do It

I Think I Am FINALLY About To Rid Myself of Ars Goetia Demon Beelzebub And How To Do It

While drawing this here…..

I noted this all seeing REPTILIAN eye that stayed even well into the final version:

Not just that I see a woman trapped in his belly with a reptilian connected to the side of her mouth which is the cause of my urges….


No wonder they say the belly of the beast!

This connotes to the fact that a reptilian sent this mofo my way….. It goes back to how they put a stranglehold on my money to force me into satanism and then…. to that!

THAT was the creature that I would hear making the nasal voice creaky sounds, commenting “feed me” constantly……

That said, I saw him in the astral last night. He always takes an amorphous, omnipresent form but his true form is an entity that has a bunch of flies or is it bees attached to him, buzzing fiercely!

It seems they are attached to a wand that I guess represents him!

I also if I recall from nightly traumatic visits back in my old apartment when he would “visit” and keep me awake and have me feeling and quite possibly via phantom smell smelling like shit – I believe he wore a hat!

That said I have been hell bent – pun – to get to the bottom of who this nasal creaky voiced entity is and get rid of it for good and the dumbass actually revealed itself to me.

That said last night I was in the astral (the “dreams” are too vivid to be called such) and I recall being back in Louisiana and trying to contact various psychics on how to get rid of this mofo. I was then in my childhood room when I heard him say in effect that he was gonna have me seeing giant roaches, insects as I am trying to break away from him. It was then I started seeing giant bugs crawling around, being formed from the light and shadow of things and – interestingly – with no fear I squashed it! I then saw other bugs being manifested out of light and shadow. On top of my bunk bed I then saw this GORGEOUS painting I made as a kid that was all light etc and I saw something prop it up and that is when I saw this creature that looked like a ladybug that looked like pumpkinhead underneath with the brown and black markings/coloring of a roach!

It looked JUST like this bug on the Bohemian Grove pamphlet:

I believe it is what Wendy Williams saw when she had her meltdown:

Why Wendy Williams REALLY Fainted

That said from then on – I can’t believe I had no fear – I then headed to the den to retrieve a phone call from a white guy saying, “Look, this is not the black magic shop” (it is the name of a company I once called myself owning) – I pictured a middle aged, bald at the top, reddish haired white dude who looked like Stuart from Mad TV clad in all black (satanist – he was also dressed like the wetback Beelzebub had following me around when I was deep in those satanic days by force)!

I then awoke!

I never summoned this motherfucker. During my satanic days which, after a reptilian put a literal STRANGLEHOLD on my money, he appeared after I called myself trying to summon satan in his scary form. That is when the every three day drinking urges (HAD to be Jack Daniels) commenced…. I could not sleep. When I did meth (not often tho), whereas before I saw shadow beings, some with an electric blue light, that is when I started seeing demons, giant roaches, insects, demonic different colored hooded robed beings that were crocodilian, snake and even human, the knights templar, the kkk hat executioner hat wearing robed entities (the knights templar ones looked just like that):

I recall seeing one of those bugs on a client which is why much much later I cut off contact (I wonder if he got it being in that damn apartment which is why for my and his best interests I cut him off)! I think what I just said was the case, hence the “coincidental” calling when trying to break free of this entity.

My life had been on a downward spiral ever since. In addition to the alcohol urges, I became “angry” which I could feel the energy of on my right hand side (they ALWAYS stay possessing the right hand side). I wanted to kill and destroy mofos. It was when dudes first started wanting to fight me as can be evidenced here:


This was the first.

Bad luck and phantom bad smells were on me. I recall taking the bus and though I smelled NOTHING on me passengers were able to smell a phantom smell of vomit which bad smells usually accompany demonic/reptilian/archon infestation, possession……

I feel that I had to go thru this so I can teach others how to fight it cause it is not easy warding this off and so many people suffer but I have made immense progress on my own without running to the demiurge aka the false “god”.

Let me tell you how it’s done!

You need your third eye and a chakra that is on the top of your forehead at the widow’s peak open as well as your crown chakra partially open. Many folks get afraid to open their third eye cause of the shit the demiurge sends after you to keep you from awakening to your powers and keep you locked in fear, analogous to how I would hear, AND be forced to feel scary shit before astral projecting – then all would be nice and peaceful.

Firstly, it’s impossible to fight urges that occur when you are possessed. This is why folks in AA usually relapse cause when you have the addictions those people do – THAT is a spiritual issue! Trust! So don’t feel guilty if you give in. In the meantime while you are fighting the entity causing em – ask your third eye to show you the entity it will be feeding and when you see it call on The Source energy to eradicate it from existence. When I did it, I didn’t feel guilty giving in which in addition to the urges they cause they feed off the MISERY caused by you feeling guilty for giving in AND the bad incidents they manipulate by possessing others to do bad shit to you after you gave in.

Another thing: cut off contact with folks around you that are enabling you to feed it:

Breaking Away From These Tricks Has Helped Me To Break Free of My Alcoholic Addiction

Prostitution is a bad industry – period – to be in but ESP. if you are trying to fight shit like this. Evil entities feed off of low vibratory selfish exploitative loveless sex (sex is not bad in and of itself when it is romantic and between two people who care about each other). They commonly use alcohol to use to feed off of you and numb you down so bad shit can happen to you so they can feed off those negative energies. There are other low vibratory addictions like gorging on food excessively (I saw a redditor comment how as an 11 year old kid she made a deal with a demon inadvertently and got her dream job later in life etc but couldn’t stop eating) but just know that a symptom of evil entity attachments is they want you to be addicted to things that keep you focused on the material plane and not higher planes of existence like addictions for meditating and smoking sage (weed is bad cause it makes you hungry and tired and you can’t do shit)!

That said, from there, here is what you do:

Ask your third eye to show you the personality causing etc. etc. When I would ask for entity attachments I would remove some things but not the main things and it took awhile to figure out cause I guess you gotta phrase things a specific way as things are only referred to a specific way. See, when you are possessed, the way these entities do it is they place a piece of their energy into you and it becomes a part of your personality. The personality forms the internal aspect of you, hence the PERSON like persona = image! So I conjecture you gotta phrase it like that due to that. It is just like when I started phrasing it that way that the demonic entity occupying my right side (since those satanic days) finally left:

Your PERSONality Keeps You Stuck In The Matrix

When I awoke I could hear this thing practically dying, going, “I’m hungry!” Since I could hear it I knew it was still attached to it (I even via telepathy tauntingly asked that if it is so all powerful why it needs me to feed on)! I don’t know about other demons but Beelzebub is EXTREMELY difficult to get rid of! I started getting rid of more “thetans” aka personalities as I delved further into what I coulda gained from that satanic period that created a karmic tie between me and him (I saw my lil baby brother on a ferry boat being let go too)! One thetan aka personality was the anger I got from that period that I felt was on my right side. When I used my third eye to remove it I saw a face in sludge and got rid of it. I then asked my third eye to show me the entity attachment on my right side (it feels external) and immediately I saw sludge like worms and snakes attached to that area in addition to this medieval looking dude that I promptly got rid of.

Oh yes when I asked my third eye to show me Beelzebub – now it all makes sense – I saw a hooded being with flies coming out of it and when I opened it to kill it I saw a mountain of flies similar to the pic below:

Reminds me of the bosses from Resident Evil 8 here:

This what I had to deal with and see – even in this reality…..

Beelzebub all over this shit…..

He was connected to my literal whole fucking face, sucking my light and I promptly cut it!

That said, this a tricky mofo! That is why it is IMPORTANT to understand your energy body to know what is and isn’t apart of you.

I gotta work to get this shit out so life can get better…. I am almost there and by my own hand!

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